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Part 130: Shinado is a ball!

Update 130

Video for this update!

Raidou falls on his feet after defeating the manpiled pillars.

And destroying the cover shows Shinado's true shape. A giant ball. With an eye.

Hey, it is Kirby's O2. Or something similar.

Yeah. A giant ball.

Shinado: "They have turned their backs on the salvation I offer! Brian Blessed... It is a grave sin to befuddle human minds with hope and deny them their chance at my salvation! For that you have earned death everlasting in the abyss!"

He is a judgemental eye. As seen this.

Like that. Easy to avoid.

The first one would be pretty terrible.

So let's just use a Luck Locust and get something good.

Less annoying than Corona Pillars.

God damn it. But at least it is not All demons die.

And then he does the Megidolas. No biggie. A BUNCH in a row.

But that just leaves Shinado open to damage.

Let's see if this works well.

Oh nice, it did! The thing is, Shinado cycles his weaknesses and resists.

So then, Wind Cutter does the trick. Heavy, heavy damage.

Shinado: "If you live... clinging to your hopes... Then the future will never come... unless you take action! It is impossible... it's folly to expect... That weak, pitiful humans can accomplish this!"

Yup. Victory!

The eye gets crackles of electricity. Neat.

And then CRACK. Pretty neat, actually. I like the effect.

Dead eyeball!

Gouto and Raidou strike action poses, in case the giant ball is not really all that dead.

But considering that it has cracked and fallen apart, it is safe to assume that Shinado is defeated.

Shinado: "Could this be the strength of those who remain true to themselves... Who insist on resistance?"

Shinado: "It is the strength to take hold of their own future. We cannot rob man of his hope or the future... "

Shinado: "That this one assuming the mantle of "Raidou" defeating Shinado should be more than enough proof. "

Angry Shinado: "It is a poor excuse for salvation. As long as Brian Blessed exists... Man will nurture hope. They will remain attached to the future... Brian Blessed will serve as a spark for this..."
Sad Shinado: "That is true... In acting to beckon man into the bottomless darkness, thereby destroying his future..."

Or not. In any case that plan is not going to be fruitful. It was terrible anyways.

Wait what? Since when is the abyss the savior? Bah.

Shinado: "Man will surely grasp the future it desires. I'd stake everything on it."

Angry Shinado: "Very well. You, who assume the mantle of "Raidou" and witness this spectacle... Brian Blessed... The strenfth of the resistance you showed... I, Shinado, will place a stake on it as well. But even if your actions fail to silence the voice of the people's despair... I will return as many times as needed. To beckon man into the bottomless darkness... As the savior King Abaddon, borrowing the words of man..."

Sad Shinado: "It is time to bif you farewell, Brian Blessed. I am grateful for our fortune in your assuming the mantle of "Raidou" and your actions thus far. In Shinado's place, show man a way towards the future... Thank you, Brian Blessed..."

Well, let's assume that Raidou passed out again.

And it would be a good assumption!

Well, considering how many times Tae has found Raidou passed out, maybe she thinks he developed brain damage or something? Amnesia?

Oh boy, both Kuzunohas dead?

"Um, I'm sorry. I was imagining the worst-case scenario... "

"Our Raidou here isn't your garden-variety Devil Summoner. "

"Good job, Raidou. It's all over."

"Just a moment ago... um, er... What was it? That... black thing..."

"Bingo! Nice conjecture, Nagi! Abaddon started shining... And then the villagers... They all took off their Shinado masks. And before we knew it... Abaddon, the Infinite Abyss... Disappeared. "
"I went through the process of taking a look around Tsukigata Village... All of the villagers have come to themselves. Dahn was saved as well. Everything worked out in the end..."

Oh boy.

Ooooh boy.

"My sis bet her own future on Raidou... That he'd lick that Shinado and make it back alive. "

"You're right... There's no need to theorize on that. It's a process we've all had quite enough of."
"I'm gonna leave Tsukigata to the villagers, and head on a journey with the Mushibito... I'm thinkin' I can help 'em find somewhere they can live in peace."

"I'm sure Akijiro is pleased as punch up in heaven."

"Alright, alright... If we start talking now, we'll never stop, so... Let's head back to the Capital. Tae, Raidou..."

Hooray, Dahn and Tae will keep in contact.

"So you two don't forget about me, okay?"
"It don't matter where I end up, Tae. I can tell I won't find a gutsier dame than you... I ain't gonna be able to forget you that easy."

"I'm sure the process of that happening is well underway."
"Thanks, Dahn... Thanks, Nagi. "

"You take good care now... Raidou... You don't even know how much you helped me out... "

After this, the credits start.
But that's not really the end.

And of course there is something else to be done.