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Part 32: Geirin

Update 32

Fade to black, and then back to the action. Or something.

Who didn't expect this? Oh no, they have all been captured. They are helpless.

And it must've been a strong sleeping poison thing. That, or Narumi's internal caffeine stores were pretty depleted.

"They got us good. Probably mixed some sleeping pills into the food. They knocked us out, then tossed us in the slammer.
Tae's asleep back there. She must have been kidnapped somewhere too and tossed in along with us. Who would do this to us? And why?"

Backstabbing assassinating bastards!

"I knew you didn't think much of us ever since we met at the Tsukigata Mansion, but... I didn't peg you as the type to go this far. Is this some kind of practical joke?"

"Is it really THAT big a deal, us looking into this 'Dahn' guy?"
"... The villagesrs here hate dogs. We don't like the way you sniff and root around. Consider this your last warning. When I come back, I want your assurance that you'll forget about the Tsukigata. It would be in your best interests to do so."

And then he goes away.

"But... I guess we should count ourselves lucky the chief took pity on us. Also lucky that this lock's a simple padlock. Should be easy enough for me to bust open."

Who knew Narumi had such McGyver-like talents?

"In a way, it's lucky we got tossed in here alongside Tae, too..."

She seems to be having a Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom-inspired nightmare. Comprehensible, Kate Capshaw's screaming is something that haunts bad dreams.

"No need to leave ourselves sitting ducks for the chief to get back. Let's ditch this place. The chied'll be none to thrilled, but we did come all the way from the Capital...There's no way we're going to up and abandon Ms. Akane's assignment to find Dahn now."

"No... Bugs... I can't! Too... Many legs... Creepy... "

Definitely like Temple of Doom.

That is probably gross to ingest. But hey, it works. And it isn't as bad as the Muscle Drinks.

"Raidou, I want you to go scout around. Let me know when you're ready and I'll open the lock, okay?"

"Here we go, then..."

Ah, so that was where they were storing the party.

Conveniently next to the exit.

... Or not.

Oh boy.

There's someone new there. (Youtube)
We haven't met him. Not properly (viddler)
But hey. (Veoh)

That. Not good.

And that means Raidou fell to another Fukorutsubo spell. Damnit!

Grey-masked Fukoshi: "There's no escape once yew've been marked by the Fukoshi of Tsukigata Village! Yer that devil summerner from the Capital, right? We've heard a lot about yew. Yew met some Fukoshi in the Capital too, didn't yew? They wore masks like ours, remember? Though they were a different color."

This is an option. "No" was chosen, since the main focus of Raidou getting there was Dahn, not the Fukoshi.
Getting even with them wouldn't be a bad thing though.

Grey-masked Fukoshi: "Interesting... Seems the infamous devil summerner is more understanding than we figured. What happened in the Capital really wasn't our idea, y'know. Lord Dahn, our young leader, was acting on his own against the chief's wishes. He attracted a group of the younger Fukoshi to his cause and took the Luck Locusts into the Capital...
Those luck locusts are forbidden... To bring 'em into the Capital...!"

Grey-masked Fukoshi:"Unfortunately... Yer gonna have to disappear now. Yew might have beaten Lord Dahn's newphytes in the Capital, but we're not gonna be that easy. Yer about to see the 8th Fukoshi clan in all its glory, devil summerner... Ah'm not as lenient as our young leader or his followers. We'll send yew on a swim in the River Styx with yer kitty-cat friend."

No shit, Sherlock.


That's not a good thing.

Oh, crap.

That is not an option.

I do not understand this reference.

And the bastard summons something.

Oh boy. Another Jiromaru.

What was it weak against, again?

Oh, yes, Fire.

It is still Super-Effective.

But suddenly, this happens. Which is bad, because if that didn't happen in that moment, that Jiromaru would have lost.


Well. He's likely dead now.

Or not.

Raidou is again in that weird astral Plane thing.

It is bizarre.

Unlike the previous time, Raidou's Clone is not there.

It is the same entity, though.

At least the... thing is not hostile to Raidou.

So, Raidou losing his luck is not the day of Misfortune?
What ever could be worse than losing the luck that way that Raidou could witness?

EVERYONE losing the luck?

Speech patterns are different from the previous ocassion.

Fade to black again. Or to white. Or something.

Hey, it is the same dude.

How did Tae get there?

Ninja teleport away, cheating bastards.

Huh, no mask.

>The long-haired gentleman stands in front of Raidou.
>He seems familiar.
Long-haired gentleman: "They told me you'd be coming... A black-caped student, come to stand against the Fukoshi. You are... the renowned Raidou Kuzunoha?
The Fukorutsubo spell is broken. You needn't worry anymore."
"Raidou... That man saved me and Tae. He even talked to those Fukoshi for us... He's not the enemy."

She is well informed and not impressed by Raidou's displays of skill.

"We did meet you here before, right? You pointed the way towards the Tsukigata mansion... I see you've already heard of Raidou here...
But how?"

Long-haired gentleman: "My name is Geirin Kuzunoha. I am one of the Four Great Summoners."
"One of the four... So you're a Devil Summoner too?"
"I am, yes. Geirin Kuzunoha the 17th, to be precise."
"Geirin Kuzunoha the 17th... The highly skilled Summoner who underwent advanced training in America... I've heard of you. So you're that Geirin."

"I would be honored if you would remember my name alongside my Master's. "
"Now then... I know you may still be somewhat drowsy, but I have some questions for Raidou. Foremost among them being, why is the Capital's protector out here in Tsukigata Village? I would like to know what process brought you here..."

"You were hired by this Akane, and the process of your investigation has led you to Tsukigata Mansion... What a strange theory... It connects the Capital to Tsukigata village. I see..."

But that was where Raidou and Narumi got drugged!

Makes sense, each Great Summoner protecting a bit of the country, I guess.

Geirin seems to be pretty strict.

Hopefully that will go on better than the previous one.

Well, the almond-eyed servant seems to respect Geirin. That bodes well.