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Part 34: Luck regained.

Update 34

Well, the Shrine is there. It has always been there, and it is supposed to purify.
Except when it couldn't and Raidou was reverse colored, but eh.

"Despite your ordeals in Tsukigata Village, you came here to report to the Yatagarasu... On their behalf, we thank you. We sense that the appearance of these Fiends is the result of an overall decrease in the Capital's fortune."

Fiends. Plural. Binbou-gami is BARELY the beggining.

That is a certainty.

"The Yatagarasu understands that this situation cannot be ignored. We shall strive to alleviate your difficulties in this struggle. Raidou... Close your eyes and relax your spirit."

About goddamn time!

"This we have removed.
We will herein be able to Purify Raidou's ill luck. "

"Say! I didn't quite follow all that, but have we had a lucky break? I was the one who suggested we go to the Nameless Shrine, right? Great idea, don't you think?"

That does not bode well. Dahn seems pretty selfish in his interest, but we have not enough data.

"What he hopes to accomplish using these locusts will cause great harm to befall the Capital.
Raidou... Exercise caution when dealing with the luck locusts. In the name of the Yatagarasu, we entrust the fate of the Capital to you. Much is expected of you, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th."

And then, back to the Office.

"We did just get back, and I'd like nothing better than to take off my socks and lounge around... But there's still the matter of Dahn the Fukoshi. He's got the Tsukigata Clan's forbidden luck locusts. And he might just be holed up here in the Capital. Sorry, but we've gotta press on with the case. The first step for us is to narrow down where Dahn might be hiding... "

Yes it would.

Coffee, divine brew of wakeup.

That's what it canbe done.

"Dahn is a Tsukigata from Tasukigata Village... But at the moment, he can't stay in the Village, right? And that's because someone's after Dahn..."

Brainfart, since he is actually searched by Akane as well, wanted to see the wrong options first, but eh.

"He took something out of the Tsukigata Village that was forbidden to remove and go branded a traitor..."

"Oh, that watermelon-looking thing? Like the one at the front of the Fukuroku Inn? Tae says he's the local deity around Tsukigata... Oops. Tae's still at Tsukigata Village, isn't she?...? Well, she'll be fine. She's Tae, after all.
A-anyway, let's get back to the meeting, think this through one more time..."

"Hmm... You have a point there. Dahn did bring the Tento Crest with him... But we're looking for something forbidden, which to me points to something else. You're on the right track. Just think harder."

" That's right... The luck locusts. You remember that photo of the luck locusts Akijiro showed us? Keep this hush-hush, but I palmed it without telling him... I've got it right here. Take a look."

"That Dahn and the Dahn of the Tsukigata... There's strong evidence linking the two. Both were carrying a bug that eats other people's luck and makes it yours... It has to be a luck locust. We don't know yet why Dahn took the luck locusts... But we know his overall goal."

"What...? That answer doesn't even match the question. Isn't Geirin the Devil Summoner who handles the Tsukigata Village region? I'm asking why Dahn would be in the Capital... Which Geirin isn't. Try again."

"Tae? I don't think she and Dahn have had the pleasure of one another's company. Though maybe things would've gone a little smoother if Dahn did know her... Oh well. Playing 'What if' won't get use anywhere. Think again."

"You got it. Dahn's here in the Capital because of his sister Akane. "

"Akijiro claims that Akane's groom-to-be is some god... So it ust be a pretty important ritual for Tsukigata Village. Y'know, Raidou... I realized something else during the meeting. The Tsukigata already knew about us when we got there, right?
The 8th Fukoshi Clan really knows how to scout around for information. We'll use that to our advantage. Let's assume Dahn, as a Fukoshi, is eventually going to find out where Akane is... "

"Hah... I went from getting our facts together to thinkling up a new plan. "

That is indeed a good guess, both parties are interested in finding the other, even if it is for different reasons.

Oh boy.

Oh boy.

Welp, that seems like a case for Raidou Kuzunoha to fix.