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by Luisfe

Part 35: Broke and bailed out by the cat.

Update 35

"Just remember, always be prepared. Oh, and I bet you could get a few good tips from the jokers down at the soda joint."

"That doodad Akijiro gave you... You can use that to collect a little luck here and there. You're still a Devil Summoner, but now you can use a few Fukoshi tricks to boot. Once you get the hang of it you'll be able to do great things."

And then, another earthquake.

This is strange. Not going to sell it, though. We need the money to get a couple of summons.

This will also be kept. 1 yen is worthless, in any case.

These two, though, they are worth selling.

Pyro Jack will be VERY useful. Very, very useful.

Angel"It'll stay at the top of my little black book."

And since it is FUSION NUMBER 11...

Victor is goddamn awesome. (Youtube)

Victor is a nutter.

They aren't countless, this is the eleventh!

Hell yes.

Well there has been a lot of demon conversation just in order to get some gems. So that is acquired and givable.

Low level and easily acquired gems, plus, magic containers with them. Eh.

And here it is where it goes wrong.

Victor is good at hiding his disappointment from Raidou. Raidou's lack of pearliness is not going to be all that bad. Or that good.

Mokoi and Angel are not exactly thrilled.

And Victor blew up.
Seriously, the first failed fusion in DS1 scared the crap out of me. Hah. Wasn't expecting that.
Now it is funny.

Unfortunately, this Fusion Failure was not as good as expected.

Why, it is basically a success!
When Victor goes nuts and you do provide him with what he asks of you, the fusion gets extra things, like this.
When it goes wrong, well, we'll see. I prefer it going wrong, to be honest.

All but fast escape.


And summoning this, not just for kicks.

Looks like a worthy addition to the menagerie.

Raidou certainly is.

And then, this, just to run out of cash.

Drat, still not enough to not have enough for the fare.
But no matter.

Kasumidai Resident"But I heard these screams from inside his manor! Ya would've run off too, right? I'm sure he has a very good reason fer missing the budget plan vote."

Let's just go back. Also, the selection of bringing Dahn to Akijiro put Raidou back into Neutrality. Now the avatar rocks back and forth, instead of spinning ocunterclockwise.

Where the hell does Gouto get his money from? And why does Gouto have any money?

He can't be happy about Raidou using his money like that.

Time to go in, I guess.

Oh no! A Fukoshi!

Black-masked man"Ah remnember yew from Mannen-Cho! The luck locusts shoulda chewed up all yer luck by now... Though yer outta luck either way. Yer gonna die even if we leave yew alone now... Don't think yer lucky to have survived, 'cause yer in fer a livin' hell. Poor kid."

And then the Fukoshi fades away ninja-like, not knowing how wong he was.

No shit sherlock.

The Policeman is pretty damn catatonic.

inner voice: "That dialect... It's them.... That group of masked men! If I knew this was gonna happen... I wouldn't have taken that bribe from Tatsumi."

Teary Policeman: "A-and we ran smack into a gang that calls huge bugs! Just look at my poor partner...! He got kicked by a bug... Look at the state of him! If I knew they were that creepy... I'd have never picked up the dispatch! Argh... I'm so unlucky!"

Inner Voice: "That must be the man Master Tasuke took Akane from! He's come with his men for revenge! It did seem suspicious, now that I think about it. He just brought a girl of 19 in one day... And claimed she's his daughter. What fool would believe that!? Ohh, how unlucky I am to be caught in the Narita affairs..."

Narita's Butler"I fell unconscious in front of the door... And when I came to, I was in a strange place! M-Master Tasuke and Mistress Akane are in there! They are being held captive by a young man! Wh-whatever happens to me, I must help Master Tasuke and Mistress Akane!"

Well, time to check that mysterious windy door.

Oh boy, another Fukorutsubo.

Oh boy oh boy, NOW it is green.

And with an easily accessed exit.

Of course, even if they are visible, they are not instantly accesible. No sir. They are protected by a teleport.


Now that Raidou's luck is awesome, this can happen. It is awesome.

Jack is happy.

They are easily reached, though.


Why do they assume they can get so easily rid of Raidou?

My oh my.

Too bad it is weak as hell against FIRE.

I don't think this one can be blocked OR avoided.

Easy as pie.