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Part 59: Prophecy?

Update 59

Well. That was unexpected. Mainly because of that blond person thing having absolutely no bearing in the situation and being unimportant  Okay, but seriously, Mr. Blond Person was NOT the expected one here 

Mushibito: "I wanted... to meet you... My... Lord..."

Case. In. Point.

"To he who calls himself a Mushibito... It seems that I am the 'Lord of the Flies'."

"If you're here, then I think I may safely tell you this... Just as I appear differently to this Mushibito than I do to you... A man's actions may bestow hope upon some... And not others."

"It has tipped the Capital's balance in favor of misfortune."
"According to the scriptures that contain God's word to man... When people obtain the key which opens the bottomless pit... The 'King-Who-is-the-Abyss' will descend upon us from that pit."

[b]King Abaddon... isc oming...!"

"To despair in God is, after all, to despair of this world that God has made. The future of the Capital's denizens... Now that the balance has swung toward misfortune... Why, misfortune will only breed more misfortune, won't it? Imagine it... A future where one can expect nothing but misfortune."

And then, he disappears. Suddenly.

As said here.
That is sufficiently ominous, I think.

"I don't know how much stock we can put in what that kid said, but... I know this much: He was talking about the Capital, and that means we can't ignore it. Let's go back to the Fukuroku Inn, Brian. Narumi ought to know about this."

And so it was done.

"I just got an interesting call from Tae back in the Capital. I don't know what to make of it... She just kept saying 'The Capital's in trouble!' over and over... And she hung up before she could explain what it was all about. I don't think we can ignore this..."

"Remember what that young man at the Tento Sanctuary said...? The Capital's luck is tipping the wrong way thanks to those luck locusts. And no sooner do we find that out when Tae calls, scared out of her head about some emergency... Hard to call that a coincidence,wouldn't you say, Brian? "

"If you two are having a pow-wow, I want in, too..."

"Hey now... That doesn't sound good. So what you're saying is... If people lose hope in life because of all their bad luck... Their despair will become a 'key,' and the 'King-Who-is-the-Abyss' will reign... "

"If the Capital's being plagued by misfortune because of the luck locusts... Then the 'King-who-is-the-Abyss' is... King Abaddon, right? So if the people of the Capital fall into despair over their ill luck..."

That ought to put a monkey wrench into Dahn's "I'll become King Abaddon" plan's mechanisms. He certainly is NOT in the Capital.

"He told us that Tatsumi was in the Dark Realm... He led us straight to the Mushibito's doorstep... Everything that young man we met at the Tento Sanctuary... It's too accurate to ignore. The Mushibito called the things he said a 'prophecy'... "

"Well, we're done with the Tsukigata case... Now to find out what kind of trouble Tae was spooked about... I know you just got here, but it's time we headed back to the Capital."

And so they do, paying 500 Yen for fare.

"I'd say the Case of the Missing Dahn is about wrapped up now. Too bad we didn't even have time to slap each other on the back before coming back to the Capital. Tae sounded half-hysterical when she called about the Capital... Plus, the master of Tento Sanctuary warned us abotu the coming of King Abaddon..."

Of course, you know he isn't.

Back into the luxurious office building (with coffee!)

"Home sweet home at the Narumi Detective Agency... Nothing's better than this."

Suddenly, earthquake!

"Well... I'm goin to put on some coffee. The Fukuroku Inn's tea was good, but nothing beats a mug of..."


"Does this seem like a coincidence to you? Do quakes usually happen one after the other like this? Maybe this is what Tae was going on about over the phone. "

Something tells me that if not, it might be rather connected.

"Remember the things we heard at the Tento Sanctuary? Mostly the stuff about 'King Abaddon'... I wrote down whatever I found strange in my notebook."

And that shall be done in the next update.