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Part 67: Policemen and hats.

Update 67


Investigating Officer: "We ain't got time to deal with students... Move it, kid."

Investigating Officer: "... I don't know what you're talking about. You better not be wasting my time. Using an active detective's name, too... I oughtta arrest you for interfering with police business."

"Let's skip the hassle for now and see what the other officers have to say."

There is one that is considerably more cooperative in front of Konnou-ya.

Investigating Officer: "Detective Kazama told me about you. You're assisting us with the case, right?"

Investigating Officer: "Detective Kazama didn't fill you in? We're investigating what looks like a serial killing. It's happening all over the Capital. All we've got to go on are these strange wood fragments left behind at every scene... "
"Wood fragments?"
Investigating Officer: "That's what I said. I've got one on loan from the lab boys, if you want a look at it."

Oh my, that seems fairly familiar, doesn't it?

Yes it does.

"Raidou... Isn't that...!? Mind if I see that for a second?"

"... Thought so."
Investigating Officer: "Hey! How'd you do that?"
"This isn't the first time I've put this particular puzzle together... Hey Raidou... This is one of those insect cages that the 8th Fukoshi Clan uses, isn't it? The cages that hold the Luck Locusts..."

Poor Gouto, his face obscured by a bug cage.

"And they found fragments of the cages at each of the murder scenes..."

Investigating Officer: "I'll pass the word along to the other guys. Thanks for your help, detective."

Clearly, it is not.

"All right, Raidou... Time to roll up our sleeves and get investigating. Let's ask all the officers about what happened. We want the ones in white, wearing those fancy hats. Let's ask 'em together, shall we?"

How nice, don't have to go far for the next one, he is right in front of the office.

Investigating Officer: "You figured out the insect cage thing, right? I just heard. Still investigating those serial killings? I'll tell you everything I know."

Investigating Officer: "It's a serial killing case, with bodies popping up all over the Capital. Very bad business. We're not sure what exactly the killer's doing, but whatever it is... It's leaving those poor saps ripped to shreds. And after they're killed... *shudder*"

Investigating Officer: "Those wood fragments... They were part of an insect cage? Damn... That means... All the fragments we found at the crime scenes must be the same thing. The type of wood, and the markings on them... All the same. "

Investigating Officer: "... All right, then. The suspect is still at large. Be careful."

And then, when going back to the original asshole cop, he is considerably more... Considerate.

Investigating Officer: "So you want to know about the serial killings, right? Well, I'll help you as much as I can."

Investigating Officer: "There's been a string of killings around the Capital. Pretty nasty ones, too. Seems like they mostly happened between yesterday and around noon today. So far, we've got three confirmed stiffs on our hands. "

Investigating Officer: "Those splinters you put together were found at the scene. They came from... Let's see here... Mannen-Cho, Ginza-Cho, and Harumi-Cho. Anytime they found a stiff, those wood splinters weren't far off. "

Investigating Officer: "I don't have much to tell you... That insect cake we just talked about is the only real lead."

And then back to this dude.

Investigating Officer: "I heard from the men posted at the other crime scenes... They're getting reports of some kind of flying monster at each one. It sounds silly, but... Mannen-Cho, Ginza-Cho, Harumi-Cho... Someone in each district saw this flying thing... There must be at least a grain of truth to it."

Investigating Officer: "There were witnesses at the scene in Mannen-Cho, Ginza-Cho and Harumi-Cho who swore to it, but... A flying monsteR? Really? We're looking into it, of course, but... It's probably a few lushes who got spooked by their own shadows."

Investigating Officer: "Huh? A flying... what? It's probably some souse's idea of a funny story. Though... There might not be any monsters out today, but... Don't you think the sky looks strange?"

That's the hundred million yen question.

Investigating Officer: "Be careful. The suspect's still out there."

"Hey, Raidou... We've got a lot of good leads, and a few points of interest... Let's stop by the agency when you have a free moment, Raidou. I want to talk all this over with you."

And thus, going back is the thing to do.

Weird and stuff, isn't it? Crazy horrid sky with a mysterious red flying thing AND a murder mystery to boot.

This, sirs is UP TO YOU. Investigational meeting and advancement OR Grinding and Case Files and city exploration?

Meanwhile, the thing is postponed.

Oh boy oh boy! That means that Raiho could be nearby  Not yet, haven't triggered his case file yet... Hm. 


Stickers: Acquired. THat is no less silly than getting Blue Badger stickers/pics in the Edgeworth game.


Well. Shall Raidou gain new levels, new demons, new loot and solve cases? Or shall Raidou go through with the Investigational Meeting?