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Part 84: Beating Mikaboshi

Update 84

Let's get this all over with, shall we?
Alice is nowhere to be found, but on Tamonten Shrine there are two high school girls that were not there before. Let's see.

Also on video.

There they are, and Black Frost is not being particularly interested about anything.

There is no one at Tamonten, but Tamonten is not our target. No sir, the girls are.

The girls are listed as Meddlesome and Shy.

Shy schoolgirl: "O-Oh... H-how... How are you?"
Meddlesome: "Oh, that's right. I keep forgetting to ask you. So I haven't seen you around school recently... Not falling behind on your studies, are you?"
Shy: "St-Stop... W-We shouldn't be nosy..."
Meddlesome: "Butt out, Kimie! As the Head Girl at school, I have to give this guy a piece of my mind."

So, Raidou is taking classes to be a teacher himself?

Meddlesome: "If you slack off, you'll never earn your teaching credentials! I'm very concerned about this... Oh, I didn't mean I'm concerned about you! Haha, of course not! I'm concerned about... the school's public image! Yes! And that's why..."

Even the game comments on how irrelevant this all is.

Shy: "Do you remember that rumor about the ghost who haunts the school?"
Meddlesome: "What are you jawing about now? I was just getting to the good part! Fine, fine... You really want to hear this?"

It can't be worse than the lecture. Sure, why not?

Shy: "In that building's outhouse... I-I mean the toilet... In the stall all the way to the back... There's a blue-eyed foreign girl. If she sees you, she'll start to approach, and ask you if you'll "be my friend"...?"

Seems logical enough.

Shy: "The ghost probably does kill you and become friends with you. That's why... I couldn't say "yes"."

Not as spooky as if all the air in the world suddenly turned into wood. No sir.

Buuut then there's a noise, and guess what?
There she is.

Alice: "School is soooo much fun! There's lots and lots of friends for me here! Oh! A-A boy! "

She seems to be a rather sweet and well mannered young... flying... girl.

Alice: "Will you be my friend, mister? Please!?"

Well, why not?

Missing there: "are dead"

Oh boy.

Alice: "Won't you die for us?"

Alice is rather weak against Wind. Bringing Wind Cutter or Zandyne is a good choice. Alice herself uses Petra and such other annoying attacks. She is not the main danger, though.

The main danger in this fight comes from her horribly weak minion zombie guards. How can weak zombie guards be dangerous?

After all, they do go down in one hit, don't they?

Yes, they do. The problem is that they EXPLODE WHEN THEY DIE.

That is not at all a good thing, and only serves to provide damage when Alice is being ineffectual.

Alice does love to spam goddamn Marin-Karin.

Alice: "Why aren't you dying? Die already!"


Eventually, and with certain care, Alice falls.

Alice: "How mean... Am I the only one dying again?"

And raidou gets a brand spanking new level in Luck. Hooray.

Oh my! Visitors!

Ah, good old Belial and Nebiros.

Nebiros does a silly little vow.

Belial: "Quit dawdlin', Nebiros, and use that there Staff of Death to pick up Alice's soul!"
Nebiros: "So shall it be done."

And then they suck up Alice's form/spirit/whatever that was.

And she disappears.

Belial: "Whew... Finally. We've been runnin' ourselves ragged all over time and space lookin' for that li'l girl. The poor thing's a victim of a cruel twist of fate. She's the spirit of a girl who died young, y'see. God, well, he tried to call her soul back ta heaven... But we weren't havin' none of that! Making her and then offering her mercy... Selfish, that's what it is! Even if she's heaven-bound I know she'd want a longer life if she could have one. Don'tcha thing?"

Nebiros: "Since then, we three have lived peacefully... "
Belial: "But good things never last, my boy. The stress of maintaining her demon form was too much for our Alice... Her soul broke free of this mortal coil, and went adrift in space-time. So we up and went after her, all the while carryin' this here Staff o' Death to collect her soul. But I reckon we can't keep her soul caged up in that staff forever... I ronic that we'd ask a human youngster for help, ain't it? Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th... We're gonna leave the Staff o' Death in your hands."

Wait what?

Nebiros: "Such is our fondest wish. We beseech you to help us... And the girl. Allow us one final opportunity to gaze upon her smile..."

"It's up to you whether you wanna help those demons out or not. Apart from that, all that's left is to bring around that schoolgirl who's fainted there. Nice work, Raidou."

Success! And now Alice can be fused. She is a Fiend type, so it needs to be in a Victoric fever at the New Moon. Preferrably with low luck and so on and so forth yadda yadda yadda. Eventually.

Now for the other part. Now actual advancement, even if it's not much.

You go out there from the western Kasumidai river access

But first, treasure.

After that, the Confinement Chamber can be accessed.

How convenient. It has the exact same layout as a Training Chamber. Hooray for reusing assets.

That, and both a Dragon Cave and a return spot. Hm.

And on the northern end, is the Great Kohryu

Kohryu: "This Confinement Chamber is used to seal away those that would do harm to our country. In other words, this is a prison for rebellious gods. One such deity sealed within is Mikaboshi, who has the power you seek. "

Wait what, that makes no sense!

Kohryu: "If you can attain that dark light for your own, it will be a great help to you. Now, proud one, descend to the 666th level."

How convenient. It leads there directly.


Immediately after getting out of the elevator, a cutscene happens.
Well, cutscene-ish.

"Look out, Brian! He's watching us!"

Powerful voice: "And I see before me a familiar face. The spirit of an ancient Kuzunoha in a small, black body..."
Powerful Voice: "Which means your companion must be... the present Raidou. Is that the way of it, soul of Kuzunoha? Then I have some inkling as to what you hope to accomplish here..."

Screen effects!

And Mikaboshi appears.

Mikaboshi: "Did you seek to again make me shine brightly? Fallen one... Gouto-douji."

It seems that Gouto has some previous history with this deity.

Mikaboshi: "It seems the crow uses its little fox as a pawn with no remorse. I sympathize with your misfortune in being beholden to the merciless crow... As well as your involvement with the black cat, who knew this all from the start... From what I can see... You remain steadfast in upholding your beliefs, and live for yourself. Would that we could have met under different circumstances..."

Mikaboshi: "For you shall be the second little fox that I slaughter...!"

Mikaboshi: "Unfortunately for him, I burnt that summoner to ash along with his demons. *chuckle* And I'll ensure that you meet the same fate, Raidou!"

Mikaboshi seems to be surrounded in purple flame. That may or may not mean that he is aligned with fire. That, and his references to BURNING, so yeah, it is pretty safe to assume that he is a firey dude.

For starters, Tarrasque with Mabufudyne.
Mkaboshi is a rather annoying boss. The worst kind. The TELEPORTING kind.
I mean, sure, enemies teleport in every battle, but never like this. This guy doesn't stand still unless he is prepared to do something nasty to Raidou.

And when he decides to cast a spell, he only stays static for a moment.

And Raidou's sword slashes don't do a whole bunch of damage to him. Damn.

Success! He is indeed weak against Ice. IF he is caught like that, he will receive a bunch of damage fast. That's a good thing.

Then he'll start spamming weird spells like this.

And his worst ability. Looks like Begin Starvation, but is, in a way, worse than that goddamn attack.
What does it do?
A bunch of damage if it hits Raidou.
Sealing the afflicted demon for the entire fight if it hits a demon. It is rather annoying. Especially if one doesn't have many frost-users.
On hindsight, I should've used Frost Killer. Would've made things oh so much simpler.

But if one keeps attacking him with Ice, his defenses shall go down.

Oh boy, another unblockable shit.

That wasn't too bad.

It could always be worse, he could just use Mute. Goddamn.

Mikaboshi: "If that's the case... The time has come to display my full radiance for the first time in thousands of years!"

He becomes slightly more agressive. Bah.

And manages to seal CuChulainn. Damnation.

And then Tarrasque.

They melt. It's rather nasty.

They can't be summoned back. They are sealed.

And he gets a melee attack. Before that he was fairly safe to approach. Not as much now.

And mixing skills. DAMNIT.

Mikaboshi: "As one who is called the Star of Death... I will not accept death at the hand of a devil summoner!"

Decarabia's texture looks grosser than it did in the previous entries.

Also, insane personality. Bah.

But he/she/it is pretty handy with Bufu skills.

This is getting rather annoying.

And eventually, it is not Raiho who wins the day, but Parvati.

Mikaboshi: "I never expected the crow to have... Such a brilliant summoner!"

Pretty fireworks.

Appropriate experience.

Mikaboshi: "Raidou... please swear to me... One so bright as you... could surpass even the Yatagarasu... If you wished... you could grind the Yatagarasu... beneath your heel."

Raidou does this because he wants to. Not quite Renegade Shepard, but kind of like somesuch.

Mikaboshi: "One who fights not for a cause, but his own future, has defeated me... I yield. Not to the Yatagarasu... To you. Raidou... You who have surpassed my radiance... Take this..."

Hell yes. Now it's time to bring that back to Victor.

Mikaboshi: "That Shukukon-Seki... I would that it serves as a spark for you to shape your own future... "

Mikaboshi: "In the course of our battle, I found myself drawn to your radiance. I wish to join in your glorious crusade... Henceforth, I shall act as a shield against any calamity that comes your way. Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th... I shall inform your predecessors od the emergence of the shining next generation..."

And he is gone.

And there is nothing more to be done in the 666th floor.

So, back to floor 1, I guess.

Kohryu: "You are a promising one, Raidou Kuzunoha the 14th. I am duty-bound to remain and protect this land... But even I am tempted to aid you. Yes... I shall bestow this upon you."

A... Drum?

Kohryu: "You may ride on my back to travel any place you wish. "

Or the NeverEnding Story.

>"You may now ride Great Kohryu to fly any place you wish. On the main map, press the triangle button and Raidou will climb on Great Kohryu. While in the air, if you press the triangle button above a place safe to land on, you will dismount Great Kohryu. By pressing the square button while in the air, you can move to a different region. Use Great Kohryu to move about the Main Map more efficiently."

"Though I've been up in the air once before, you know... It's a strange feeling, being high above thew Capital, but it'll make things a lot easier on us. "

And that shall be done in the next update.