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Part 98: Reading the Scripture

Update 98

geirin_Av"I'm sorry to trouble you, Raidou, but... Please ask the people at the Fukuroku Inn to wait... And tell Nagi to never falter in her mission to protect the people."

geirin_Av"I hope that you would take the Secret Art upon yourself.... And Nagi as well."

Well, it is time to go back, after beating the crap out of the elderly Kuzunoha.

"Where've you been?"
>Raidou explained the circumstances of the investigation to everyone in front of the Fukuroku Inn.

"You'd do that for us...? I'm so sorry for leaving suck dangerous work up to you, Mr. Geirin..."

"None of us are a match for those locusts... I can't thank Mr. Geirin enough for thi."

Male Villager: "For how long? If this keeps up, it'll be bad for the Fukuroku Inn's business... With all us crammed in here, we ain't got enough blankets... Or bathrooms."

"U-um... Well..."

"There's nowhere in the village safer than here,l so just wait. This will all be over soon."

Male Villager: "Just our luck... First, the chief flakes out on us... And now we're stuck here, takin' orders from a disgraced, divorced bride..."

"I'm going to ask the Fukuroku Inn staff to cook dinner for everyone. They won't be complainin so loud once their mouths are stuffed with food. By the way, do you mind if I stop by your room later? I want to look over that Ancient Scripture for future reference. We figured out already that the song talks about the red hole in the sky sending Apollyons to our world... And if that Ancient Scripture has the solution, I'm dying to see how it's done."

"I'd like to visit your room as well, Raidou... The Secret Art created by my master's predecessor... I'd like to know nmore about the process, as well as the predecessor."

>"Raidou read the Ancient Scripture at their room in the Fukuroku Inn with Tae and Nagi..."

"The legend that the Tsukigata children's song was based on... The Gate to the Abysmal Realm... It's all real! Truth reall is stranger than fiction! Hey Raidou, Nagi. I'm thinking the words to the children's song might have been a warning... Something that the people from those days thought it was important to teach to their children... "

"You're right. "
"So...? How do we close this, um, Gate to the Abysmal Realm? "
"This is the relevant passage, I believe. It holds the contents of the Secret Art that Master mentioned. The means of closing the Gate to the Abysmal Realm is at last within the bounds of my conjecture..."

With patented ye olde style englishe.

nagi:_Av"While the "light" refers to the Pojitrrawn, the manifestation of fortune. "
"So to put it in terms my readers could understand... Positive and negative combine to cancel each other out? "
"An excellent conjecture, Tae."
"Hmm... Don't get me wrong, I follow your logic and all... But how do you get the "dark" and "light" together? "

"And the "light"... The Pojitrawn, you called it? Isn't that here in Tsukigata Village? It's a pretty long way between the two... My keister aches just thinking of all those buses and trains. Doesn't the Scripture also say... Right, here it is... This part mentions something like... "

"That part seems important, but I have no idea what it means... The hero? Dominion over the evil god? What the deuce?"

"Something better left unknown."
"Uh... Nagi? "

Nope. Information must be freeeeeee.

"Raidou...? A-Are you sure? Sharing the process with regular people... I cannot conjecture the results of such a theory. "
"Oh... Don't worry about that, Nagi. This isn't Raidou's fault. He knows how I am. I can't resist sticking my nose into everything... He was just being thoughtful. ANd you were thinking of me too, telling me not to get involved, right? You two are still young, and yet you're worried over me... Thanks, Raidou... Thanks, Nagi."

"It helped me understand a little... What it means to be a Kuzunoha."
"Tae... "
"I've got too much pride in my work to let myself get in your way... So I'm going to do the only thing I can to help. I'm going back to the Capital so I can give Narumi a hand collecting those luck locusts."

"Doing whatever you can... I'm sure that Master also would have... Apologies, Raidou, but I must borrow the Ancient Scripture. I wish to read it thoroughly and thereby deepen my understanding. "

"Excuse me, Raidou. Tae."
>Nagi left the room with the Ancient Scripture.

"Believe me, I know this seems like a strange time to bring this up.."


"She's a looker, that one... I bet it doesn't feel half bad to have a girl like that look up to you. Does that kind of thing make you warm inside, Raidou...? Oh, uh--! Forget I asked!"

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