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Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army

by Luisfe

Part 11

Update 11

First things first, and those things are: GETTING new demons via fusion. Victor is awesome.

This is quite useful, in my opinion. And right now, the only thing that Raidou can handle and is useful.
Well, not really, but it is the only one I want right now.

Time to pay a visit to Satake. Guy's services are needed.

"I shined his shoes for three years before he started to remember mine."
Hah. Raidou is a person who demands RESPECT. And he gets it, with or without the help of his demonic companions.

"Sheesh, first, I get walloped in a fight, and now this... Seems like the world is out to embarass me."
Raidou needs no such thing as a towel. And HA!

"Denpachi's sister, huh? Did he ask you to find her? Cause, y'see... Shes kind of like in the Red-Light District."
Denpachi isn't going to like that.

"Her husband was attacked while on the job, and he got taken to the hospital, see?

When I say 'husband', I don't mean to imply they were married. They were waiting to sign the papers until her brother finally saw fit to approve of them. But, after the accident...
She said she needed a lot of dough for the hospital bill, and offered to take any job I had.
She was prolly too embarassed to ask her brother for the money, since he was sour on the whole thing.

She requested a job where a woman like her could make some fast cash. She's one helluva girl.

What, you're gonna go see her? Heh, a kid like you'd get booted out of there before he knew his boys'd dropped."
They don't want Raidou in the Red-Light district

"I'll call Shizu up and have her meet you at the edge of the Red-Light District. I'll let the gatekeeper know yer coming, too. So get a move on."
Well, that was relatively easy. Denpachi's sister has been found!

"H-hey, can ya take off that ca... Er, I don't mean ta criticize your taste, but...

When you look close, he's not that different-looking from those Special Guards. But, as long as he doesn't start anything, I suppose it's okay."
Lies. Raidou looks NOTHING like the Red Special Guard.

"Is he off work today, too?"
Clearly, he is. Otherwise he would be at Ryugu.

"Please look for Shizu! Find my little sister!"
Shut up, Denpachi.

"It's hard physical labor, just as advrtised."
She's got a past. She would know.

Time to go out.

The Red Light District now admits RAIDOU KUZUNOHA THE 14TH.

"My old friends from high school would be in for a surprise if they could see me now."

"So, did you win Satake's favor or what, kid?
MINDREAD: He looks like he is calm, but every inch of him is on guard. Satake didn't approve of him for nothing, he's good!"
The frequent customer is correct.

Time to meet Shizu.

"We've met before, haven't we? At Kurizu-zaka?
You're a detective?
I see...

Did you need me for something?"

"So you are saying that my brother wants me to come back home.
I can't.

I won't go back home until the man who attacked my brother is found! I can't leave him right now.
He is seriously injured. If you aren't going to back down, find out who attacked my husband. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have... Work to do."
Oh great. Just great.

"Now we're looking for someone ELSE!?
They certainly have a lot in common, don't they?
We are not operating a charity organization here!

Better get back to the office and ask Narumi about this."

Well, there is Narumi.

"Hey Raidou, any progress in the investigation?
Let me sort this out... Kiyoshi Daidouji was a regular at Ryugu... And the red-caped monster appeared in that area. We've been after the Red Cape because of Tae, but... It might get us somewhere in the Daidouji case.


I guess we should be happy we're getting all these cases...
Raidou, I want you to stay on the Red Cape's trail. Cause we don't get paid until you nab the Red Cape.

That reminds me: Tae called earlier.
She was checking in on you. Aaaah, I don't really like that. She's our client, not our boss.

But, I am buried in work here as it is, so, can you take care of that too? Tae said she had found something important, and wanted to talk to us about it.

I personally think we're fine in our own--but we have to keep things copacetic with our client. Tae's putting her article together at the soda joint in Ginza. So, do me a favor and listen to whatever she has to say."
And then, his phone rings.

"Narumi Detective Agency. Who is this?"

Oh boy.

Clearly, Narumi now DOES have his hands full at the moment.

Time to go to the "Soda Joint".
Everyone knows that it ain't soda.

Jesus fuck, she kind of looks like Tim Cury, doesn't she?

"Been investigating the Red Cape for me, have you? Ducky!
You are so much more reliable than your lazy piker of a boss. I've been following my own leads, of course. There have been Red Cape sightings around here in Ginza-Cho, did you know?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! The Red Cape is always seen on the night of the full moon. There was a full moon on the night of my interview, too.
Which means, Raidou...
If we're going to catch the Red Cape, we'd best go hunting for it on a full moon.

He's been most commonly spotted on the road connecting Ryugu with central Ginza-Cho, around Kurisu-Zaka, beneath the overpass.

Sorry to be a pest, Raidou, but could you go check it out during a full moon? If everything goes according to plan, you should be able to catch the Red Cape!

Plus, I'll reward you with this. Don't tell Narumi--This'll be our secret."

"It's my way of saying thanks for doing such a swell job. Use it for whatever you want.

Good luck, Raidou, if you catch the Red Cape, you've got my business card! Get in touch."
Well, at least she gave MONEY. Not enough for even a resummon, but it is useful.
Bullets, supplies and healing. Yes.

Got an Orthrus.

MA skills are far, far less useful in this game than in the other Megaten games. Why? In the other Megaten games, the Ma skills affect all the enemies. Here? They circle the demon. It can be useful if the demon is surrounded by enemies, but the range is pretty lame.

Raidou, on the other hand, can eat those. He needs to be in melee range, so the Ma skills are very useful against him.

"Detective Kazama was working on that Daidouji case, but now he's decided to help us instead.
It's hard enough tracking down this monster without having to deal with that guy! This couldn't be worse.
IGNITE: Detective Kazama talks big, but he can't ruffle my feathers! Once I am promoted, he'll be buying his own sandwiches!"
No one likes Kazama. Sounds like a considerably less lovable Dick Gumshoe. With far less enthusiasm and focus.

"Fortunately for us, there haven't been any reports of streetcars being targeted."
So... The Red Cape hates taxis? Why?

Well, just a question of waiting for the Full Moon.

Level up!

Summoned demons are apparently much smaller than their wild versions. Maybe they lose mass to be able to somehow fit in the tubes?
Does something like that happen with Pokémons and Pokéballs as well?

Could it be?

Wait what.


Well, it is not the Red Cape. But it'll have to do.

Holy fuck, it's Sailor Ghost Car.

And it goes down. Like that. In a minute.

So, this is the spirit of a taxi?
What the hell?

Oh what the fuck.
The Red Cape had a piece of a rickshaw?
And attacks TAXIS?

Dear lord. Do you know what that MEANS?