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Part 11: Scenario 4 - In the House

Scenario 4 - In the House

Good news! This update actually has a decent length to it!

First off, this is the same tile set as the Full Game house, though it's a different map and there are other differences.

There's no major obstacles this time, but the food's pretty damn far away, making it quite the walk. Wonderful.

You'll pretty much be hungry after every trip, so refill from the queen or the food supply when necessary.

Now let's skip ahead to where we actually have some ants.

Recruit/Release helps a lot with the food situation once you have a good number of ants.

Soon a new food source appears up top. It's not really any closer, though.

So I move my forces up here to gather the food and

Dammit, a red managed to sneak through and get me.

So I go back and organize more food runs and


Down to one life, and now we've got another food source. Right now, the blacks are in a good position to just let the reds starve out, not to mention the sheer numbers advantage we have. As long as I don't die, black ants have this.

The scenario text mentioned there being a cat, and that wasn't just flavor text. Occasionally you'll see these paw prints, splattering any ants that get in its way, so be careful of that.





Three deaths, and you lose the scenario.

Then the game further mocks you by showing you red domination. How disgusting.

This scenario isn't really difficult, but this proves how much you can get your ass kicked if you're careless. I wasn't paying attention, which caused three deaths to sneak up on me quickly. It also didn't help that I was prolonging the scenario a bit, toying with the reds since I was already in a dominant stage.

Gotta go through the food-gathering bullshit again...

Then I just go with my usual strategy of blitzing the reds as soon as I have a few ants.

That one ant murders the queen instantaneously. Like, it walks into the queen and the queen instantly disappears. Not even a frame of a fight.

So we're now halfway done with the scenarios!

Next time, things get a tad tougher as we hit the streets.