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Part 58: Epilogue: Gig

Epilogue: Gig

One Year Later...

It's been a while since I've written in this. After Drazil, it just didn't seem like there was anything to write any more. It seemed like the adventures were over, and the real work had begun. Today, though, a new journey began for us.

Not long after we returned to Haephnes, we rebuilt the Hidden Village. Then, one day...


A freaking guy, of course!
And what will the world call you by?

No shit. I coulda told you that.
We of this world give you our blessing no matter what path you choose.
Now, go...
May happiness and good tidings follow you wherever you roam.
Oh my god, shut up already.
Like I need your blessing, Haephnes you hag. I made a promise to the kid and that stupid cow!

Gig had returned! And this time, he was in his own body, not mine. And since that day, we've been roaming around. While we were traveling, Gig heard rumors of the Golden Hotpod, and we've been searching ever since. Our search brought us to a strange place in the mountains...

You're sure it's in the mountains?
You saw it for yourself, didn't you?
That marble slab we found on the ocean floor was very clear...
This is where we'll find the Golden Hotpod!
But it's so late...
Fine, go get your beauty rest.
But if I find it, and you're not there with me, you don't get jack!
Ohh... hey, what's this do?
Look at this tombstone... doesn't something look a little... off?
Maybe if I twist this here...

Oh, hell! Kid, get outta here!

So, this is kind of embarrassing...

We were fused again. Yeah. We went back to the Hidden Village, hoping Virtuous could help us out. Oh, I didn't tell you? When Raksha died, her soul was released. She was already back when we got home. She still looked like old Layna. I think she just likes to milk it for sympathy. Probably. Bitch.

I'll ask you one more time... who are you?
And don't give me any more bull!
Danette... you gotta believe us...
We told you already! Me and the kid got fused somehow and this is what happened!
We didn't know what to do so we ran back here! We thought you'd actually wanna help us!
Virtuous, you foul wench! Stop laughing and get us out of this!
Stop moving! That tickles!
Haha. I'm just glad to see you've grown so close.
I think you should stay like that a while. I think you two have formed a beautiful bond. Hmhm.
Lady Virtuous, please...

Hrm. You said you were in the Yuga Mountains?
Then I think I know what happened. There's a Crimson Tear hidden near there that loves to play tricks.
It houses a soul that died a gruesome death, betrayed by a loved one.
As I understand it, the curse can be lifted through a display of true love, and by overcoming a series of tests.
True love...? Tests?
Well, that's perfect. You and Gig.
W-what?! Me... and her?
No. No way. Not happening.

But... me and Gig?
You know...he's seen eeeverything about you. He knows all your dirty little secrets.
So make him be a man! He needs to take care of you!
...I guess.
Woah, woah, woah.
No, listen...
It's not like I'm not into chicks, okay?
So, fine, whatever. But I can't guarantee this is gonna break the curse!

So, we gotta take a few tests, huh?
Should be fun!
Me and you, we can handle whatever that stupid jewel decides to throw at us.
Let's just get it over with. Maybe we'll find the Golden Hotpod while we're up there.
Okay, let's go.
Sweet, let's do this! Check ya later, chumps!

So we're heading back to the mountains. And even after we break this curse, from this day forward we'll be together, for good. Eww, don't get sappy on me kid. Oh, you know you love it.