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Part 60: Unit Analysis: Melee

Unit Analysis: Melee

As part of today's update, I'll go over the various melee character types in the game and their pros and cons.


This is the generic melee character type available at the start of the game. They have strong all-around stats. They have a strong front rank attack and a decent ranged attack in the middle rank. They do nothing in the rear rank. Their stats are pretty versatile. They get outclassed at any given role by later classes, but they're pretty solid none the less.

Pros: Good stats in general.
Cons: Expensive early in the game, lack of focus.


This is the weakest and cheapest melee character type. They have similar attacks to the swordsman, but are much weaker in every way. They are insanely cheap to buy and summon, though, which is nice if you're in a money crunch. Otherwise, don't bother with them. They suck.

Pros: Cheap.
Cons: Terrible.


Bandits are interesting. They rely on SPD rather than DEF to protect them from attacks by completely avoiding them. They will tend to get wrecked by high HIT character in enemy rooms, because they have low DEF and HP. They have decent attacks, a regular melee in the front rank and a ranged knife in the middle. When leading a room they have Fade Out, which is annoying to go against.

Pros: Fast. Decent attacks.
Cons: Fragile when they are hit.


Bareknuckles have poor defenses, and rely on large HP pools to keep them alive. They have a melee combo in the front rank and hadoken in the middle. They hit a bit harder than swordsmen, but tend to die more easily.

Pros: Hard hitting.
Cons: More fragile than swordsmen.


Knights are sort of the opposite of Bareknuckles. They have weaker attacks and stronger defenses than swordsmen. They have the standard set of melee attacks all of these character types have had so far. Two in a room does give you a nice passive that goes off when attacked below 80% STM that increases the room's defense.

Pros: Tough. Good team ability.
Cons: Low power.


These girls are pretty much flying swordsmen. If you want flying movement melee characters for a flying movement room, these are they. It also of course means the room gets rocked by Ranged, which melee will normally destroy.

Pros: Flying movement type.
Cons: Odd type matches.


Nereids are slightly stronger swordsmen with Water movement type. They have very nice attacks in both ranks they can act in, and have some extremely awesome combo skills with 3 and 5 in the room. Very worth using if you use Juno.

Pros: Awesome.
Cons: Water movement type can suck sometimes.


Redflanks are the hardest hitting melee generics. They have the same attacks pretty much every melee class so far has had. They suffer from poor DEF and HIT, though, which is a problem.

Pros: Powerful.
Cons: Die more easily than you'd think. Can have problems with high SPD enemies.


Gryphos are flying monsters. They have nice melee attacks in the first two ranks, and a tornado that hits an entire file in the back rank. They're pretty nice inclusions to a flying movement room.

Pros: Good attacks.
Cons: Very average stats.


Phynx are another monster type character. They have good SPD, decent attacks in the front two ranks, and a whole room ATK buff in the back rank. If you have a mostly melee room, they can be pretty nice for the buff.

Pros: Buff.
Cons: Otherwise very average.


Ghobb are wacky sand monsters. They have the best defenses in the game. They've got some nice attacks, including one that hits a whole rank. Their ATK isn't that stellar, though. They're mostly useful for taking hits extremely well.

Pros: Tough as nails.
Cons: Relatively low ATK.

Phynx Knight:

Phynx Knights are quick, have good stats, and good attacks. They'd be a good high end replacement for Swordsmen, because they're both relatively generic.

Pros: Good all around.
Cons: No real strengths.

Gryphos Rider:

Gryphos Riders are high end flying melee characters. In much the same way as you could replace Swordsmen with Phynx Knights, you can do the same with Werewins and Gryphos Riders. I don't really use either class that much, but that's mostly because I tend to use very few rooms by the point of the game in which you get these.

Pros: Flying, very powerful.
Cons: None really.