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Soul Nomad

by Feinne

Part 74: Vengeance

Chapter 8- Vengeance

I've got a castle now! It's pretty sweet. I should really thank the jackass that tried to kill me earlier, I'd not have this without them. Maybe I'll pay them back by killing them really quickly instead of over the course of several years.


Hey, kid! I'm feeling some big magic here. Someone's got a huge spell brewing!
Here it comes! Watch out!

Then I got hit by lightning. It's surprisingly tingly. I pushed one of those loser angels out of the way, because I still have use for them at the moment.

That demon spawn... saved me?
Trish, are you hurt?!
Hmhm. What a pretty little birdie!
Richard! Where's my Richard? Is he okay?!
What the hell was that?
Pinot... are you okay?
Haha! Rejoice, Agrippa! The lightning struck the demon spawn! It was divine punishment!
Lightning, you say?
H-hold on! Wait a second! I have just the thing!

Can you please not try and sell your stupid crap to Trish? Thanks.
So nobody else was hurt, huh?
Hmph. Just as I planned. You fell right into my trap.
Who are you?
See how easily the mighty Dio strikes down the wretched puppet of the beloved Master of Death!
I think you'll find you have little sway without your snake of a leader. You should be thankful I spared your lives.
Heh. Dio of the Evil Eye. The Grand Wizard in thrall to the people of Orviska. We caught us a live one.
Did you say Dio?!

Hah, no. Wrong guy. The other one's just some imposter.
The Dio family's a clan of elite Dracons who've acted as the Palace Mage of Orviska for generations.
And only one of 'em can actually call himself Dio. Which means this guy's the best of the best, king of the hill.
Oh ho. Someone's done his homework. Or perhaps you're behind the Yesterwind...
Hehe. Remember, the Yesterwind can blow in any direction. What pulled you up yesterday might push you down tomorrow.
Hmph. To think a mere child thief could come so far. And to take sides against all of humanity... disgusting.
So now what will you do? It seems your ringleader has all too quickly departed this world.
So once again-!

I'd heard enough of this jackass, and so had Gig. We'd been lying down waiting for the one who'd attacked us to tip their hand, and sure enough he had.

Hey, you're still alive! I knew you'd be okay!
What...? Impossible!
That's the best you got? And you have the nerve to call yourself a wizard?
So this guy's from Orviska?
Yup. He's their royal magician.
I see...
Well, we're not gonna sit here and take this like a bitch, are we, kid?! He's earned a royal ass-whipping!
Yeah, let's do it.
Hehe. Excellent.

Damn! How is that possible...?

Flying towards Orviska, I noticed they had formed a line of defense against me. I decided to humiliate their pathetic soldiers by blowing directly through it instead of simply going over.

Ahh! It's here! It's here!
Huh? Did I hit something?
E-everyone! To your positions!
Hehe. Look at the cockroaches pouring out of the woodwork.
I don't have time to wait.

We smashed through them simply to prove they had no chance of defeating us.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Probably the easiest map of the Demon Path, because you should be able to get to the south end of the map after a Last Act in about three actions.

We had reached Orviska. They had a pretty nice castle there, I decided to appropriate it. Sadly that stupid wizard wasn't in the castle.

M-Master Dio... he's not here.
He... he left to kill... you.
Hehe. And how do ya think that went? You think he killed us? Hm?
That Master Dio of yours is just another maggot wriggling through this rotten apple of a world.
I'll take the castle, if you don't mind.
Oh, I'm sure nobody'll care. Just do whatever you want.
The throne room's right up this way.
How do you know?
I used to use this place as my HQ back around 200 years ago.

Then a little girl came over. She was dressed pretty well, and I recalled hearing that the queen of Orviska was some little girl.

The hell? What's a kid doing here?
Perfect timing, servant! Where'd Dio go?
I was told the Master of Death was attacking, so I was trying to escape. But... Gestahl wouldn't move anymore.
Where should I escape to?
Might you be... the queen?
That's right. Queen Diness of Orviska!
Didn't you recognize me? Wait... you're not a servant?
Hehe, nope. Master of Death, at your service!
What? A skinny little thing like you?

Dio! Dio, where are you?!
Ohh... what should I do?
Perfect. Let's take her with us.
Taking a queen hostage? Definitely one of the easiest things so far.
Uh... ahh... Dio?
Don't come any closer!

Then I saw a weird bandaged guy lying down in the other room. He looked kind of... rotting, and as newly self-declared Awesome Death-Lord of Orviska I figured it would be nice to know what was going on in my kingdom.

Hey hey hey, don't touch that thing! It's a mummy! Gross!
Urg... ahh...
...Ng? Who are you...? Where...?
Where... am I...?
Huh? Oh, thank god. He's not a mummy... he's a zombie!
Hey queenie, what's up with this guy?
I'm... not sure. Dio just showed up with him, along with his two beasts.
Sometimes he... stops moving. And he sorta loses his memory.

Hehe. Look, he doesn't even recognize his own queen's lovely face.
Hey, kid. This guy's soul is really shaky. You might be able to dominate him right now.
Serve me as your master.
You are... my master?
That onyx blade... I've seen it... It's talking to me...
Yes... I shall obey you...
Time to dominate Gestahl.
Dio... no.

And that's how we were joined by a rotting zombie. He's oddly familiar, though. I'm sure I know who this guy is, even though I'm just as sure I've never met him before.

Oh well. Who cares? I've got a castle now, a perfect launching ground for my inevitable conquest of the world. I've got to get as much as I can done before I fall asleep again, because I can't leave Gig in a position where there's anything for him to screw up with his lax ways. We've still got Dio to track down, too. Could still get exciting.