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Space Funeral

by Schir

Part 7: Dracula

Well Phillip, I think we're almost to the City of Forms.

And look! There's a rest house right here.

Now let's leave.

Snow Frogs are pretty weird enemies. They're very weak and they always appear in groups of 5.

I recommend using Leg Horse's multi-target ability, Stampede on them. It'll usually take them all out.

And they have a very high chance of dropping Small Bloods. I got 4 from this fight.

Now let's keep heading north.


Mome Beasts are terrifying. Or rather, they would be if the fights in this game were at all difficult.

They are the strongest non-boss monster in the game, with 230 HP, 60 defense, and 50 attack.

However, the Magic Eye Picture still does more damage than they have health.

And both Phillip and Leg Horse gained levels from this fight. Leg Horse is at 13 and just learned his second-to-last skill. Phillip is at level 15.

Now let's head north.

And now south-east.

Hey, is that a mansion out in the distance there, Phillip?

Huh. Let's go in, Phillip!

Phillip, you can't play the piano. You don't know how.

There's nothing in this room Phillip, let's go into the other one.

: How are things Dracula

: Would you like some wine?

: Is that your piano Dracula

: Do you know many songs Dracula

: I guess you could say you "vamp"

: What do you do Dracula

: What do you do Dracula

: Anything else?

: Do you like to smoke weed

: What do you do Dracula

: That's super