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Space Funeral

by Schir

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Original Thread: Quand la Terre est Changee en un Cachot Humide, Let's Play Space Funeral!



What is Space Funeral?

Space Funeral has been described as many things, such as

Rock Paper Shotgun posted:

Space Funeral isn’t charming, but it’s definitely dramatic...
...It is Final Fantasy directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky, with disturbed art and awesome music.

Gamers With Jobs posted:

In my extensive history with JRPGs I can safely say I have never experienced anything like this.
... Space Funeral is an absurd, completely nonsensical JRPG.
... With completely nonsensical story, art, and music while mechanics still strictly adhere to JRPG cliches, this game seems to make no sense. But in a way it still does.

This game sounds crazy. Why are you doing this?

I love this game, and I feel it deserves a fair bit more recognition.

So without further ado, Let's Play Space Funeral.

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