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Part 4: Mission 4 - Penthouse

Mission 4 - Penthouse

Location: Manhattan Garment District, New York City, USA

Zherkezhi, a former associate of Morgenholt, may be working with someone known as Dvorak to gather classified intelligence about weaponized algorithms known as Masse Kernels. Determine who Dvorak is and what his relationship is to Zherkezhi.

Penthouse Part 1 (Viddler/Polsy) Penthouse Part 2 (Viddler/Polsy)

Penthouse Part 1 ( Penthouse Part 2 (

60 Second level recap
Penthouse (Viddler/Polsy)

I know I missed showing off the Sniper Attachment. I'll try doing that for a later level.
Although I'll try to include the other attachments as alternate footage in the future.

Mission Objectives

Primary Objectives
Exfiltrate to the Primary Extraction Point.


Exfiltrate from the main elevator in the living room of Zherkezhi's penthouse.

Get to Zherkezhi's Penthouse in the adjacent building.


Zherkezhi's penthouse apartment has power, and his connected to the roof by electrical cables attached to the large sign.

Access Zherkezhi's server to determine who Dvorak is


Access Zherkezhi's private terminal and find out who Dvorak is. The terminal is probably hidden somewhere near the master bedroom.

Locate Dvorak.


Go to the abandoned part of the building across the roof and locate Zherkezhi's associate, Dvorak.

Retrieve a hardcopy output of a single Dvorak execution cycle.


Restart the Dvorak computer without overheating it and recover a stack of punch cards that contains the data from its execution cycle.

Find out who the mercenaries work for.


The men protecting Zherkezhi appears to be professional mercenaries. Find out who they work for by interrogating any of them or accessing any computer they may have brought.

Secondary Objectives
Discover who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail.


Some of the guards may know who is in charge of the Zherkezhi protection detail. Ask around.

Opportunity objectives
Tap the penthouse video cameras.


Tapping the security cameras that Zherkezhi has installed will facilitate Echelon's ability to more closely monitor his activities.



From: MCAS Banco de Panama.
To: Dvorak
Date: 06/26/07
Subject: Transaction completed

Senor Dvorak, as per your instructions dated June 24, 2007, the transfer has been made and the payables issued. All transactions have cleared and trace has been shredded and burned as permitted under our charter.


From: Dvorak
To: Zherkezhi
Date: 06/30/07
Subject: Protocol Stream 14 Initiated.

Failed log attempted noted. June 29 2007. Contract employee. No intrusion. Initiate protocol stream 14. Access code notify. Change.0280.


From WNM News Wire
To: Subscriber
Date: 06/29/07
Subject: Automated message

Due to the recent power outage, WNM News Wire servers are temporarily down. We expect the problem to be remedied shortly, and apologize for any interruption in your expected news wire service.


From: Planningdisplace
To: George
Date: 06/30/07
Subject: Morale Concerns

I understand. It is never easy to ask professional solders to undertake simple guard duty. I will look into increasing the roll-over rate so no one is stuck there too long. I'll put Gerald on the rotation later this week to start.