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Splinter Cell: Double Agent

by Erenthal

Part 2: Ellsworth Prison.


Briefing: A domestic terrorist group calling themselves "John Browns Army" has lately been raising alot of red flags in the intelligence community. The NSA hatches a plan to get an infiltrator into the group, and Fisher volunteers for the job.

Having spent 6 months in Ellsworth prison as an inmate, Sam has befriended a man named Jamie Washington, believed to be a key player in the JBA and currently serving time. Sam must break himself and Jamie out, in the hopes of him leading Sam right back to the JBA.


Okay, short mission this time. Next one will be more... interesting, for those used to the series standard formula.

(And apparently they let you keep hight-tech gadgets in prison? News to me...)

Sam's choices:

"I opened the cell-block doors, as Jamie wanted. It will most likely make the riot worse, and endanger the lifes of both guards and inmates. But I had no choice. I needed Jamie to trust me, if I am to accomplish my mission." (TRUST gained with JBA, TRUST lost with NSA)

New gameplay mechanic: (Well, sorta new. It was in last mission as well, but only now will it begin to matter...)

This is the Trust'O'Meter. It measures trust. I talk a bit about it in the video, but I might as well do it here too.

There are two bars, one for each of our "employers". The NSA and JBA will both want us to do things. Doing positive things for the JBA will make them trust us more, and doing things for the NSA will unsurprisingly make the NSA trust us more. The trick is that often the objectives will be confliciting, so we will gain trust with one side and lose trust with the other. We will have to balance the two sides. Doing "evil" things for the JBA will maintain our cover, but if we committ too many atrocities will the NSA still have our back?

Losing all the trust with the JBA will result in a swift bullet in the head as our cover is blown. Losing all the NSA's trust means that they will pull all support and disawov us, leaving Sam little better than a terrorist himself.

New characters encountered: (will be added to the OP as well)


Name: Jamie Washington

Personal history: Unknown

Medical history Unknown

Activities: Unknown

Notes: Jamie was broken out of prison by Sam Fisher, in hopes that Sam would be taken in by the JBA by Jamie's recommendation.

E-mails, notes and data:


From: Jaleel Alzahabi
To: All
Date: 28-Jan-08
Subject: New door lock system

You've all been wondering about the new doors, so here's the deal. Your uniforms now have a chip built into them that automatically triggers the lock and unlocks the door. You can get through, but without the right clothes nobody else can. It's that simple.


From: Bill Patterson
To: All
Date 31-Jan-08
Subject: Missing walkie-talkies

Three days out of the box and we've already got equipment missing. Whoever lost or "misplaced" the two walkie-talkies we had in the booth better turn them up pronto or the replacement cost is coming out of their paycheck.


From: Michael Dvorak
To: Simon Jillette
Date: 30-Jan-08
Subject: RE: RE: That damn code

Alright, alright. You can't remember two codes at once, I get it. I've set both the code downstairs, and the weapons locker code, to 1403. Just pray that an excited inmate doesn't figure it out and empty the locker. If that happens, it'll be your own damn fault, understood?


From: Vince Kagel
To: Bill Patterson
Date: 31-Jan-08
Subject: What the hell?!?

Am I the only one freaking out about last week's weapon confiscation? Bill, we found a HANDGUN on an inmate!! The warden should have called an automatic lockdown. It's standard procedure, I looked it up. I bet you there are more out there.


From: Salem Taubman
To: Michael Dvorak
Date: 1-Feb-08
Subject: RE: So Harry and Greg finally had a go?

That fight was shameful. Harry and Greg just went at it in front of the inmates, for crying out loud. You should have heard the cheering and whistling, they had quite a show. Greg ended up putting Harrys's head through a window, and Harry had to be rushed to the infirmary because of lacerations. The window is still not fixed, and I can see the inmates snickering every time they walk by it. And to think we're supposed to show them how to behave.


From: Maintenance group
To: All
Date: 29-Jan-08
Subject: Riot gun (PLEASE READ)

Attention: The riot gun in the main control room has been repaired and tested. It is now fully functional. These non-lethal guns are for last resort only. Anyone using it for other purposes is subject to disciplinary action.

New equipment unlocked:


The sonic emitter is a very handy little gadget. It projects a sound where you point it, allowing you to distract guards with ease.


This wallmine has been filled with CS gas, knocking out anyone foolish enough to remain in the gas cloud.