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Splinter Cell: Double Agent

by Erenthal

Part 4: Sea of Okhotsk


Briefing: It's Sam's first mission for the JBA, and he must prove his usefulness. He is to hijack a supertanker, locked in the icy Sea of Okhotsk.


So, for the first time Fisher is on a mission in the day-light! How about that? (Unless you count the oil-rig from the first game. Though that was technically dusk...)

New characters:


"Massoud" is the man for who the JBA aquired the tanker. His identity, involvment with the JBA or purpose with the tanker is so far unknown, though NSA analysts are hard at work figuring all this out.

Notes, data and e-mails:


From: Andrey Sergeyev
To: Grigori Chapayev
Date: 03 Feb 2008
Subject: RE: Zodiac

I want you to find whoever is responsible for keeping up maintenance on the Zodiac and have them shot. I'm serious, Grigori - it keeps breaking down, and I don't want it to happen when I'm five miles off shore and a storm is rolling in. Find someone who can keep it running. Otherwise, we might as well sink the damn thing.


From: Vadim Yulyevich
To: Yuri Stasiuk
Date: 03 Feb 2008
Subject: RE: RE: Weather

The weather's not that bad, Yuri. I had a cousin, worked on an oil rig out off Sakhalin, and he had some stories about weahter. There was one time the waves picked up a whaling ship and threw it right onto the platform. This weather's just lousy. That stuff? It was deadly.


From: Stan Sergeyev
To: All
Date: 03 Feb 2008
Subject: FW: Zodiac controls

The control box for the zodiac is on the pier. Pretend it's a remote control toy and you'll have the idea. Just don't play with it too much.

New equipment unlocked:


Wallmine with a flashbang effect. Not much to say, useless like all the other wallmines.


This attachment for the SC-20k allows you to fire a 12-gauge shotgun shell. Effective but noisy.