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by Erenthal

Part 5: Shanghai


Briefing: Sam is flying with Emile and Moss to Shanghai, to meet with a certain Dr. Aswat. Aswat is selling some very valuable secrets, and the JBA are very interested in possessing them. The NSA is likewise extremely interested in the whole event.


So, I said this update would be on sunday. But hey, saturday is Fisher-day, and that's the law in over 75 countries. So, here ya go. Now, I have a Dewey decimal system test to study for...

Also, I got some requests to also include the objectives in text-form, and I'm willing to oblige.


Primary Objectives posted:

(NSA) Record the secret meeting:

It is vital that we learn what Dr. Aswat is discussing with Emile. Aswat is suspected of selling Pakistani nuclear secrets, and if he's talking to Dufraisne, that could mean big trouble.

(NSA) Infiltrate hotel:

A helicopter belonging to Dr. Aswat's security forces is patrolling the outside of the hotel, looking for intruders. Avoid detection by making your way inside the hotel.

(NSA) Sample Red Mercury:

If that's really red mercury, we need a sample of it. Get one and bring it back for testing.

(JBA) Get Dr. Aswat's notes from his room:

Dr. Aswat's notes are hidden in a safe in his room. Reach his room and retrieve the documents.

(NSA) Kill Dr. Aswat:

We cannot allow Dr. Aswat to continue selling his knowledge. It's simply too dangerous. You need to take him out of commission before anyone else gets their hans on his work.

(JBA) Extract via Emile's helicopter:

Emile is waiting for you aboard the JBA's helicopter. Reach it to extract from the hotel.

Secondary objectives posted:

(NSA) Infiltrate the hotel without alert:

Aswat is very security conscious. You'll need to get inside without triggering an alert, or he may get nervous and check out.

(NSA) Don't kill civilians:

The hotel where the meeting is taking place is a public area filled with hotel staff and tourists. Killing civilians would attract too much attention from the authorities and should be avoided at all costs.

New characters:


Hisham Hamza is a undercover CIA-agent who helped Sam in the Shanghai mission.


Dr. Aswat is a rogue Pakistani scientist, selling WMD technology to the highest bidder. Killed by Sam Fisher after the CIA authorized the assassination.

Notes, data and e-mails:


From: Abdul Ahman Aswat
To: Anwar Singh
Date: 5-Feb-08
Subject: RE: How is the deal going

The deal is proceeding smoothly. The American, Dufraisne, will be arriving tomorrow with the money and we will have our preliminary discussions once he gets here. If he's serious and clean, and the money is good, then he'll get the stuff and the notes on how to use it. If not, the deal is off. There are other people out there who can pay just as well for what I have to offer. The American is very strange. One would not think he would be so set on his country's destruction, but he claims it must be "cleansed in fire". We will see if he changes his mind when it is time for the money to change hands. It is, after all, a considerable sum, and I don't know where he would have come up with it.


From: Faysal al-Amri
To: Massoud Ibn-Yussiff
Date: 5-Feb-08
Subject: Security report

Dear Sir - the security lockdown is complete. Brute forcing the hotel's OS was really no biggie, they used a wimpy 64-bit key. Anyway, the elevators are now disabled for the floors you specified, and I rerouted the CCTV feeds to our own subnet. This means we'll see everything the cameras see, and the hotel security staff won't supsect anything.

New equipment unlocked:


Improved hacking software, making the process go faster.


Smokegrenade adapted for the SC-20k launcher. Creates a cloud of concealing smoke.