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Splinter Cell: Double Agent

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Part 6: JBA HQ 2


Briefing: Having returned from Shanghai with Dr. Aswat's notes and the material Emile bought from him, Sam must determine the real agenda behind the JBA's actions.


Okay, it's finally here. We're back in New York, and doing some more Ghosting. Tense mission this, and pretty good.


Primary objectives: posted:

(NSA) Scan blueprints in Emile's safe:

The blueprints for the red mercury device are most likely located in Emile's office. Break in and find those blueprints, then scan them in for transmission. That will give us a good idea of the capablities of the device he's building.

(JBA) Assemble mines for Kinshasa:

Use the micro-manipulators in the workshop area of the compound to assemble the mines that you'll be taking to Kinshasa as part of a weapons shipment.

(NSA) Record voice to access locks:

In order to access Emile's office you will need to pass through one of the voice security locks in the compound. It will be necessary to use the laser mic to record a voice from one of the main JBA members to pass through the security lock and reach Emile's office.

New gameplay:

Mine assembly! Yes, everyone loves this part. Lower the detonator with the fire-button, correct the deviations with the movement keys. Don't let the detonator touch anything but the center slot. You've got 10 mines to do, and 15 detonators, so you've got some wiggleroom at least.

New profiles:


ACTIVITIES updated for Emile, Enrica.

PERSONAL HISTORY updated for Emile, Dayton, Enrica, Jamie.


See OP or below for updated profiles:

Characters encountered or updated:


Name: Jamie Washington

Personal history: Born in Bowling Green, KY, date unkown. A dedicated music fan, Washington was arrested numerous times as a juvenile, and then quickly assembled a long criminal record as an adult. He drifted into the JBA from a career of petty crime.

Washington is an electronics expert, mainly self-taught. He tends to attach himself to stronger figures and give them his unquestioning loyalty. He also has a violent temper, which can manifest at any time.

Medical history: Washington has a congenital heart condition which has resulted in his being outfitted with a pacemaker. The device was implanted during one of his stays in prison. Otherwise, he is a normal healthy adult male.

Activities: Unknown

Notes: Jamie was broken out of prison by Sam Fisher, in hopes that Sam would be taken in by the JBA by Jamie's recommendation.


Name: Emile Dufraisne

Personal history: Born in Natchez, MI. November 10, 1958. Family was wealthy, owning much property in and around the city. Subject was an only child, and both parents died young. Inherited fully at age 18. Remained a pillar of the community for many yeats, investing heavily in manufacturing and electronics. Liquidated his holdings in 1992 and went underground, founding the JBA.

Strong, commanding personality, very intelligent. Single, never married, no romantic history to speak of. Regards the government as being in the hands of traitors to the founding fathers, and is willing to use any means necessary to reclaim it. Is the absolute authority in the JBA, and will brook no interference.

Medical history: For a man of his age, Dufraisne is in perfect health. Blood pressure is somewhat high, as is cholesterol, but other readings are well within ideal parameters. Dufraisne is still physically powerful, and can intimidate as much with force as with personality.

Activities: Dufraisne is the undisputed leader of the JBA, and his decisions are law within the group. He also serves as the external liason with other terror groups with whom the the JBA is cooperating.

Notes: Leader of the JBA.


Name: Stanley Dayton

Personal history: Born September 22, 1981 in Bend, OR. Self-taught computer expert. Poor grades in school except for math and sciences. unpopular with students and teachers. Exhibited 2 of the 3 classic "triad" symptoms. Dropped out of Reed College after 1 semester to take a computer job programming for local ISP. Fired after being discovered hacking into customer accounts. Long history of identity theft and other computer crimes. Has served grand total of 6 months, 4 days in jail, non-consecutively.

Note from the LPer: The "triad symptoms" mentioned are bedwetting, setting fires and killing small animals. These are considered to be indicators of a possibly psychopathic personality.

Joined JBA in 2007 as a means of getting back at his tormentors. Has antagonistic relationship with entire inner circle, with possible expection of Enrica Villablanca. Cowardly, sarcastic, and weak. Has a big mouth but frequently fails to back it up.

Medical history: Dayton is a relatively sickly individual, and can be said to be in the worst health of any member of the JBA. Plauged by chronic nightmares, he routinely suffers from numerous ailments and aches and pains. On more than one occasion he has been accused of being a hypochondriac.

Activities: Stanley Dayton is the systems administrator for the JBA. He is responsible for all computer equipment and peripherals, including those that support the secret project. He is a member of Dufraisne's inner circle.

Notes: The JBA's computer guy. Moans alot.


Name: Carson Moss

Personal history: Unknown

Medical history: Moss is physically powerful, if not particularly agile. He works out incessantly, and is extremely strong. His knee has healed sufficently to allow him average mobility and cannot be considered a weakness.

Activities: Unknown

Notes: Handles JBA security. Don't call him Moose.


Name: Enrica Villablanca

Personal history: Subject born in Boca Raton, FL. June 2, 1978. Father was Cuban expat, mother 3rd generation German-American. Straight A student. Awarded scholarship to University of Florida for engineering. Phi Beta Kappa. Accepted into PhD program at Florida State University in Chemical Engineering. Active in campus enviromental groups, including ones participating in acts of vandalism. Involved in "monkeywrenching" incident at Highsen & Block chemical plant in Allachua, FL, May 4 2004 in which security guard was killed, and went underground as a result.

Surfaced as member of the JBA in 2006. Only woman in the organization. Not romantically linked with any of her peers. Pressured to stay with group by Dufraisne, using fear of exposure and arrest. Not devoted to JBA ideology.

Medical history: Enrica is in perfect health. While there is a history of heart trouble on her father's side of the family, it has shown no sign of manifesting in her. She engages in regular exercise and has had faulty vision corrected by LASIK surgery.

Activities: Enrica Villablanca is the sole woman affiliated with the JBA. She serves in a senior technical role, and is responsible for the construction of explosives and remote detonation devices. She also has some medical training, and as such has authority over medical supplies and treatment for the group as well.

Notes: The JBA's medic. Not bad looking at all.

Notes, data and e-mails:


From: Enrica Villablanca
To: Emile Dufraisne
Date 11-Feb-2008
Subject: Frequency detonators

Emile, I just wanted to confirm the specs you wanted on the detonator for the Cozumel bomb. We're talking a different system than the one for the big boys, right? You want something that you can detonate with your cell phone regardless of distance. Let me know if I'm on the right track.


From: Emile Dufraisne
To: Enrica Villablanca
Date: 2008-02-11
Subject: RE: Frequency detonators

Enrica, you are absolutely correct. The other devices will be triggered at much closer range, so we won't need the frequency detonator. The actual bomb triggers will be similar, but a different activation system is needed so we don't risk you pulling the pin out of that grenade, so to speak. So if you can make sure we have a clean frequency for the detonation signal for this one bomb, I will be quite satisfied.


From: Emile Dufraisne
To: Jaime Washington
Date: 10-Feb-08
Subject: Red Mercury

Jamie, please confirm for me that we are on schedule with the preperation of the red mercury for your friend Mr. Fisher's little adventure in Cozumel?


From: Jamie Washington
To: Emile Dufraisne
Date: 2008-02-10
Subject: RE: Red Mercury

Everything's cool boss. We'll have enough of the stuff ready to blow up half of Mexico if we need to. So don't worry. Me and Sam, we've got the front end and the back end both covered.


From: Jaime Washington
To: Emile Dufraisne
Date: 2008-02-10
Subject: RE: Send me your assessment

OK, Emile, here's the real deal on the red mercury. Most people think the stuff is a myth, you know, but it's plenty real and it's going to do the job for us. The stuff is what they call ballotechnic, which basically means that it makes a goddamned big boom.

Put enough of it in one place, and you'll get something strong enough to trigger the core of a fusion bomb, which makes an even bigger bang. And the good news is that the stuff works even better than we expected, which means that we can use less and get the same result, which will let us get the bombs on line faster than we thought. So that ought to put a smile on your face.


From: Enrica Villablanca
To: Emile Dufraisne
Date: 2008-02-10
Subject: Favor

Hey Emile - if you need to disable the bomb remotely in an emergency, you can find the code on the computer in my workshop. The keypad code is 1337.


From: Carson Moss
To: All
Date: 2008-02-08
Subject: RE: Shooting range scores

Now that's more like it. This week's top score at the firing range goes to Ms. Villablanca, who nailed a 92. That's a 3 point jump, and that's what I like to see. Do it again next week, and we'll really have something to talk about.


From: Enrica Villablanca
To: All
Date: 2008-02-10
Subject: Mine assembly

Attention, everyone. We're finally going to get the mine assembly operation in high gear. The micro-manipulation device we've needed to assemble them is here and functional and we can start using it according to the duty roster. We're goin to need everyone taking a turn, because we've got big orders in from both the rebels and the government troops in Kinshasa, and we don't have a lot of time to get everything made.

Be careful: The detonators are very fragile and costly.

Equipment unlocked:


Sonic grenades, adapted to be launched by the SC-20k. Sonic grenades are non-lethal, distracting devices that can stun a person caught in its radius.


Upgraded hacking software. It now allows for a "forced hack", instantly hacking the device but also triggering a local audio alarm, drawing enemies.