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Part 11: PAGE 11

Oh hey, it's a space battle that's challenging!

The Enterprise engages four Klingon Birds of Prey and a Vor'cha-class Cruiser at Arvada - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

I believe Commander La Forge seriously needs a woman.

It’s no secret around the ship that Geordi’s more than a little clumsy with women. Several weeks back, during an attempt to ask out a female colleague, he had a seizure and was reported clinically dead for two minutes. In the absence of romantic interactions, his hobbies have become increasingly strange.

Holodeck novels and model ship building I can understand, but yesterday he was setting up a row of dominoes from aft to port side on deck five, and threatening to shoot anyone who’d knock them over. The week before, he carried a sword with him everywhere, even while at his duty station. The week before that, he was recording playthroughs of his favourite Holodeck programs and transmitting them through subspace, but we made him quit that because it was too depressing to watch.

Look. I know it’s tricky getting a date when you’re on this ship, alright? If not for alien probes kidnapping my brain to a lost civilization’s tragic past, I’d probably forget what sex felt like. But at least I can speak a full sentence to a woman without blood literally shooting out of my ears (couple of months ago; it’s in my log). It’s become so bad, the senior staff is considering buying Geordi a prostitute. Riker claims to know this three-breasted hooker on Mars he feels would be perfect.

Cmdr. La Forge at Amargosa (with cutscene at the end) - Blip // Viddler // Youtube

Too bad those Klingons... ...couldn't stick around.