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Original Thread: Where in space is Malcolm McDowell? Let's Play Star Trek Generations! (2)


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In 1994, there was Star Trek Generations, a pretty good Trek movie up until the last act, when the plot stops returning making sense's calls, and Captain Kirk shows up in a --in my humble opinion-- completely counterproductive and undesirable last moment of glory. Good movie, but I think cutting out the entire Kirk storyline and the thereby unnecessary time travel parts would've made it far better. But never mind that.

Three years after the release of the movie, there was this game, Star Trek Generations. A rattling combination of chaotic space combat and terrible first person shooting. Though the gameplay pretty much sucked, an admirable job was done at stretching the movie’s plot in order to accommodate the game: the designers pulled from classic Next Generation episodes to expand the story. The obsessed doctor Tolian Soran sneaks around solar systems trying to gather trilithium and make bombs with it to destroy stars. It’s up to the crew of the Enterprise to stop him!

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