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Part 5: Episode 5: "Boulder Fight"

Episode 5: "Boulder Fight"

Captain's Log posted:

I have been doing research into the nature of the Undine; although I'm amazed how little we know about them. All of our records, all of our data, comes from a source I consider… questionable at best. Admiral Kathryn "Don't Call Me 'Sir'" Janeway first encountered them in the Delta quadrant where they'd been hard at work killing the Borg. In what I consider to be a stunning display of idiocy, Janeway allied herself with the Borg in order to help them deliver a unique nanoprobe warhead into the dimension known as 'fluidic space' (I can hear Tre screaming from here) which decimated the Undine.

After committing what most sane individuals would consider a war crime, Janeway then… one moment, hold on.

… We've just received an emergency transmission from a group of archaeologists on a nearby world. Although I've had the message forwarded to Starfleet Command, I don't intend to wait for orders. As the receiving vessel, and the closest Starfleet vessel in range, I'm taking the Benedict Arnold to investigate. Every moment we wait could mean dead or injured civilians.

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Captain's Log , supplemental posted:

It seems the Gorn have a keen interest in all of their old territorial holdings, even those long-since abandoned or lost to conquest by other races. Although the crew sympathizes with the Gorn not wanting the remains of ancestors desecrated, I cannot allow them to pass through Federation space as if they still own it any more than I can allow them to kill and bombard helpless non-combatants.

Although I fear this mission has only distracted me from my research into the Undine and their possible motives, I believe we delivered a clear message to the Gorn: They cannot invade Federation space and attack our citizens without paying the full price for their temerity.