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Part 21: Episode 21: "Refridgeraiders"

Episode 21: "Refridgeraiders"

Captain's Log posted:

We've made good time.

The Preserver archive is very near Cardassian space, although it's well within Deferi territory. I don't know what sort of knowledge a place like this contains-all Starfleet information about the preservers is highly classified. I've put in a call to Starfleet Command, but it will be days before another ship can arrive; so I've decided to act now before the Breen bludgeon their way into what may be a source of new power far beyond anything we can cope with.

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Captain's Log posted:

I hate the cold.

Doctor Tamora has temporarily relieved me of duty while I recover from the hit from the Breen cryo-weapon. He tells me it stopped my heart for a few seconds, but all I remember is Lieutenant Janzer pounding on my chest. My head is still pounding.

We recovered Thot Trel's cryonic weapon. I'll assign it to either Tregata or Janzer, if we find it's safe and in working order. For now, I'm told Janzer's set a return course to Starbase 39-Sierra. We've been called back to the Romulan front; I'll get more details once Scrubs releases me from observation.

I overheard two of the Nurses talking while they thought I was unconscious. One of them said he hoped I wouldn't recover… Morale has gotten a lot worse than I'd first believed. Something will have to be done, once I stop feeling so cold.