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Part 29: Episode 29: "Peaceful Research"

Episode 29: "Peaceful Research"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received no orders from Starfleet. At least, none relating to the Romulan 'research project' we discovered. It's likely the analysts are simply going over the data we uncovered. Even Ensign Ramirez didn't know what to make of it, and she's our resident expert on all things 'Borg'.

Instead, we've been tasked with examining the Great Bloom; a massive nebula near Romulan space where Ambassador Picard was ambushed by the first Scimitar. Starfleet has been keeping regular tabs on the spread of Thalaron radiation throughout the nebula on the off-chance it somehow decides to move faster than the speed of light and kill all life on a habitable planet somewhere; however they've lost contact with the last vessel they sent to take readings, the U.S.S. Warwick. It's possible that the Warwick is simply experiencing engine troubles. In a nebula that blocks long-range sensors and communications. Near Romulan territory.

And I'm the Chairman of the Detapa Council.

BlipTV version

"Captain. We found good news."
"Hm? Counselor? Subcommander?"
"I think I'm ready to return to duty, sir."
"We found time to talk. Then we found a breakthrough."
"… Really?"
"He's nothing if not persistent-"
"I want to be nothing if not persistent."
"-but talking helped me a great deal. He's very understanding."
"I want to be very understanding. We look for things. Things that makes her sad. Things that makes her angry. Things that makes her happy."
"I see. How are you feeling, Subcommander?"
"I… it still hurts, sir."
"We look for things that make us move on."
"Right now, all… all I have is this ship. I want to do my duty, sir."
"… Thank you, counselor-"
"You are nothing if not welcome."
"-Subcommander, it would be best if we continued this conversation in my ready room."

"Duty, Subcommander?"
"I… yes, sir."
"Duty to the ship, or to Romulus?"
"I want to say 'both', sir, but… Romulus is gone. We've always been good at deception. This time, we're just deceiving ourselves."
"It's nearly impossible to convince others of a lie if you don't believe it yourself."
"I know, sir."
"Duty, or revenge?"
"I… revenge, sir. I wish I could say 'I want the Truth, I want to know who destroyed Romulus and why'; I wish I could say 'I want to do my duty to both you and the Romulan Empire', but I can't. I can't have those things, sir… all I have left is revenge."
"And after?"
"I… I don't know, sir. I honestly don't know."