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Part 34: Episode 34: "Mission of Mercy"

Episode 34: "Mission of Mercy"

Captain's Log posted:

We've received a distress call from, of all people, the Romulans. It seems a group of Romulan medical transports is currently under attack by a group of Remans. The Remans have always been erratic-like Romulans with mental powers and none of the self-control.

"… You know I'd be offended if that weren't true."

Captain's Log posted:

And Korlissa would probably find that offensive, if it weren't true.

We've set a course to intercept the Romulan transports. It seems they're in orbit above a Romulan colony that's… friendly to the Federation. They've always been allies of her father, and it seems possible that they may rally behind her as well. I advised her not to get her hopes up, but if there are Romulans still friendly to the 'Vreenak' name, this seems as likely a place to find them as any.

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Captain's Log posted:

And conventional (Cardassian) wisdom would have one believe that there are no pleasant surprises left in the universe.

The Reman bio-weapon was primitive, fortunately, in an early and barely-refined state. After a headcount, the, for lack of a better term, governor of the Romulan colony confirmed that the bulk of the population had survived. With a cure now available to them, and proof of the Reman attempt to murder them all readily at hand, the local population extended an invitation for Subcommander Vreenak to join them. I am almost surprised she turned their offer down, but I suspect I understand her reasoning.

I've marked this Romulan colony for further communications, and sent the information to Admiral T'Nae. Although they likely can't be trusted not to simply turn her over at the first sign of real attention from the Tal Shiar, Korlissa assures me that it's likely they'll need food or medical supplies in the future. With the Romulan Empire busy shaking itself to pieces and contemplating suicide-by-war with every one of their close neighbors, it's likely the smaller Romulan colonies need all the help they can get. My words, not hers.