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Part 36: Episode 36: "Hole'd Up"

Episode 36: "Hole'd Up"

Captain's Log posted:

There are times I really hate the Hirogen. Typically, those times include 'any time they put my ship and crew in jeapordy;' which is to say: every time I've ever encountered them. Well, at least I've confirmed it wasn't a simple comms malfunction.

We seem to be in some sort of… pocket wormhole. Elerena could likely tell us more, but from what I can see, it's like a wormhole that's been… turned back on itself; creating some sort of bizarre loop through subspace. I'm not sure if the act of simultaneously being its own entrance and exit is what sucked us in, but the tidal forces put a huge strain on the Ozaki's structural integrity field. I'm impressed the Ozaki held up, the Von Braun would've shaken itself to bits trying to come about and escape the wormhole.

I need to cut this short, we've detected Hirogen vessels on an intercept course.

BlipTV version

Captain's Log posted:

The U.S.S. Griffin safely on its way to Starbase 39-Sierra, but we've received orders from Starfleet. The Ozaki is to make best speed to Starbase 01, Sol System to await further orders, it's quite… unusual. Most of the crew is looking forward to seeing Earth again. It's as close as Janzer has been to home since we stopped by Bajor on the way back from Deferi space.

I'm a bit more concerned. Our activities at Iconia were unsanctioned. If the Romulans…

I was going to say 'I stand ready to face the consequences'; but then realized if the Romulans are involved they might be after Subcommander Vreenak, and I have no intention of turning her over. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. After all, it could be I've proven to be enough of a nuisance that they've decided to call me back so I can be replaced.

"Hsst! Hey! Hey, Billy! Hsst!"
"Wha-? Oh, Molly. What's up?"
"I hear we're being reassigned to the Cardassian border."
"What makes you think that?"
"It's what the scuttlebutt seems to think. The True Way terrorists have gotten bolder lately, and there's talk of a 'new Dominion'. Who better to combat Cardassian terrorists than a Cardassian captain?"
"Heh… rumors are just rumors, Mol. The Ozaki's too necessary on the Romulan border; the Romulans have been keeping their heads down since Iconia. It's almost like they're afraid of this ship now, hah."
"Hehe, yeah, you're probably right."

"Ah, Commander, it's good to see you again!"
"Admiral Quinn, it has been quite a while, I suppose. What's going on, sir?"
"Still cut straight to the point, I see."
"Ha ha ha, yes. How's the Ozaki?"
"Oh, very well. The other Admirals and I, well… we thought elevating the first Cardassian in Starfleet to the rank of 'Captain' deserved a little more… pomp than you're used to."
"I'm being promoted? Admiral Chakotay can't be pleased about this."
"Oh yes. You've done exemplary work, Korvat; and under extremely trying circumstances. The crew of the Bounty spoke well of you, and barring your most recent 'incident' with the Hirogen-good work, by the way-the Romulan front has been quiescent since your strike on the shipyards."
"As of twelve-hundred hours tomorrow, you'll be reassigned to the U.S.S. Calvin Hudson; on the Cardassian border. Yours will be an independent command; your priority will be rooting out the True Way terrorists for the security of both the Federation and the Cardassian Union."
"The Calvin Hudson… I'm unfamiliar with that ship. Is it new?"
"It's newly christened. It's, Intrepid-class, . The Detapa Council didn't want an 'aggressive' Federation presence, but the Intrepid's sensor array should make the task of locating the True Way far simpler. The Detapa Council has also requested a liaison officer for this mission. She'll be assigned to your ship as well."
"… That's an incredibly bad idea, sir."
"Is that so, Captain?"
"Yes, sir… I'm sorry for speaking out of turn. The True Way's most typical recruitment tool is to play off fear that the Detapa Council plans to one-day 'sell' the Cardassian Union to the Federation. While I… trust the Detapa Council's liaison officer isn't a secret True Way sympathizer, seeing a Cardassian in a Federation uniform could inflame popular support for the True Way. Admiral, I don't want to be the cause-"
"It sounds to me like you want to turn down this commission, Captain."
"Admiral Janeway! I… N-No, sir, that's-"
"Admiral. 'Ma'am' will do in a pinch. Your concerns were anticipated, Captain, but the risk is deemed to be minor, at best. The Detapa Council needs Federation support, and you're the man that was deemed most likely to understand the Cardassian psyche and anticipate the True Way's reaction to increased Federation presence. We trust a Captain of your caliber will able to handle the risks involved. Do you have any other concerns, Captain?"
"Yes, Admiral. What will become of the Ozaki?"
"The Ozaki-"
"The Ozaki will remain on the Romulan border, where our more combat-centric ships are more needed."
"Who will be her new Captain?"
"Commander Janzer. She's performed extremely well under your command, several of the Admirals felt it was time she got her own shot at command. Her executive officer will be-let me check… ah, Lieutenant Commander Tamora. Commander Galti will be taking over both as your first officer and as your chief medical officer. You'll be assigned a new medical officer at Deep Space 9 as well."

I may not have the next video assembled in time for tomorrow (It's all filmed, it's simply a matter of finding the time to put it all together). If I can't, expect a quick update to see what Korvat's skill tree looks like right now.

Suggestions are currently open for:
a) Our Cardassian Liason Officer (CDF (we hope), Glinn rank) (female)
b) Our new (unjoined) Trill Medical Officer (female)