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Part 42: Episode 42: "The Great Tribble Hunt (Again)"

Episode 42: "The Great Tribble Hunt (Again)"

Captain's Log posted:

Starfleet has detected a fleet of Klingon ships approaching Cardassian space. It could just be retaliation for the Axon's attack, but course projections suggest it'll be arriving at Minas Korva; a strategically vital Federation colony. Minas Korva has been relatively safe for the past few decades, but if its defenses are significantly weakened by the Klingons, the True Way could take the opportunity to launch an invasion. A major victory could galvanize their support.

I've set course to intercept the Klingons. We won't beat them to Minas Korva, but we won't be far behind.

BlipTV version

"Well, how nice to see Ja'Rod again."
"A joke, Commander?"
"Well, you have to feel some pride for his accomplishments. He's graduated from harassing unarmed pacifists to hunting Tribbles!"
"He's definitely come up in the world. I like the cut of his beard."
"Mm, he is a true Klingon warrior who brings great honor to the house of whatever."
"… Perhaps next, he'll graduate to targs."
"Careful, Commander, he might declare a Blood Feud on you."
"If he does, you can borrow Null Set."
"Oh, c'mon little lady! That's unfair, he was having enough trouble with normal tribbles!"
"… I can hear every word you just said."
"We're so worried about causing a diplomatic incident with the Klingon Empire."
"Heh… hahahaha."
"Captain, I demand you…"
"You demand nothing, Ja'rod. You are in Federation territory and we have a fix on your ship. Would you care to be escorted back to Klingon space in disgrace, or would you rather I continue this conversation with Quantum Torpedoes?"
"… The escort will be fine. Close the channel."

"Pfft… hahaha.."
"… Nicely done, Captain."
"Zero, you mind turning off Null Set's holoprojector? We only need one Mr. Temujin on the bridge."
"Hehehe, yes sir!"
"… Did we really just get away with insulting a Klingon's honor?"
"I didn't call him a coward."
"… Translation: It went over Ja'rod's head."