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Part 43: Episode 43: "Orb"

Episode 43: "Orb"

Captain's Log posted:

Starfleet Command has received word from the Detapa Council. A Bajoran Orb was rediscovered in what used to be a museum. The reconstruction is still going slowly, and much of Cardassia is still…

I'm digressing. Again. We've been tasked to retrieve the Orb so that our Liaison Officer can officially return it to the Bajoran government. I've never been close to an Orb, but from what I've heard they're nearly impossible to scan. The Cardassians tried to make sense of them for years; but if everything I've heard about the Orbs and Prophets is true, they really are better off in Bajoran hands.

Unfortunately, the True Way doesn't agree; and since the Detapa Council made the discovery of the Orb public, the whole council would lose face if the Orb was stolen. Worse, relations with Bajor and the Federation could suffer. The last thing the Detapa Council needs is another major failure on their hands.

BlipTV version

"… behalf of the Cardassian people, we return the Orb of Possibility to our friends on Bajor."
"The Bajoran people thank the Detapa Council and its representatives for the return of the Orb."

"A nice ceremony. You've been quiet. Thinking about those strange ships?"
"I should be, but… during the ceremony, Kai Kira mistook me for a representative of the Detapa council."
"… Well, that went more smoothly than I expected."
"You were expecting to have to chase a Galor half-way across the sector?"
"Er, no, I meant-"
"Hehehe, I'm teasing you. Relax."
"I am looking for the buffet table to make us lunch."
"Hhhh… it's over there."
"I want nothing more than to be over there."
"… Can you blame her? I mean, you are-"
"Excuse me, I'm looking for Captain… Korvat."
"… Can I help you?"
"The Kai would like a word, in private."
"May I ask why?"
"She wishes to discuss a matter of prophecy."
"… I'm sorry, I don't believe in prophecy.."
"… You should go speak with the Kai, Captain."

"… Wow that's creepy. Alright, lead the way. Excuse me, Commander… we'll talk later."
"Alright, sir."

"Ah, Captain, thank-you're the Starfleet Captain?"
"I am. It is an honor, Kai Kira."
"This… puts certain passages in a different light. Thank you for seeing me, Commander. It seems today is going to be even more interesting than I first realized."

I may not have a video update ready for tomorrow. It was hard enough getting this one ready and I'm behind schedule due to an upper resperatory infection (it's minor, it just makes me sound like shit).