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Part 48: Episode 48: "Hammer Blow"

Episode 48: "Hammer Blow"

"ETA is five minutes."
"Raise shields, signal red alert."
"Shields up, captain-"
"Sounding general quarters-"
"That's my cue to get back to medical."
"Weapons are powered-"
"ETA is three minutes."
"Tre'gata, status report."
"All systems green; the warp core is stable. Permission to raise emergency force fields?"
"Granted, stand by."
"Standing by."
"No sensor contacts."
"Hail the station."
"Deep Space Nine is not responding to our hails-"
"I'm detecting a high energy jamming field-"
"Not unexpected."
"ETA is one minute."
"Message to fleet: Godspeed."
"Receiving acknowledgement from all ships."
"Thirty seconds."
"Ten seconds."
"Five… four… three… two… one…"

BlipTV version

"Sir, Jamming has ended."
"Also confirmed."
"Looks like it's all over."
"Hauzahn to bridge, any casualties?"
"Maybe next time, doctor."
"Well, I do have a nasty hang nail…"
"Transmission incoming from Deep Space Nine. No audio or visual. Kurland says: thanks for the timely rescue."
"Respond to Kurland: Sorry, we would have been here sooner, but we stopped along the way to pick up a few more guests for the party."
"Hehehehe… ha! Kurland responds: Glad you did, the Jem Hadar weren't drinking any of the Synthale."
"I don't get it…"
"It's a human thing."

Thanks again, everyone!