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Part 67: Episode 67: "Oh, For Fuck's Sake!"

Episode 67: "Oh, For Fuck's Sake!"

"Status report!"
"That's my line."
"Sorry, sir."
"Getting a bit nervous?"
"We can't all be stony bastions of unshakably arrogant self-righteousness."
"Why not? This is a Starfleet ship. Status report."
"Tre'gata reports shields at maximum, and engineering is battening down all the hatches, sir."
"Battening down the-? Y'know what, never mind. I'll assume they're good to go."
"Well, that is what I just said."
"Security teams are standing by to repel boarders."
"Weapons are nearly as hot as-"
"If you say my name, I'll murder you in your sleep."
"-as, er... as this Talaxian girl I used to-"
"So, in other words, we're firing blanks."
"N-no, sir. Weapons are armed and ready, sir."
"Thank you."
"You'll be pleased to know I detect no temporal anomalies in the area. If that changes, I'll be in my room taking a nap. You know where I live."
"Captain Korvat, it looks like the Temeraire has beaten us to the punch. They report multiple Borg ships, a Negh'var, and… what appears to be a Klingon shipyard."
"Hm, a bit far out for a Klingon shipyard. It's no wonder they're able to get so many fresh ships to Starbase 24. We'll have to have a talk with Ja'rod about this shipyard."
"Translation! We're going to blow it up."
"Yes. Yes we are."

BlipTV version

"… He's been down there a long time."
"Yes. He has."
"Worried? I'm sure he's fine. At least he took the body armor this time. He's survived worse."
"It only takes one thing you don't see coming."

"I can still sense him… but barely. I'm sorry, we're at my limits-if I push any harder, I'm going to be useless to you."
"We understand. Molly, are you sure-"
"There's too much radiation down there. It's not dangerous, but it's wreaking havoc with the transporters, the sensors, and will probably disrupt shields if we try to take the ship any closer. I'm not entirely sure I beamed the Captain to the right place, Captain. It's bad down there. There're hundreds of thousands of them."

"I'd know more, but… Issh-Captain Korvat took Null Set with him, for good luck. I can't use my tribble collective as a buffer to shield me from the Borg collective right now, or I'd be able to tell you a whole lot more."
"… Tribble-"
"Lieutenant Ramirez… Molly… how many assimilated tribbles do you have?"
"About fifty. I've got them in various parts of the ship, stopping the Borg nanoprobes from infecting any more areas."

"I… have them in various parts of the ship, stopping the Borg nanoprobes from infecting any more areas?"
"So, that Borg tribble I found by the deflector dish wasn't null set?"
"I found one by the shield generator."
"Torpedo bay."
"Main computer core."

"Kidding. Engineering, Deck… oh, I don't know. Probably near the deflector dish too."
"Captain Janzer… what did you do?!"