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Part 68: Episode 68: "Goddamn it Cryptic"

Episode 68: "Goddamn it Cryptic"

"It was supposed to be a practical joke."
"We were going to borrow Null Set, and take holographs of him in places all over the ship… then send you the pictures anonymously, so you'd wonder what he's up to while you're working."
"We had no idea your little… tribble collective was doing something so vital."
"I'm sorry, Korvat knew about it, but I didn't tell him. This is my fault, I really should've let you all know."
"Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but right now-this is all a distraction. We can worry about the ship later. What's the ETA on those borg ships you detected, Subcommander?"
"Still over two hours out, but… whatever Korvat's doing down there, he'd better hurry."

BlipTV version

"… No Borg on sensors, sir. We've evaded the bulk of their fleet, sir."

"Sorry. Plot a course to intercept the U.S.S. Victory."
"Aye, sir, plottin' a-"
"Oh no, Korvat's been replaced by an Undine again! Quick, Korlissa, do whatever you did to trick him last time!"
"Isshan Korvat. I am in love with you. Have a million children with me."
"Hah… hahahaha…"
"Nope. Not an undine."
"Was that really how you-"
"Captain, the other issue."
"What other-"
"Sir, we've link'd up with the Victory. Most o' the rest o' the battlegroup is here as well."

"Right, that-"
"-Four o' Ten's hailin', sir."
"U.S.S. Brutus, this is the U.S.S. Victory. Your condition appears to have worsened. Do you require any assistance?"
"Captain, I'm not entirely sure what you're referring to-"
"-we can explain that-"
"A visual aid will be more expedient."

"We're going to have a talk about this later."
"Yes, sir."
"Sir, it's not her fault, I-"

"S-sorry, sir."
"It doesn't matter. I don't care 'who' is to 'blame', I just want to know what happened-"
"Sir, we-"
"Later. Captain Four of Ten, I'm unsure whether we need any assistance or not; I'd be very appreciative if you'd run some scans for us. I'm no longer certain our own internal sensors can be trusted."
"Absolutely, Captain. Are you certain you don't want to evacuate the Brutus?"

"I'm afraid we can't do that, Captain. Our current situation is too complex, I don't want to get any other ships involved."
"I still don't understand, Captain, but once again I accede to your judgment. Are you certain there's nothing I can do to-"
"Actually… there may be. Can you contact the Klingons on my behalf?"
"Of course, Captain. Why?"
"I'd like to speak to Captain Ja'rod, but I need some rest-"
"Understood, Captain. I'll see what we can do."