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Part 72: Episode 72: "Actually Fun (Part 3)"

Episode 72: "Actually Fun (Part 3)"

"Ship decloaking! Sir, I didn't detect-"
"There she is. She must've gotten tired of waiting for us to lower our shields."
"Sir, it's massive! Not Cube massive, but-"
"I'm not anticipating a Borg ship, Korlissa. I'm expecting a Romulan one."

BlipTV version

"… Status?"
"My nap was interrupted."
"Internal sensors are down."
"Tre'gata? On the bridge?!"
"Molly! Language!"
"Sorry, mom. It seemed appropriate."
"We have problems, sir-systems are failing and resetting all over the ship."
"Can we make it back to the Victory?"
"Plotting a course now-"
"Divertin' power tae structur'l integrity-"
"Sensors are offline. Sir, we could hit something and never realize it until we were all-"
"Maximum warp. If the Brutus is falling apart now…"
"It's not falling apart, sir."
"It's growing."
"…Like the Narada."
"Exactly like the Narada."
"Janzer, could you call the Admiral Chakotay up here?"
"Of course, sir-why?"
"This ship is no longer safe for him-I want Admiral Chakotay transferred to the USS Victory. Quietly."
"What about Admiral-"
"Victory's hailing, sir. Four of Ten wants to know-"

"Yes. We're going to need her help."