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Original Thread: Go to the General Store. Buy a lantern. Kill Morgoth. Let's play Angband!



Steamband is an obscure roguelike, an Angband reskin, themed around very early sci-fi: Jules Verne, H.G. Welles, Lewis Caroll, and a host of other, more obscure authors. The most remarkable thing about is the amount of effort put into reskinning: everything, from monsters to item types, is renamed if not actually re-worked. The goal of the game is to fight your way from the town in the center of the earth (DL50) back to the surface, in the process killing the man who trapped you.

It was also, unfortunately, never finished, since the developer abandoned the game many years ago (after having children - how selfish!). As a result, it's somewhat buggy, and completely unbalanced. It's a heck of a ride. Enjoy!

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