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Part 3

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Date: 17.MAR.14
From: William Bedford Diego
To: Korenchkin, Anatoly
Subject: re: Yanking my chain

Anatoly, there's only so much corporate calisthenics I can go through before I start to feel a little queasy, so let's get down to brass tacks here. We don't like each other. We each have our own motivations for undertaking this mission, so let me give you a little warning. I cannot be circumvented, I cannot be tricked, I cannot be manipulated, and I cannot be bought. You come at me straight and keep the fancy maneuvers for your next board meeting. Just because my father swam with the sharks doesn't mean that I do.

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Watts
To: Curtiz, Juan
Subject: re: Maintenance conduit

All right, calm down already... the access code to the conduit is 12451. I've got an autopsy at 1630, but let's grab a beer on the Recreation Deck afterwards. Sound good?

Date: 07.JUL.14
From: Watts
Subject: re: Watson autopsy

The time is 1630. Autopsy subject: A. Watson. Now we're going to make the first incision in... hold him down nurse! Nurse! Hold him down! Aahhh!!! Hey! AAAHHH!!!