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Original Thread: System Shock 2 - That's The Tri-Optimum Way! (Video Let's Play)



Look at you, hacker. A pathetic creature of meat and bone. Panting and sweating as you run through my corridors. How can you challenge a perfect immortal machine?


Welcome to this Let’s Play of System Shock 2! It was developed and released in 1999 by Looking Glass Studios (who made the first System Shock game, as well than Ultima Underworld and the Thief series) and Irrational Games, which was founded by ex-Looking Glass Studios employees. It was met with universal acclaim by gaming reviewers and set a new standard for first-person shooters due to its unique use of RPG elements, a terrific ambience as well than an intricate and well written story. It’s also often considered the granddaddy of survival horror games. Even though it won numerous “Game of the year” awards and had universal praise, it didn’t sell particularly well. To make matters worse, years after the game’s release, numerous legal issues between developers and the franchise’s publisher, Electronic Arts, made it so that rereleases couldn’t be done and finding a legal copy of the game was close to impossible. Fortunately, a newly-formed studio named Night Dive Studios managed to secure the rights to the game and polished it for release on

The events of this sequel take place 42 years after the events of System Shock, where a rabid supercomputer AI named SHODAN almost managed to destroy the world after taking over a space station output called Citadel Station. In the sequel, you play the part of a United National Nominate (UNN) soldier who’s on post on the ship Von Braun, an experimental starship which can travel faster than light. After answering a distress call on Planet Tau Ceti V, things go awry; the ship starts malfunctioning, people are disappearing and others undergo radical mutations and become fearsome beasts that barely look human anymore. In an attempt to ward off this strange event, you are being outfitted with cybernetic implants and after going through surgery, you wake up in a cryo tube, only to find the ship in complete dismay. Strange worms and humongous monsters are rampant through the vessel. Corpses of your fellow crew members are everywhere. Soon after you wake up, you are contacted by Dr. Janice Polito, another survivor who wants to meet you on Deck 4. You have no choice but to agree. Can you stop whichever force has invaded the Von Braun?


This playthrough of the game will be done on Normal difficulty, mainly for the sake of showing it off as much as possible. Higher difficulties increase prices for your abilities and you have to play in a much more conservative and precarious way. If people want, I can share some insight about how to deal with the Impossible difficulty in the videos.

This game offers you to play as three classes: O.S.A (the creepy guys in the back of the room with eyes that glow in the dark), Navy (the nerds that know a lot about hacking) and finally the Marines (the buff guys that shoot things a lot). In order to make this playthrough interesting, I will be playing as an OSA operative who’ll be using psionic powers in order to make his way through the game. A lot of players usually ignore the psionic playthrough and usually will want to play as a Navy character, since they are the most balanced class and start with the most useful skills. Therefore, I hope most of you will discover a part of System Shock 2 you have never seen before.

One last word concerning this thread, NO SPOILERS ABOUT THE GAME WILL BE ACCEPTED IN THE THREAD. It may be a rather old game, but its low availability made it so that there’s probably a lot of people who are still in the dark about it. System Shock 2’s release on is probably the most visibility that has ever been given to the game and a lot of the charm of the game comes from experiencing the game for the first time and reacting to its twists. Likewise, please do the same for the people that will be viewing this Let’s Play. Thank you for your cooperation!

Enough words, hope you guys enjoy the videos!

Intro - Character BuildingBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


ScienceBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Medical/Crew QuartersBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Research & DevelopmentBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


Coolant TunnelsBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Cargo Bay 1BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Cargo Bay 2BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Restarting The EngineBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


Hydroponics B and CBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Hydroponics ABaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Hydroponics DBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


Meeting Dr. PolitoBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Operations BBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Operations CBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Operations DBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


AthleticsBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
GardenBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
MallBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Athletics RevisitedBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


Command (Part 1)BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Command (Part 2)BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


UNN Rickenbacker - Pod 1BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
UNN Rickenbacker - Pod 2 and Pod 3BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
The Body of the ManyBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Where Am I?BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


TrainingBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
System Shock 2 Multiplayer - Oops that didn't go well Youtube HD 

You read that right; System Shock 2 has multiplayer! The multiplayer mode in this game was added later in the game through a patch by the developers, supposedly after it was requested by the publishers. It's very barebones, barely functionnal and can break without any warning, but it can also be very fun, although not for the reasons that you normally would find System Shock 2 fun. Multiplayer destroys pretty much all of the tension and mood of the game, but exploring the Von Braun with a bunch of wisecracking people can make for a very good time.

Killer Emcee and A Raving Loon join me in a quest to bend the Many to our will while hoping the game doesn't break.

WARNING: Multiplayer is a good way to spoil/ruin the entire game if you're not overly familiar with it, so people not aware of System Shock 2 might want to watch the single player videos first if they haven't done so yet! Otherwise, welcome to a journey through terror stupidity.

Deck 2 - MedSciBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Deck 1 - EngineeringBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Deck 3 - HydroponicsBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Deck 4 - OperationsBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Deck 5 - RecreationBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Deck 6 - CommandBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
RickenbackerBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Body of the ManyBaldurdashYoutube HDDownload
Where Am I?BaldurdashYoutube HDDownload


Strength: Influences your inventory capacity and your melee damage. Some weapons in the game will have a Strength requirement to use.

Endurance: It will decide on how many hit points you have, as well than your resistance against radiation and toxins. PSI burnout also deals less damage if you have more Endurance.

Psionics: Each point increases the number of psi points you have as well than the efficiency of your psi skills. PSI skills do not have a PSI requirement.

Agility: Influences speed, fall damage as well than weapon kickback.

Cyber-affinity: Decides how good you are at technical tasks (such as hacking). Each point decreases the difficulty of said tasks by 5% and removes one dangerous node.


Hacking: Allows you to bypass keypads, shut down security, open locked crates, hack replicators to get better prices and reprogram turrets in order for them to attack enemies.

Repair: Allows you to repair broken guns and make them usable again. Each weapon has a Repair skill check that you have to meet in order to attempt repairing.

Maintenance: Allows you to use maintenance tools on your weapons in order to keep them in good shape and preventing them from breaking. It also influences how much energy implants and energy weapons can store.

Modify: Allows you to install mods on your weapons in order to increase their efficiency. Mods increase damage done with your weapons and have other effects, the most common being decreasing reloading time and increasing the ammo clip. You can install two mods on any given gun in the game and each upgrade requires a higher Modify skill. Melee weapons can’t be modified.

Research: Allows you to investigate the various alien items you will find in your adventures. For instance, you can research the organs of your enemies, which will allow you to deal more damage to them in the future. Some items will require you to have a higher Research skill before you can identify them.


Standard: Influences how good you are at using standard weapons, like pistols and rifles. It also influences how good you are at dealing damage with the wrench.

Energy: Influences how good you are at using energy-powered weapons. These weapons are usually suited for dealing with mechanical enemies with ease. They can have some other uses, though.

Heavy: Influences how good you are at using large weapons. Some of these weapons will also have a Strength requirement.

Exotic: Influences how good you are at handling alien weaponry. These weapons also require to be researched before they can be used. These weapons are mainly good for dealing with organic enemies. This skill is only available later in the game.



Tier One powers all cost one PSI point to use. The Tier One ability increases your maximum PSI points by 2.

Psycho-Reflective Screen: 20 seconds + 30 seconds per PSI. Protects you from 15% of all combat damage.
Neuro-Reflex Dampening: 1 minute + 20 seconds per PSI. All kickback from weapons is eliminated.
Kinetic Redirection: 1 second per PSI. Pulls an object towards you and then into your inventory.
Psychogenic Agility: 2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. Your AGI stat is increased by 2.
Psychogenic Cyber Affinity: 2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. Your CYB stat is increased by 2.
Projected Cryokinesis: Launches heat-draining projectile which damages the target for 3 + PSI damage.
Remote Electron Tampering: Makes active alarms time out faster. 5 seconds reduction + 5 seconds per PSI.


Tier Two powers all cost two psi points to use. The Tier Two ability increases your maximum PSI points by 4.

Anti-Entropic Field: 10 seconds + 20 seconds per PSI. While this discipline is active, your ranged weapons cannot break and their condition does not degrade.
Adrenaline Overproduction: 10 seconds per PSI. Multiplies hand-to-hand damage by a factor equal to PSI.
Neural Decontamination: 10 second + 5 seconds per PSI. Provides 80% protection from radiation absorption.
Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration: 2 hit points per PSI. Heals physical damage immediately.
Psychogenic Strength: 2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. STR stat is increased by 2.
Recursive Psionic Amplification: 10 seconds + 10 seconds per PSI. PSI stat is increased by 2. PSI costs are doubled while active.
Localised Pyrokinesis: 5’ radius + 1’ per PSI, 15 seconds + 8 seconds per PSI. Creates fire in a sphere around you to damage your enemies. Deals 5 damage every 2 seconds. It also has the side effect of making you immune to fire.


Tier Three powers all cost three PSI points to use. The Tier Three ability increases your maximum PSI points by 6.

Molecular Duplication: 30% chance of success + 10% per PSI. Use nanites to replicate an ammo clip or a hypo (does not work on PSI hypos!).
Electron Cascade: Charges one battery or a powered inventory item by 20% per point of PSI, up to the maximum allowed by your Maintenance skill.
Energy Reflection: 20 seconds per PSI. Provides 50% immunity to all energy-based damage sources.
Neural Toxin Blocker: 10 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI. Provides 100% protection from toxin absorption.
Enhanced Motion Sensitivity: 30 seconds per PSI. Detects nearby creatures.
Projected Pyrokinesis: Launches a fiery projectile at a target. Deals 5 + (2 x PSI) damage. Organic creatures take double damage from this!
Psionic Hypnogenesis: 20 seconds per PSI. Target (non-robotic creature) becomes calm and docile. If target is damaged, the effect is broken.


Tier Four powers all cost four PSI points to use. The Tier Four ability increases your maximum PSI points by 8.

Photonic Redirection: 5 seconds + 5 seconds per PSI. All enemies, including cameras, cannot see you. Firing a weapon or using another PSI power stops the effect.
Remote Pattern Detection: 1 minute per PSI. Shows the location of many useful items, including nanites, ammo, hypos, implants and audio logs.
Electron Suppression: 3 seconds per PSI. Immobilise any robotic target. Damaging the enemy will NOT end the effect.
Psychogenic Endurance: 2 minutes + 1 minute per PSI. END stat is increased by 2.
Molecular Transmutation: Converts Ammo Clips and Hypos into Nanites.
Remote Circuitry Manipulation: Allows you to hack using PSI stat instead of CYB stat and hack skill, manipulation and PSI points instead of nanites.
Cerebro-Energetic Extension: 10 seconds per PSI. Temporarily transforms the Psi Amp into a sword that deals 18 damage (24 with Smasher). You cannot use PSI powers while this is active.


Tier Five powers all cost five PSI points to use. The Tier Five ability increases your maximum PSI points by 10.

Advanced Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration: 5 HP + 5 HP per PSI. Damage is healed instantaneously.
Soma Transference: 10 HP + 5 HP per PSI over 5. Hit points are stolen from the target (non-robotic) creature and transferred to you.
Instantaneous Quantum Relocation: The first use of this power sets a “teleport marker.” The second relocation use teleports you to it, and deletes the marker. You can also delete the marker by pressing ALT + T.
Imposed Neural Restructuring: 10 seconds per PSI. Targeted (non-robotic) creature becomes hostile towards all non-humans. Any human damaging it ends the effect.
Metacreative Barrier: Creates a wall of psionic force (HP 150 + 50 per PSI over 5) directly in front of you that lasts until it is destroyed.
External Psionic Detonation: 8 points damage + 2 per PSI Drops a psionic proximity mine. Does no damage to robots, but does double damage to psionically sensitive creatures.
Psycho-reflective Aura: 10 seconds + 20 seconds per PSI. Protects against 60% of incoming damage.


Through the course of the game, you’ll have the ability to choose certain upgrades for your OS which will make you gain skills or increase your stats. There are 4 of these upgrades that can be installed through the game. I’m not going to talk about those in depth in the video, so here’s the lowdown for what these upgrades can do.

Strong Metabolism: You take 25% less damage from radiation and toxins.
Pharmo-Friendly: All hypos give you 20% more benefit.
Pack-rat: You gain three extra inventory slots.
Speedy: Your speed is increased by 15%.
Sharpshooter: You do 15% more damage per shot (not for psionic attacks).
Naturally Able: You gain 8 cybernetic modules to use at upgrade units.
Cybernetically Enhanced: You can use the second implant slot.
Tank: You have five more maximum hit points.
Lethal Weapon: All your hand-to-hand attacks do 35% more damage.
Security Expert: Your hacking skill is +2 against security computers.
Smasher: You are able to execute overhand attacks with melee weapons, which deal increased damage.
Cyber-Assimilation: You can recover parts from destroyed robots and use them to heal yourself.
Replicator Expert: All items in replicators cost you 20% less.
Power PSI: You take no damage from burnout.
Tinker: The cost in nanites for making weapon modifications is 50% cheaper.
Spatially Aware: Your automap for each area of the Von Braun is always filled in.

Below are listed the weapons that we have found so far in the game.


Wrench Damage: 7 (9 with Smasher). Despite having no requirements to equip, it is considered a standard weapon, which means that each point put in Standard weapons will increase its damage by 15%. For many characters, this will be the main weapon of their arsenal due to having no requirements. Learn how to use it well.

Pistol Damage: 4 Requirement: Standard Weapons 1. Yes, the pistol is somehow less effective than the wrench. With that said, it can be powerful when loaded with the right ammo. It can either shoot standard, armor-piercing or anti-personnel bullets. Armor piercing makes short work of mechanical targets while anti-personnel help a lot against dangerous organic enemies. It can also shoot three bullets at once, but it’s hard to aim well and it will degrade your weapon quickly.

Shotgun Slug Damage: 8 (Secondary damage: 16) Pellet damage: 1x6 (Secondary Damage: 2x6) Requirement: Standard Weapons 3. Slow but powerful, the shotgun is good for dealing with the stronger foes you’ll meet all around. Secondary fire mode allows it to deal double damage… at the expense of 3 slugs. Ammo is fairly common, which makes it convenient to use. Pellets deal less damage and are shot with a fairly wide spread, but it deals higher damage on organic monsters.

Assault Rifle Damage: 10 Requirements: Strength 2, Standard Weapons 6. Hailed as the best weapon of the game, this is essentially a pistol on steroids. It uses the same ammo as the pistol, it deals three times more damage and fires about three times faster as well. It even has a fully automatic mode when you’re fighting lots of enemies at once. Once it’s fully modded, no weapon of the game will come close to matching it in terms of sheer power and versatility thanks to its armor piercing and anti-personnel rounds. Also, it has more lenient requirements than most other final weapons of the game, which makes it even more tempting.


Laser Pistol Damage: 2, Overdrive damage: 12 Requirement: Energy Weapons 1. The laser pistol deals very little damage, but compensates by having access to limitless ammo by being recharged at energy stations (or by using portable batteries). It also has a very slow, yet powerful Overdrive shot that can deal heavy damage to one target, although that’ll drain its battery very fast. It’s best used against robotic targets, since it’ll deal double damage, as opposed to using it on purely organic creatures, where it’ll only deal half damage.

Laser Rapier Damage: 11 (14 with Smasher) Requirements: Energy Weapons 4, Agility 3. The laser rapier is a powerful melee weapon that is brought down a bit by its high requirements. I just fail to understand why you need high Energy Weapons training to swing a sword around. It’s also a double edged sword, as it’ll deal double damage to mechanical monsters and only half damage to annelid monsters; in the latter situation it becomes weaker than the wrench. Still, if you’re invested in the Energy Weapons skill tree, it’s for the most part a clear upgrade over the wrench.

EMP Rifle Damage: 10, Secondary damage: 15 Requirement: Energy Weapons 6. The final weapon of the Energy Weapons skill tree eats robots for breakfast. It’s a very efficient weapon that deal double damage against half-mechanical monsters and that damage output is quadrupled when fighting purely robotic targets. Like with the laser pistol, you can recharge it at energy stations or with batteries so you’ll never run out of ammo for it. Be careful though; it deals no damage at all to creatures that aren’t mechanized. Make sure you have a backup plan handy for such creatures if you decide to invest in Energy Weapons.


Grenade Launcher Damage: 20 (Fragmentation), 10 (EMP/Proximity), 15 (Incendiary), 35 (Disruption) Requirement: Heavy Weapons 1. This weapon is beautiful. It got very little requirements to equip and it packs a lot of punch. It has a wide array of grenades that allow it to be very versatile. Fragmentation and disruption grenades are all around good, EMP makes short work of robots and incendiary grenades will heavily damage organic creatures (only the proximity grenades feel useless). Its only drawback is that ammo is fairly uncommon and expensive to buy in replicators.

Stasis Field Generator Freezes enemies temporarily. Requirements: Strength 3, Heavy Weapons 3. This weapon doesn’t deal damage, but it allows you to freeze enemies for a short period of time. It’s a weapon that can be useful when you’re in a jam or surrounded by lots of enemies, but in overall this is one of those weapons you will always want to keep for emergency situations and yet end up never using it. Its projectile will freeze one enemy, but it also has a secondary firing mode that will freeze enemies in an area of effect that uses more ammo.

Fusion Cannon Normal Damage: 20, Death Damage: 30 Requirement: Strength 4, Heavy Weapons 6. The final weapon of the Heavy Weapons tree is efficient, albeit underwhelming for what is supposed to be an ultimate weapon. It deals as much damage as the grenade launcher and its projectiles are pretty slow (moreso on Death mode). Finally, it deals Energy damage, which means extra damage against robots and less damage against Annelids. With that said, the projectiles have a small explosion spread that can hurt several enemies at once, and Death mode shoots giant lasers that explode in a wide area. Finally, it doesn’t use a lot of ammo (especially when modified) so it can be a good all-around weapon as long as you don’t hurt yourself with it. Also, Death mode doesn’t require more ammo than Normal mode!


Crystal Shard Damage: 12 (27 with Smasher) Requirements: Exotic Weapons 1, Research 4 . The best melee weapon of the game, although having the necessary research skill to be able to use it is quite a hurdle. But if you keep pumping up your Exotic Weapons skill (which can make the shard deal 75% more damage if you raise Exotic Weapons all the way to 6), it will eat most enemies alive in a hurry. Also, it’s very deadly when used with Smasher due to a glitch in the game where the shard deals regular damage and Smasher damage at once when used, although I don’t know if the latest patch fixed it or not.

Viral Proliferator Damage: 15 Requirements: Exotic Weapons 4, Research 3. A very strange weapon with a strange firing mechanism; the worm projectile (yuck) will travel through the air for as long as you hold the mouse button. Once you release it, it’ll explode and hurt all enemies in an area of effect. It features two firing modes: Anti-Annelid and Anti-Human. Anti-Annelid deals 4 times more damage against said creatures while Anti-Human does the same for living targets (which include you, so don’t make your shots explode in your face as it’ll kill you instantly on any difficulty that isn’t Easy). Anti-Human can be useful for dealing with clusters of hybrids, where it’ll deal double damage (they’re not too human anymore) but not much else. Ammo is rare and the weapon degrades very quickly, so keep your maintenance tools handy. WARNING: this weapon cannot harm mechanical enemies at all.

Annelid Launcher Damage: 25 Requirements: Exotic Weapons 6, Research 6, Strength 3, Agility 3. The ultimate weapon of the Exotic Weapon branch is pretty much a virtual nuclear weapon for organic beings. Like the Viral Proliferator, it has Anti-Annelid and Anti-Human firing modes, but it shoots homing worm clusters toward your foes that explode and hurt other organic foes that are unlucky of being caught in the blast. With upgrades, you can one shot the strongest annelid foes of the game with it. But like with the Viral Proliferator, it degrades and breaks very easily, and a misjudged shot in Anti-Human mode with kill you on the spot. It also requires a lot of ammo to use it in a regular fashion (4 worms per shot!) so use this weapon wisely. WARNING: this weapon cannot harm mechanical enemies at all.

Below are the enemies we had to fight so far in the game.


Pipe Hybrid Health: 12 Damage: 10. They are former members of your crew that horribly mutated after being in contact with some parasite. They are armed with lead pipes. They move fast, but most of their attacks are slow and easy to avoid. With that said, these guys can be very intimidating to new players because early in the game, they deal a lot of damage. Lure them to attack, dodge their clumsy swing and then pound their head upside down with the wrench.

Blue Monkey Health: 10 Damage: 10 (projectile), 4 (melee). These monkeys have exposed blue brains and have gained the ability to shoot balls of cold with their minds! It’s also really damaging and you should never rush monkeys that are far away unless you know what you’re doing. They also have a weak, yet fast melee attack. Their small size makes it harder for you to hit them with a melee weapon, unless you have Smasher.

Shotgun Hybrid Health: 24 Damage: 4. These guys are much sturdier than pipe hybrids. They’re also pretty good shots and rarely ever miss! Fortunately, their shotguns are in very poor shape and aren’t as damaging as they could be. Still, it can be hard to defeat these guys without getting hit. Try luring them around corners where they can’t possibly get a shot at you, these guys are not very smart. You can grab the hybrid’s shotgun after killing him, although it’s in such poor shape that you can’t use it unless you repair it.

Grenade Hybrid Health: 15 Damage: 10. These guys replace Pipe Hybrids as the common grunt once you get to the Ops deck. They have the slowest throwing arm ever, but don’t get hit by their grenades they throw! They can be troublesome if your Agility's low, as you may not get in melee range in time before they’re done throwing their grenades.

Red Monkey Health: 12 Damage: 15 (projectile), 4 (melee). They behave like the blue-brained monkey, except they shoot giant exploding fireballs that are much more threatening. Deal with them the same way you dealt with the blue monkeys.

Rumbler Health: 220 Damage: 20. Yes, these beasts used to be human at some point. They have the most hit points out of any monster in the game and their attacks are fast and hit very hard. Fortunately, they can’t seem to run and attack at the same time. Don’t let yourself be trapped in a corner by them while backing away, as you’ll be dead in no time. They’re best dealt with using incendiary weapons or anti-personnel ammunition.


Slug Turret Health: 48 Damage: 3 shots of 2. These are the most threatening adversaries you’ll face in the early game… if you’re not good at hacking, that is. They have a lot of health and they’re very hard to bring down without armor-piercing ammo. If you can’t fight them, you can hack a security computer to power the turrets down and hack them to pieces while they can’t react. But with suitable weaponry, turrets become more manageable.

Maintenance Bot Health: 100 Damage: 6. These robots will be the source of your nightmares on earlier decks. They fire highly inaccurate bolts of electricity at you, but they can tank a lot of hits and you’ll usually have yet to find efficient weapons to fight them. You can circlestrafe them with the wrench and take them out without them shooting at you, but make sure you have high enough Agility before attempting such a risky maneuver.

Protocol Droid Health: 20 Damage: 15. These once innocent robots were built mainly to act as servants for corporations or rich families. Manipulated by the force hijacking the ship, they seek to help by sending you greetings, then walking up to you in order to explode in your face. They’re scary mainly due to you being unable to melee them at all; ranged attacks are in order here. Finally, they hit pretty damn hard. At least they can only attack once.

Laser Turret Health: 48 Damage: 5. While Slug Turrets were nothing but ammo sinks, these are far more threatening due to their high damage output (Energy deals double damage to you) and the high speed of the laser projectiles. They always shoot lasers in sets of three, so learn their timing unless you want to be shot straight in the face.

Security Bot Health: 160 Damage: 8. These robots are brutal as all hell. They fire fast lasers at you like the turrets do, only they hit even harder and the robot which shoots them now has a lot of health. Hopefully you have a suitable weapon to take them out; otherwise you’re in for a long and brutal fight. At least they’re pretty rare.

Assault Bot Health: 200 Damage: 12. The final incarnation of giant killer robots can be either very intimidating or simple to deal with. They shoot giant lasers of doom (just like the Fusion Cannon’s Death mode) that have a wide area of effect and they can shoot these lasers at a fast pace. However, the lasers themselves are very slow and simple to avoid. Just don’t get backed in a corner, where it’ll be impossible to dodge the blast radius of their shots.


Cyborg Midwife Health: 36 Damage: 5. These cyborgs were constructed using the bodies of female crew members and are engineered to take care of the Annelid eggs and specimens all over the ship. They have a laser gun (that deals double damage to you) and they will try to smack you if you’re too close. It’s always a better idea to deal with them in melee range, since their melee attack is much less threatening and easier to dodge.

Cyborg Assassin Health: 60 (Normal), 48 (Red) Damage: 10. These guys are probably the hardest enemies in the entire game. They’re fast and their attacks are both hard to dodge, quick and very deadly. What makes them annoying is how they constantly use hit-and-run tactics in order to stay out of your reach. Also, they don’t really have great weaknesses, but armor piercing ammo and energy weapons should make it easier to fight them… provided you have the ammo to spare.


Grub Health: 5 Damage: 4. These small worms don’t seem like much, but can still be a menace, especially in groups. One hit of almost anything (except energy weapons, of course) will destroy them. They will sometimes try to disorient you by jumping high in the air.

Egg Health: 10. These eggs hold within the children of whichever alien race is taking over the Von Braun. They either hold virulent toxins that can contaminate you or they can unleash grubs which will attack you. Later on, they can house swarms of insects that will try to sting you to death. Before you destroy the eggs, make sure you search them, as they can hold items that will help you out in your adventure. After destroying them, they always leave behind an organ that you can research.

Baby Arachnid Health: 10 Damage: 2 (plus mild Toxin). It isn’t a horror game unless spiders are involved. Fortunately, these ones aren’t too bad, although the sounds they make are pretty scary. Try to not get hurt, as they will inject some toxin in your bloodstream and you’ll need an anti-toxin hypo to flush it out. Most melee characters should be able to kill them with one hit.

Adult Arachnid Health: 60 Damage: 10 (plus heavy Toxin). These spiders are scary and intimidating in every way. They are huge, fast and their bite is very deadly, as it deals significant damage and inject massive toxins in your body, to the point where you’ll need 2 anti-toxin hypos to get rid of it. If you run out of those, being bitten is essentially a death sentence. Take great care if you tackle them in melee combat, although it would be wiser to use ranged weaponry against them.

Swarm Health: 36 Damage: 4. Swarms of insects will sometimes come out of eggs in order to assault and sting you. No weapon is able to deal them any damage so your best bet is to run away. They have a very short lifespan and will die seconds after being unleashed.

PSI Reaver Health: 120 (Projection), 10 (Brain) Damage: 20. These enemies are the fiercest Annelid adversaries you’ll meet in the game. They are psionic projections that use psionic powers to attack you. Their attacks are very damaging, although they aren’t too fast. The twist to these guys is that they will constantly regenerate and rebuild themselves unless you find the brain which projects the PSI reaver and destroy it. Once you kill the brain, you’ll still have to fight the PSI Reaver that was controlled by it before it goes down for good.

Greater PSI Reaver Health: 200 (Projection), 10 (Brain) Damage: 60. This PSI Reaver protects the Brain of the Many and is a force to be reckoned with. One blast from its psionic powers will heavily cripple or outright slaughter you. Destroy it quickly or stay out of its way as much as you can!

You can relisten to the audio logs of the game at any time you want here. Click on the links in order to get to a separate page where all of the audio logs of any given video is!








You can listen to the game's music here. Note that some these tracks don't really flow too well because the in-game soundtrack is dynamic and reacts to where you are and what you're facing against. The agressive techno tunes are mainly consisting of small loops that are put together and called forth by the game, so these assembled versions just have the various loops used in order to make a full composition.

Special thanks to Zellus for giving the headstart on this section!

Deck 2 - Science

Deck 2 - Medical

Deck 1 - Coolant Tunnels

Deck 1 - Cargo Bay and Deck 4 - Operations B

Deck 3 - Hydroponics B & C

Deck 3 - Hydroponics A

Deck 4 - Operations C

Deck 4 - Operations D

Deck 5 - Recreation

Deck 6 - Command

Deck 6 - Bridge

Deck 6 - Shuttle Bays
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