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Part 12: Interstellar Concerto With Mummified Rap Battle Accompaniment.

When we last left Henry, he was about to enter the room down the stairs behind the painting in the lobby.

This is that room. It's got a portal in the middle of it, although it won't take us to the ethereal plane. You do need to be careful about trying to enter it however. The nearby chains are swinging constantly and you can take damage from them if they aren't swinging away from the center of the room.

Henry leaps blindly into the portal.

This may look just like the previous room, but you might notice the map is a touch different.

We back ourselves outside of the room.

We've arrived in some kind of Egyptian temple like structure. You might recognize the symbol adorned on the door in front of us as the Tree of Life from Kabbalah mysticism. I should probably also point out that we're actually at the top floor of the mansion too.

For further information about it, I highly recommend reading CrookedB's excellent LP of Wizardry-IV

Up ahead we see a familiar face knocking about.

It's Carl Winthrop and he's none to happy to see us.

Fortunately for us, he's brought a knife to a sword fight. He's a total push over.

Down at his feet are his ceremonial robes. We adorn them because how often does one get to adorn ceremonial robes?

There's good reason to do so, although in hindsight it might actually be better to not bother. But I was feeling reckless and left my armor outside the portal room. We'll see what they do in just a moment.

In a nearby room we find an ancient Egyptian table next to an ancient Egyptian chair.

Also an ancient Egyptian wall safe.

Oh well Robert's daddy has left us a message to purloin.

This is why we're rockin the robes. We'll be protected from the symbols that adorn the walls of this place.

We happen to have the key to the wall safe.

But once again, there's nothing in it.

Opposite the room, we find the demonic skull, it's one of the museum artifacts.
I'm actually not really sure what this does. My guess is that it's nothing good, you certainly don't need it to complete the game, so I just leaving where it is.

Here we can see one of the major problems with this area. Most of the doors are locked. Now the Eye of Abhomet amulet is supposed to act as a key that opens them. But it doesn't work, because the damn thing is bugged. So knowing Key of the Shadowlord is absolutely vital at this point.

Beyond the locked doors we discover the monsters that roam the tomb. The Carrion.

These things can be a real pain. They don't take much to kill at this point, but they can hit really hard. They main problem is that their attacks are entirely sound based. So they can hit you regardless of the armor you're wearing. At least that's the way it's supposed to work, I'm not 100% sure that it does. At any rate the other problem is that they can attack through walls and doors. I actually probably took far more damage from these things than I did on the asylum level. There is a method that protects you from their attacks but we'll get to that later.

Nearby we find another spell, we'll be finding a lot of these this update.

Malevolent Compression.

This spell shrinks an enemy and reduces the amount of damage they can do. It might have its uses but I never really bother to use it.

These are the symbols adorning the tomb that will deal damage to us if we weren't wearing the robes. Now you can also avoid taking damage if you don't look directly at them too. They're placed at annoying points where you might need to be careful about how you move if you're gonna play it that way.

In fact, it's probably better to do that then bother wearing the robes. I'm still not sure if armor protects you against the carrion's attacks but they're far more of a nuisance than the occasional wall attack. I'd have probably have take far less damage as a result.

These things just do a load of damage.

Self explanatory.

Ellen's got the right idea.

Ho ho! Look what we've found!

Doh! As it turns out there's a number of items on this floor that are just optical illusions.
Most of them are obvious because it'll mostly be things we've already picked up earlier.

Hmm someones built a sanctuary up here.

Which happens to have a nice cozy bed in it rather than a sarcophagus or whatever else they'd have expected us to sleep on.

There's a note here too.

This is a really vague hint on how to get rid of Alberoth.

Ooh what do you suppose is in these things hmm?

Well there were more fucking screaming mummies that's what. But also this nice museum plaque for some reason.

The other sarcophagi in the room contain more Carrions and .45 ammunition. Them's heat packin' mummies.

Ah new spell.

Mantle of Endurance.

I believe this spell boosts your strength or stamina or something. I give it a cast because either means a tiny bit extra health.

Our spell book is very nearly full up I think.

We've got a ton of crystals to burn and burn through them we shall. I cast Elixir of Health a ton of times down here.

We finally stumble across the mansions observatory so I can stop lugging around this stupid astrolabe.

First open the shutters.
And gaze through the telescope.

The Constellation Orion.

And there you have it. Alberoth has fulfilled his bouncing duties and has now fucked off, what with having better things to do than hang around the stairs of the 2nd floor basement all day.

It's kind of odd that we don't actually do anything to banish Alberoth though. All we do is check on the alignment of the stars and notice that the time of doom is close enough that Old Nosey goes on holiday.

You might notice that the map is starting to be a circular path around the center of the map. There are four points with floor plates that we must press in order to access this central location.

We find some more of Ellen's crazy advice.

I find this note a little confusing as it contradicts Ellen's actions from earlier.

You may remember her saying that We were a Winthrop and that we both must die. If that's the case why is she hell bent on keeping herself alive? She clearly sees that that would be a bad thing. Must be an oversight on the writers behalf.

A sweet Anubis design and a spell to boot!

Obsidian Shards of Annihilation.

I believe is a halfway decent offensive spell. But still no reason to actually cast it.

Hands off that crystal Kazoo mummy! I saw it first!

So that item is the crystal flute. If you play it it produces an ear piercing f-sharp note. We'll be needing just that eventually.

Haha! No ancient Egyptian tomb is complete without one of these. The ghetto blaster!

How exactly does one beat a soul rending sound attack you ask? Why by blaring some dope beats is how!
By switching this thing on and carrying it around with you, the carrions attacks are rendered harmless. The only problem is that the ghetto blaster is busted and you have to fix it with the electronic tool kit and I couldn't for the life of me remember where I put it.

Never mind I'd killed most of the carrion by this point anyway. Still worth remembering for later playthroughs.

The last of the touch plates.

What lies in the center of this place I wonder?