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Part 11: The World Turned Upside-Down

Chapter 10: The World Turned Upside-Down

Honestly, its as if MDickie picked these quotes to apply to him more than Jesus. I'm waiting for this one. That map seems... different somehow.

That's right, The Fuck MDickie Edition has joined forces with the Topsy Turvy Israel Mod to form The You Testament: Fuck MDickie Topsy Turvy. If you missed Spelling Mitsake's description earlier, this mod turns all the terrain upside-down by inverting the textures that control elevation, and then adding any ramps or tunnels necessary to keep the game "playable".

Landscape features are still in the same x,y,z coordiantes so we get floating Stonehenge. Nobody knows who built it or what they were doing there.

This landbridge will help us cross the moat around Capernaum.

The only force power MDicke missed was force lift on inanimate objects. With the power of the Topsy Turvy Israel Mod this shortcoming is resolved.

Apparently I was too hasty in saying Jesus kept the good powers to himself, he just neglected to say which chakra to use. We do have landscaping powers so lets give it a shot. After activating the power, use the up and down arrow to control the spot of ground you're sitting on.

This makes me want to play Roller Coaster Tycoon for some reason. Eventually we rejoin our lord and saiyan.

Mount Hermon is less than 10,000 feet. I think nobody climbed it because there's nothing there worth getting, not because it's impossible.

Apparently, judging by the citation, MDickie thinks the clouds of heaven are actually a pile of rocks. Jesus neglects to mention the levitation power is kind of broken. Using it while sitting lets you go straight up and down, and disables the built-in screenshot function. Sliding up and down an invisible pole is useless for getting anywhere.

You can also fall down and break your face. The way to do it properly is activate it and use 's'. That lets you slowly move with the arrow keys and get onto the ledge with Jesus.

Jesus is such a tease. "Good job learning to fly! Haha come chase me!". Also, Caesarea Philippi is a city, not a mountain.

After a small struggle finding the exact spot on the mountain that makes the map change we get to the next cutscene. This one will be posted with all screenshots, no transcribing, no editing, straight up pure-strain MDickie:

If you want a video version, the man himself has the hookup:

This is the You Testament version of the transfiguration. Suffice it to say this isn't how it went down. You can see that the lines that comprise the wireframe take the color of whatever texture is over them so character faces are still definable. Gokudam that's a wole lot of polygons for a game where everybody looks like a ball of clay.

Levitation is fun, it lets us explore even the remotest regions of the expansive world of the You Testament. The closest Charlie Brown has gotten to the sky until now is a few aborted attempts at kite flying.

Replace the kite eating tree with the ground and it's perfect.


Time to heal my mind with some juvenile humor.

The Topsy Turvy Israel Mod sure helped Bethsaida get its rocks off HA!

Karl Marx wants to give me the bone HA!

The Hug Gospel continues unabated: