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Part 13: The Death of a Friend

Chapter 12: The Death of a Friend

Something I forgot to mention last time, after avoiding stoning on the Mount of Olives Charlie Brown is still considered a wanted man. Apparently they hold a serious grudge. I also forgot to show off the new water level power.

It works just like the terrain power, activate then use the arrow keys to move the water. The camera can't go below the surface so flooding the place makes control even wonkier so I don't recommend it. The level slowly returns to its natural level if left alone.

Here you see that the level is changed for the entire game world, not just one map. Also note that my health bar has shrunk considerably. Being submerged does slowly drain health which I suppose is meant to simulate drowning. The reason it got that far is because submerged running speed is just this side of a dead stop.

I know what you're all reading this for anyway, so let's get to the next round of Mody Dismorphia!

Sassy 3po:

Hopalong Goomba:

Miss Thyrus! What have they done!?

I can't take a revolutionary seriously if he's just going to eat candy while planning a revolt. And anyway Jesus had that whole "turn the other cheek" speech since last time.

And then...


...not a damn thing. Just like last time. A guy tried kicking me but that's pretty much indistinguishable from normal play. Not exactly a rousing populist movement.

Yeah, fuck your eyes. Your eyes are shit.

This time MDickie gets the bible wrong in the opposite direction from usual. Instead of adding a superfluous monologue that changes the meaning of the story, he takes out the meaning leaving "Jesus met a blind guy and fixed him. THE END"

Gokeus is rubbing off on Chuck, he's becoming a bit of an entitled dick.

They open their eyes to this material world and close their eyes to the REAL one behind it! They don't see how the energy around them is having a negative effect, so they don't see how to fix it. But you can! Meditate on the right branch of the 7th chakra and you can heal both yourself and others. Make this your life's work! Helping people may drain your energy, but it also improves your mental state.

The impressive thing is that Jesus managed to deliver his wisdom while being impaled by a blunt stick:

Oh, and the citation is irrelevant in case you hadn't guessed.

In order to show off this new power I need to find someone in dire straights.

The easiest way is making one! Strength power is great for this and he went down pretty easily.

I summon the power of Northern England!

He's getting up as I collapse because reanimating the dead takes a lot out of you. A lot meaning half of all three bars.

I'd like to see what they say when I call my supposed victim to the witness stand. What kind of guard arrests a murderer when the victim is standing right in front of him? Can I kill him again and plead double jeopardy?

The sweet tooth of Rome is mighty.

Obama? A sorcerer?

There lies Charlie Brown, tried unjustly and hung all alone... OR IS HE?


This is too much for me guys. Its too beautiful. I know I've said it before, but Fuck You MDickie. Fuck you for making a piece of art that can touch me this deeply. Fuck you for making me feel Jesus' pain. Fuck you for making me really understand and showing me the light. Fuck you for making the greatest game of all time.