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War in the East: Don to the Danube

by uPen

Part 114: Turn 121: October 7, 1943

Decoy Badger posted:

I was going to post more update-summoning WW2 anime, because there's apparently one where every destroyer-and-up ship in the IJN is now an anthropomorphic schoolgirl, but I made this instead.

I love this so much.

First week of October and some things actually happened this month.

The Central front is renamed to the Belorussian front.

The Kalinin front is renamed to 1st Baltic and the Northwest is renamed to 2nd Baltic.

Voronezh becomes 1st Ukrainian, Steppe becomes 2nd Ukrainian, Southwest becomes 3rd Ukrainian, Southern becomes 4th Ukrainian and the Southern M.D. becomes the 4th Ukrainian M.D.

Finally the Bryansk front disbands entirely, leaving all of its armies attached directly to STAVKA in white. This is kind of annoying since the replacement front isn't going to show up until January so I'm not really sure what I'm going to do with all of these troops in these troops in the interim. I'll probably split the armies up and distribute them to any front with a few command points free.

20 miles from the city but defensive CVs in Berlin proper are already high enough that I will be hard pressed to dislodge the Germans. I need to cut Berlin off from supply and then crush the defenders.

North of the city the Leningrad front burrows deep into the German line with the only loss coming from the Das Reich swooping in. The German line does hold and no counters rout or shatter but they cannot sustain losses like this, either in men or territory.

A pair of battles from my armored forces allows the Volkhov front to advance to the outskirts of Berlin. There are now Soviet guns within range of the city itself.

The rest of my forces advance across the rivers south of the city. If I can shatter the line down here my armor can loop around and come at Berlin from the south so I'm going to redouble my efforts in beating the shit out of the Germans down here, most of the ex-Bryansk front armies are getting slotted into this region to bring their ludicrously well equipped ToEs to bear.

Well rested formations are the best.

This front is seriously more dull than it just north of this screenshot. I mean look at this, the line isn't even stacked 3 high 5 hexes deep.

Out of the mountains!

Advancing on Linz! Will it fall before Berlin does? Not a chance.

Defences around Berlin are re-organized with defensive CV in the primary hex soaring to over 100.

Hey, why are my offensive CVs so low?