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Part 28: Episode 26: The First Day, Safety First

Is it really my sophomore year already? Time really flies by when you’re having fun, and I hope I can have even more fun this year!

My first day was really busy, as I met some of my new schoolmates.

I don’t know why, but I wanted to join the infirmary staff as my extracurricular. I guess I just wanted to see what was actually going on behind those doors with Dr. Iwamine.

Over the break, I forgot a lot of the fundamentals of math, so I decided to get some extra help by taking Mr. Nanaki’s elective class.

I was walking the halls of the school later in the week, when I realized…

I need to make a good first impression on the doctor.
I shouldn’t keep them waiting. Better hurry!

What’s wrong!? Are you hurt?
So sweet of you to worry for me! But, no. I’m the second-in-command here.
…You are? I never would have guessed!

Anyway, our job as staff is to check the medicines and clean up in here. Normally, I’d do that.
But today I’ve got some stuff I need to take care of, so could you handle this mess for me?
Of course!

I’ll take you somewhere nice in return. Adieu!

Yuuya flutters out the door.
…Did he just ask me out?
Anyway, cleaning.
The music stops.

I started to clean up the room, putting medicines on shelves and taking inventory.
Some of these drugs are a little weird, no matter how you look at it. Is this really an infirmary?
It feels more like a human, or rather, avian experimentation room.
Huh? The desk drawer is open, and there are files sticking out.
Everything was very neat when I was in here last, but maybe the doctor’s a little careless about tidying up?
Yuuya did say not to go near the desk, but…

Just putting the files back in order should be fi--

You again?
D-d-d-d-doctor!? When did you…!?

Th-that’s not it! Sakazaki asked me to clean…
…Oh, I see. You’re on the staff now.
Did he say anything about going near the desk?
…Yes, sir.
Please do be more careful next time.

Yes, sir…

Let’s never do that again.

About a week later, the class went on a hike together. It was a wonderful experience, and I got to learn a little more about Mr. Nanaki.

I still wasn’t sure if I remembered all of my math skills from the previous year, so I decided to take another one of Mr. Nanaki’s classes.

A couple weeks later, and it was time for the annual sports festival. So many people showed up to see the students race in all of the different events. I, however, was going to be helping out at the first-aid tent with the rest of the infirmary staff.

Umm… I heard the first-aid team was shorthanded.


Alas! Spurned for the sake of medicine. I must work harder to prove my love.
Anyway, happy to have you. As you can see, we have plenty of work to do.
Aah… The obstacle course does always hurt a lot of birds. Why use a game designed for humans?
Beyond me, mon amie. I suppose it’s tradition.
Where’s the doctor? Shouldn’t he be here, too?
Over there.

He’s resting in the shade of a tree, some distance away. It looks like he’s taking notes on the performance of the birds on the race track…

What’s he doing over there?

Is he taking notes on something?
A lot of the birds graduating from this school get scouted by pro sports teams, so maybe he’s checking up on the promising ones?
Uh-oh, they’ve started. We’ll be busy soon--get ready, mon amie.
Yes, sir!
And so I spent the sports festival patching up damaged doves with Yuuya.
I learned some first-aid from him, so it was time well spent… I think?