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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

by PoshAlligator, AngstyFerrets

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Original Thread: Indiana Jones and The Last Adventure Game (Video LP - Group Comm.)



This LP has finished. Now you can enjoy the whole thing in one sitting if you're crazy and that's sort of your "thing".

Welcome to Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade (1989). Please leave all adventuring hats at the door, and prepare to relax and enjoy a run through of one of the best old adventure games by LucasArts.

The full name of this game is "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade - The Graphic Adventure". This is probably so it's not confused with the other Last Crusade video games, primarily the one that came out in the same year for a whole load of consoles and was a generic side-scrolling platformer. Watch out for Indians.

(The screenshot is from the Master System version if anyone cares)

The Last Crusade was also video gamified in another side-scrolling platformer for NES in 1991, in a Super Star Wars-esque side-scrolling platformer for the SNES in 1994, and in that one LEGO game - which was a platformer too, kinda.

What makes the adventure game so special? Well, it's an adventure game for one, not a side-scrolling platformer. It's also pretty unique because while it's a movie tie-in video game, it doesn't follow the plot exactly. While you can pretty much just copy the film to find puzzle solutions, it is also possible to solve things in different ways. It's sort of a supplement to the movie or alternate time line type thing, which is super cool.

This game was the first LucasArts adventure game to use a point system, similar to some Sierra games. You get points for solving puzzles, sometimes more for different solutions. The game tracks both your current amount of these points -- IQ, or "Indie Quotient" -- and also tracks your total points over all save games, encouraging multiple play throughs. The game has a total of 800 points, and in the LP we're going to be trying to showcase all of these points.

Obviously we are attempting to show off all of the IQ points, that doesn't mean we'll be able to show off everything this game has to offer. As with all adventure games part of the fun comes from taking it at your own pace and exploring the environments and dialogue options. I highly recommend checking this game out for yourself if you feel like you want to explore a bit more than we're doing, though we do try to show off some neat things. Essentially this is an LP of our adventure game adventure. Don't let it dissuade you from having an adventure of your own!

Wh-wh-who are you guys...?
I'm PoshAlligator. I'm the one that takes the reigns in this gaming session. If that's not a good enough indicator, then I am also the one with the deeper voice that sounds like they're further away from the mic. That's actually because of a combination of monitor - mic positioning in the first couple of updates, and also because I fidget too much.

The other guy is AngstyFerrets. He is not a goon (yet (EDIT: he is)). He mainly lurks around Youtube and his house. He's the one that makes zingers than I don't notice until post because I'm too busy concentrating on the game.

How the LP is done, and rules:

Just sit down, watch, and have some fun with us.

Before anyone points it out the first two updates to this LP have the default auto-smoothing and filtering that comes with the Steam version. Turns out this can be changed. Updates 3 and onwards will have the original pixelly goodness, don't worry.


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