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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition

by Sundowner

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Original Thread: Searching for a plotline in.. Lost Planet: Extreme Condition!



The once exclusive Xbox 360 title "Lost Planet: Extreme Condition" to this day remains in the hearts and minds of ever- Oh. Wait, no it hasn't. Well, anyway, this game was released in NA/EU in early '07 to a fairly mediocre reception from gamers and the ever important garmes jernlizm critics. I've owned the game since a year after release and only within the past couple of months did I actually decide to play it. It also has a terribly incoherent plot and I'm not quite convinced yet that the bad guys are actually bad? Just wait and see.

About Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
It's a Third Person Shooter set in a time dubbed "T.C. -80" on a planet named E.D.N III. Earth has long become a hostile environment and a silly place so the humans decided to once again travel a great distance only to find a beautiful land filled with natives that they want to crush and pretend never existed. This is our land now! We will utilize mechs or "Vital Suits" to traverse the cold and desolate plains of E.D.N III and you're up against a human faction known as NEVEC as well as a nasty alien race (the aforementioned natives). Oh and you have a pretty weak grappling hook that Rico wouldn't even be content using as dental floss.

About the Let's Play
My friend Alchanii will be guest commentating the updates with me. He played this game a long time ago but he might as well be going in blind as it's been so long. I, however, have subjected myself to plaything this game lately. There will be a Cut and Uncut version of the videos. Uncut has retained the commentary from when we talk over the cutscenes and generally go off on tangents.

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