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Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy!

by Xander77

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Original Thread: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! - Lets Play Nelly Cootalot


Nelly Cootalot or Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! if you're into colon cancer, is an Adventure Game Studio engine adventure game (not redundant!) that Alasdair Beckett made for his girlfriend in 2007. It's mildly similar to the Monkey Island series and won a whole bunch of AGS awards. The game is free, and if you examine this paragraph closely, you might find a download link.

As we play through the game, we'll have a chance to:


Rescue endangered and unusually named wildfowl

Acquire morally dubious items on behalf of minor aristocrats

Intercept the private correspondances of a daredevil pilot

Come to the aid of downtrodden supernatural beings

Be confused by Nelly's County Durham colloquialisms

Borrow facial hair from long-dead pirates

Wantonly misuse the word 'borrow'.

Update #1 - Introduction and arrival on the island
Update #2 - The Saul Island toll booth.
Update #3 - The Store of Babylon and Baron Widebeard
Update #4 - Bjorn and Olfassen's and the Baroness
Update #5 - Widebeard Tower and the Quest for Pirate Identification
Update #6 - The Baron's Pass and the Leprecolony
Update #7 - Hook-a-duck and the Dignified Ladies Association
Update #8 - Angelo Lightfoot and the Baroness's knickers.
Update #9 - Leprechaun Rebellion and Confrontation with the Baron
Update #10 - The End

The full soundtrack can be found here (scroll down a bit) -
The Introduction Theme:
The Main Theme:
Barnacle Bar Theme:
Store of Babylon theme:
Bjor and Olaffsen store theme:
Widebeard Tower theme:
LePrecolony theme:
Dignified Ladies Association theme:
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