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Part 18: Poison To Your Wallet

Alright, hopefully this goes well enough.

Eh, I'll explain it on the way.

: For just $500 you can catch all the POKEMON you want in the park!

Uh, yeah, sure.

: Oops! Not enough money! Oh, all right, pay me what you have. But, I can't give you all 30 BALLs.

So welcome to the Safari Zone. That's right, if you don't have the required money, you'll get a discount, which is new to Yellow. It's not a problem, since I wasn't planning on catching stuff this time around, we've got a destination in mind. And only 500 steps to do it in, so let's get going.

There's three of these scattered around and they don't do anything, unless you want to just burn some steps and talk to losers.

This is Center Area (East), or Area 1 in Fr/Lg. I prefer the latter, since even in these games, the next two areas are numbered correctly.

There's only one way to go and there's a number of items to pick up along the way.

Doesn't make them useful though. Egg Bomb (Tamago Bakudan) is a pretty rubbish move that- wait, 100BP? What the fuck? Well this move has pretty bad accuracy and the only Pokemon that can learn it have bad Attack stats or better options, so yeah, don't use this move.

A number of items here are very good, however, so definitely pick them up.

Onto the next area! (I'll pick up that item later) Heading down will take us to the entrance, so we have to loop around to the far left exit to continue on.

Respray the Re-, that was only 195 steps? I think I'm being ripped off, or the counter isn't the best.

Skull Bash (Roketto Zutsuki: Rocket Headbutt) is an interesting move (in a bad way), as you spend one move charging up, so you do 50BP on average, which isn't great, so give this move a skip.

Going all the way around and now we're in Area 3.

Man, someone lost their teeth in the Safari Zone, what kind of vacant old person would do tha-ohhhhhhhhh. Right.

Eh, could be useful if I did that kinda stuff.

And here's the only hidden item in the Safari Zone. Right next to our destination, how convenient!


: I was getting worried that no one would win our campaign prize. Congratulations! You have won!

: HM03 is SURF! POKEMON will be able to ferry you across water! And this HM isn't disposable!

: You can use it over and over! You're super lucky for winning this fabulous prize!

Hell yeah we are, Surf (Naminori: Surfing) is one of the best moves in the game, for both utility and power, though it's not the strongest Water move, it's the most dependable. So let's give this to-

Oh. Never mind then. We'll just wait a bit longer.

Well, since we have some steps left, let's go and catch some things. I'm sure it won't be an incredibly harrowing experience. We'll be catching stuff in Area 2, so let's see what our chances are. (In all games. The nidos have different encounters depending on either Red or Blue, but who cares. At least they're static in Yellow)

Area 2
RB: Paras (15%), Venomoth (5%), Exeggcute (20%), Rhyhorn (15%), Chansey (4%), Tauros (1%)
Y: Nidoran-F (15%), Nidorina (10%), Nidoran-M (25%), Exeggcute (15%), Cubone (5%), Rhyhorn (10%), Kangaskhan (15%), Scyther (4%), Pinsir (1%)

It's alright for you guys, you can just skip to the good parts. DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY NIDOS I SAW??? This is also the best place in Yellow to catch a Scyther.

Okay, so the gimmick of the Safari Zone is that you can't battle the Pokemon, you can either throw a Safari Ball (which has the same catch rate of a Great Ball at least!), throw Bait, which makes a Pokemon more likely to stay, but harder to catch, or a Rock, which makes a Pokemon more likely to run, but easier to catch. So let's number it up. Here. Because we don't need that nerd shit here in the cool kid's update club.

So, if you didn't read my nerd shit because you have standards, I'll say that throwing Bait is pointless. Rhyhorn now has a catch rate of 60 and a 4% chance of escaping. Which is great, but I won't be able to catch it, which is annoying, so let's just throw a rock.

Now with the Rock thrown, Rhyhorn has a catch rate of 240, with a 40% chance of escaping. So best throw that ball. With the Safari Balls' 1.5x capture chance, we're guarenteed to get it. I think. Well whatever, we'll see.

And there we go, totally had it in the bag.

Let's see what else there is.

This is the best place to find Kangaskhan, which is good, since it has a high chance to run regardless (70%), so don't bother throwing a Rock at it, but don't throw Bait either, since it'll then have a catch rate of 22 and a 17% chance to run, so if you really want to risk it, then go ahead.

I'll just keep being amazing.

Let's see what else we can get.



No. No.


And we're out of steps. (When I was younger, I thought this was someone called 'Pa' calling out to us, presumably the Warden, instead of, you know, the PA system. I was a dumb kid.)

"Come again!"

I suppose. But we don't have money for balls, so let's do a couple things first.


Like curing crazy old men.

: Thanks, kid! No one could understand a word that I said. I couldn't work that way. Let me give you something for your trouble.

: HM04 teaches STRENGTH! It lets POKEMON move boulders when you're outside of battle.

: Oh yes, did you find SECRET HOUSE in SAFARI ZONE? If you do, you win an HM! I hear it's the rare SURF HM.

If you get the Gold Teeth, but not HM03, then you were doing something wrong.

Anyway, Strength (Kairiki: Super Strength) is actually a pretty good Normal move that allows you to move large boulders. It can be useful for Pokemon that didn't get Body Slam. Like mr skeltal.

You can only use Strength if a boulder is in the room and you have to activate it each time. Fun.


Okay, let's get rid of some of my Bag items.

FUCK. Now we need to get rid of some TMs.

And some druuuuugs maaaaan.

Get some money, get mr skeltal some coverage and then get more money.


Now we can enter the Safari Zone properly.

We may run out of the latter, if we're unlucky.

"ERIK, go?"

Alas, we'll never be able to reunite the two...

Yeah, we need to throw some rocks.

RB: Parasect (5%), Venonat (15%), Exeggcute (20%), Rhyhorn (15%), Chansey (4%), Scyther (R)(4%), Pinsir (B)(4%)
Y: Nidoran-F (15%), Nidoran-M (25%), Nidorino (10%), Paras (5%), Parasect (15%), Exeggcute (15%), Rhyhorn (10%), Chansey (1%), Tangela (4%)

There we go. Normally, Exeggcute has a 90 catch rate and a 31% chance to run, whereas with a rock, it has a 180 catch rate and a 62% chance to run. You should catch it easily enough.

Like so.

Also try not to press 'A' too fast or you'll end up snagging something you weren't intending to catch. So one of those Nidoran-M nicknames from way back when is getting chosen now!

#047: Parasect

Normally, it has a catch rate of 75 and a 23% chance to flee, whereas rocking it gives you a catch rate of 150 (eh) and a 47% chance to flee. So you've got a good chance to nab it.

One more to get and it's annoying as hell.

Instead of being on Route 21, this thing is now really hard to find. Normally, it has a catch rate of 45 and a 47% chance to flee, which is a problem when it has a 4% encounter rate. Don't throw a rock at this thing, it'll only have a 90 catch rate with a 94% chance to flee. And that's real bad.

Eventually I caught one (yes I cheated to continuously encounter one, don't care, this Pokemon sucks). At least that's all to- what? We need another for a trade? Seriously?

Grumble, grumble. Let's move on to Area 1.

Sure Two Face could use it or whatever, I don't care.

Bit too late mate.


Well see how we do.

Area 1
RB: Paras (15%), Parasect (5%), Doduo (15%), Exeggcute (20%), Kangaskhan (4%), Scyther (R)(1%), Pinsir (B)(1%)
Y: Nidoran-F (25%), Nidorina (10%), Nidoran-M (15%), Exeggcute (20%), Cubone (10%), Marowak (5%), Chansey (4%), Scyther (1%), Tauros (10%)

#113: Chansey

Oh shit, here we go.

Normally, it has a 30 catch rate (the lowest in the Safari!) and a 40% chance to flee. So good fucking luck getting it without a rock. But while you've got a slightly better 60 catch rate, you also have a 78% chance of it running, never to be seen again.

Oh no you don't you little shit.

Get the fuck back here, I am not letting you go.


I fucking hate Tangela.

Eventually it stays in.

I may have cheated, sure, but I sure as hell won't find another one.


Indeed, but we're still missing one Pokemon.

Heading back to where we were, I finally remembered this item.

#128: Tauros

Alright, this is a tough one, especially with a 45 catch rate. Then we have an 86% chance of it fleeing. DO NOT THROW A ROCK. Just throw a ball and pray. Prayyyyyyyyyy.

I don't know what god just helped me, but I follow them now.

That's everything (for now), so let's have an explore.

Completely empty. Thanks Area 2.

Back to the start of the path to that huge dead end is a small area north of the entrance. I will get that item one day...

Then on the other side of the fence is an entrance to Area 3. Oh yeah, the encounters.

Area 3
RB: Venonat (15%), Venomoth (5%), Doduo (15%), Exeggcute (20%), Kangaskhan (4%), Tauros (4%)
Y: Nidoran-F (15%), Nidoran-M (25%), Nidorino (10%), Exeggcute (20%), Cubone (10%), Marowak (5%), Tangela (1%), Pinsir (4%), Tauros (10%)

And a way back to the entrance, but on the left side.

Anyway, some good shit here and we're just below the Secret House. This is also the best place to catch a Pinsir, in Yellow. I will say, the rare Pokemon are a bit less so in Yellow, thankfully.

Last rest house.

"easier to catch."

Aye, aye, good info that.

"easier to catch."

You however are a dirty stinking liar. Unless you mean that you have more chances to throw a ball, therefore improving your average chance. But it's still bullshit.

But that's everything for now. We'll be back later for a couple extras.

Might as well take on the Gym while we're here.

"invisible walls!"

: KOGA might appear close, but he's blocked off! You have to find gaps in the walls to reach him!

An interesting gimmick, but when you play RBGY with a GBC, then you can see the walls pretty easily. On the original Gameboy, they were definitely invisible, more or less. Still, this will be what mr skeltal needs to finally catch up.


Yeah, not gonna be able to do that with Poison types mate.

...that's not a Poison type. Am I in the wrong Gym?

Ohhhhhh, that's why. See, a lot of Poison types were used in Erika's Gym, so they couldn't appear here. And some other Poison types will appear later, being more affiliated with another trainer, so those can't be used. So now what's left is Pokemon that can learn Poison moves around these levels. It means you have to change up your strategy, but it kinda sucks, since we'll be facing more Psychic types in the next Gym. So I guess this is good practise?

I for one welcome our new Psychic overlords.

Cheeky git.

There's a lot of Poison/Grass types that learn those moves too, you know.


: It's strategy! I'll show you how strategy can beat brute strength!

This mook has a lot of words to say.

#097: Hypno

Wait, it lived? Oh well, I'll live another attack no problem while I recharge.


"Good strategy!"

Yeah, sure, whatever.

"joined this GYM!"

Are you versed in the arts of the Poison type?

No, of course not.

Well now he's just running scared.


Why did you heal? You're faster than me! Recover (Jikosaisei: Self-regeneration) restores up to 50% of your health. It's very useful. When it works.

Stop that!

Anyway, Submission is an alright choice for mr skeltal, not that there's much to begin with. Best saved for super effective hits.

Follow him in a more ground weak way, kthnx.

"with master KOGA!"

: Ninja have a long history of using animals!

Anemalls? I don't know that Pokemon.

Holy shit a Poison type in this Poison type Gym! That's quite a surprise. No one's brought him over to the Psychic way because he angrily brandishes his whip at anyone who suggests it.

#028: Sandslash

Well that lasted long...

Haha, fuck off.

You're doing better then a lot of others.

So yeah, it's clear where we need to go. You'll eventually figure it out by pressing your face up against the walls.


I'm totally caremad.

Oh that's why Sandslash are used here. I don't know why Kadabra are used though. Must be some Ninja secret or something.

"invisible walls!"

Maybe on the OG Gameboy you could see the four corner dots if you looked very closely. I mean, the zoom in and enhance command has been around for a long time.

"of ninjas!"

: What did you descend from?

Yo momma.

Oh for the love of-

I don't even care anymore.

Excellent. You are one step closer to becoming a man.


: Light and shadow! Which do you choose?

Don't spoil next month's Corocoro, mate.

Finally we have made it.

: A mere child like you dares to challenge me? Very well, I shall show you the true terror as a ninja master!

: You shall feel the despair of poison and sleep techniques!

VS Leader Koga

Koga: The Poisonous Ninja Master
(From Kōga-ryū, a school of ninjutsu. Believe it! Kyō is an on-yumi (alternate reading) of apricot. The kun-yomi (literal reading) of apricot is anzu. Eh? Ehhhhhhh?)

Alright, let's face down the fifth Gym Leader.

Seriously, should I come back to this one later and do one that isn't filled to the brim with misleading bullshit?


Okay, we might be here a while. As you can tell, Koga's team is vastly different from RB, for no real reason. Yes, he did have a Venonat turned Venomoth in the anime, but the main battle for the badge had him use a Golbat, which is nowhere to be seen. He's also 20 levels higher than Erika because ???. It's a strange state of affairs, but we should be okay.

But not if he's toying with us.

Quit it.

There we go. Now I just need to hit it a couple more-

Never mind.

Revenge, bitch!


At least this one's different. Psybeam (Saike Kōsen: Psyche-beam) is an alright Psychic move that's a slightly stronger Confusion. You use this when you don't have Psychic yet.

Man, Ikue doing work.

Oh fuck off!

Oh fuck yeah!

This is something all of them can do, though this one can also use Double-Edge. Toxic (Dokudoku: Excessive Poison) inflicts Badly Poisoned status, which, unlike normal Poison, increases in effect damage over time. Each turn, you lose an extra 1/16th of health, causing you to faint in six turns if you don't do anything about it! Like switching, or using Haze. The counter doesn't reset if you're reafflicted with it though! And it has some interesting applications with other status and a certain other move.

Alright, on to the last one.

#049: Venomoth

Don't you fucking dare.

Thank that god that helped me catch Tauros.

I'm glad of my NOPE button in Two Face.

: Humph! You have proven your worth! Here! Take the SOULBADGE!

We've got a lot of money now.


(He's lying, our Speed increases due to Lt. Surge increasing our Defense. Whoops.)

: It also lets you SURF outside of battle! Ah! Take this too!

: TM06 contains TOXIC! It is a secret technique over 400 years old!

: When afflicted by TOXIC, POKEMON suffer more and more as battle progresses! It will surely terrorize foes!

Neat, I'll give it to Vegeta, over whatever its third move is. I'm sure it's not important.

"even now!"

My Mark of the Ninja LP definitely proves as such. I love ninja.

Man, we are getting there. Only three to go!

Next time it's... oh yeah, those routes.