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The Fall: Last Days of Gaia

by Tin Tim

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Original Thread: What the fuck is a Pipboy? - Let's play The Fall: Last days of Gaia (Hybrid)



So what's all this then?
The Fall, as we call it from now on, is a squad based, post apocalyptic, 3D RPG with real time/pause combat.
It was released in 2004, by the German studio "Silver Style Entertainment". They previously made such titles as, "Simon the sorcerer 4+5" and "Soldiers of Anarchy". The latter was a pretty cool game, following the spirit of the Silent Storm series.
It is heavily influenced by the great series of Fallout games, and is arguably not bad. It is just a little bad, but we'll cross those bridges when we get there.
Aside from the post apocalyptic thing, the game features a meaty dialogue/quest system, exploring, voice acting, vehicles, looting, squad interaction, special skill mechanics/actions and a lot of character customization. Sounds good so far, eh?
While it was in development, the signs were also good. People liked what the developers made public, and the spirit of "Oh boy, another Fallout!" roared through the web. Some game magazines even went so far, as to label it a serious Gothic 2 competition. wasn't.

So why did it fail?
Well, if you're not playing video games since yesterday, you can probably guess the reason. A rushed and totally bugged release. The game was pretty much not playable, due to crashes and horrid bugs. Also the VA was really low quality, probably to cut on disc space. The developers made a follow-up patch, which fixed some of the issues. But the damage was already done, and their ship was sinking.
Against all odds, they managed to cling to the product and released the "Extended Edition" in 2005. This release mostly fixed bugs, and had some more content. It also had whooping 1GB of quality VA. This may seem extreme at first glance, but you have to take into account, that your guy has a clip for every little thing in the world. Be it a random chest, barrel or a scrap of wood. Also important NPC's are fully voiced, and unit members have some lines too. A lot of effort, if you ask me.
After that they managed to release the "Reloaded edition" in 2006. It included more fixes and updated the graphics and models. Supposedly it also had more content, but that is hard to determine.
But the release couldn't save the game, and it vanished into obscurity. Though the more determined Fallout communities around the world, still gladly bought the last version. SSE was eventually bought by "The Games Company", as an in-house development studio. In a fitting end to this story, TGC also went bankrupt eventually, and SSE reopened as an Indy studio and develops MMORPG's now. Yeah...

Let me show you this game. Because it still has a lot of good things, despite the awful story I just told you. I will be playing the reloaded release, with an English translation patch made by fans. Sadly the VA is still German, so you will miss out on that. I will do intermission/bonus updates, to tell you more shit and show in-game lore or things that would drag down actual updates. On top of that, I have some things planned but you'll have to wait till they come.

Thread conduct
On the small chance that anyone has played this, please no spoilers!
The story is not really Shakespeare, but we still shouldn't ruin it for everyone else.

Join me on a trip through the wasteland...

Intermission updates


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