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Part 91: Chapter LXXXII - I'm supposed to be the mysticky one, okay?

I’m supposed to be the mysticky one, okay?


Chapter XII: Ew, call the fashion police!

Music: City of Heroes (Athlum Theme)

It’s a good thing he’s cute… Anyway, I’m running low on cash a tiny bit. So you should, like, give me some money. And I’ll give you this potion I made. It’s totally me-approved! (500 G)
Street potions? I’ll pass.
No. Way. Come onnn, just buy it!
*sigh* Sure, I’ll buy it!
Reward: Fresh Oil x 3, Aerial Insecta Ale x 3
Bye-bye, Athlum, I’m off to the big city!
Completed quest: Athlum’s Witch
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” potions from a magus-y girl in Athlum. She ran off right afterwards, though.

Music: Glittering Gold (Celepalais Theme)

The Duke of Celapaleis is like 10 or something, right? ‘Cause he totally acts like some old guy with a stick up his chute. He needs to stop being a Duke for a sec and work on removing whatever’s up in there. Anyway… I only ended up here ‘coz I kinda mixed up east and north. But leaving costs money, and I’m just a teensy bit short… But, you know what would be awesome? If you bought this special Khrynia-brand herb. It’s, uh, extra-strength. (1000 G)
THIS isn’t sketchy. Pass.
Ugh, for real? Dude, like, buy something!
*shrug* I’m all about the herb!
Reward: Cureleaf x7, Relaxing Herb x 7
Hasta la bye-bye, Celapaleis!
Completed quest: Celapaleis’s Witch
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” herbs from a magus-y girl lost in Celapaleis. She seriously needs a map.

Chapter XIV: Its power keeps the world in balance

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

At least, I did… So, when I was lost, I kind of spent all my cash… That means you should buy some of my special Khrynia explosives. They’re like, “da bomb.” (1500 G)
Sounds kinda… unstable.
Blarrrg… You’re totally no fun.
*shrug* Sounds like a blast!
Reward: Methone Explosive x 4, Glowroot x 4.
Okay! Time to lose this Elysion!
Completed quest: Elysion’s Witch.
I bought some dodgy “Khrynia” explosives from a magus-y girl lost in Elysion. She ran off – hopefully she’ll remember her compass this time.

Chapter XV: Even now, I don’t like to go to the bathroom alone

Err… no?
I know my name is Jorgen… but I don’t know anything else. What sort of man was I? Where did I live? What was my job? What activities did I enjoy? I have no memory of any of it. Hmm? Your talisman, it-
Ah, sorry. I thought you’d reminded me of something, but I guess not. Wait… This could be a good method. Ingenious, even. I’m fairly certain that asking you a favour at our first meeting seems somewhat rude,
(Think nothing of it, after all, neither would Rush.)
but I want to do whatever I can to regain my memory. Here is what I ask: could you find things that seem as if they have some connection to me, and bring them here?

I’ll see what I can do.
I appreciate it, truly. I am in your debt. I’ll trust your intuition. If you can find three things that really call to you about me, then please bring them to me. I’m sure it will help.
Jorgen lost his memory, but I might be able to help him get it back by showing him things connected to his past.
I dunno, pal. Right now the only things that really speak to me about you are bags of nuts.

Jorgen’s sidequest is one of the very rare freeform ones. There are seven items “Of Remembrance” in the world. We need to give him three of them to complete the quest and make him recruitable.

The high-concept behind this quest is that he has a multiple-choice past, and the combination of items we give him
actually determines the class he becomes, there are seven possibilities. Jorgen has several exclusive classes no one else can get. The problem, though, is that none of his classes are very impressive, and worse – four of the seven classes are only possible to obtain from an item practically at the end of the game. By that time, you’ve probably already acquired 99% of your final party, and they’ve been gaining stats and abilities, which will put Jorgen behind the curve... so there’s no reason to use him by then anyway.

Chapter XXXV: Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!

Music: In the Shadow of the Dragon (Nagapur Theme)

But if someone decides to blow the whistle, that would really be a buzzkill, huh... Speaking of... I've been super stressed, and I totally deserve to treat myself. And you should, too - with my Khrynia-patented lotion.

Thanks, but no thanks.
You're worthless. Don't you understand the concept of retail therapy? Augh!
...Thanks. I'll take it.
Thank you! Your skin totally will.
Reward: Water of Eos x 6, Bell Seedling x 3, Young Bud x 3.
Okayyy! Auf wiener schnitzel, Nagapur!
Completed quest: Nagapur’s Witch
I bought some dodgy "Khrynia" lotions from a magus-y girl lost in Nagapur. She left in search of a peaceful place.

Music: The Crumbling Fortress (Ghor Theme)

Like, I would completely rebuild this place... Paint the walls bright pink - totally in this year - and everyone'd be required to wear roses! That would give such a touch of class, don't you think?

Why don’t you get a job?
Wha-at...? Do you ever look in the dictionary and find a picture of yourself under the caption "loser"?

Cute! I’ll take it.
Awesome! 'Cause really, you need all the charm you can get. Oooh! Ice burn!

I’m putting this on Rush instead of his +10% HP bracelet. More AP is better.

Smell ya later, Ghor! I'm outtie!
Completed quest: Ghor’s Witch!

I bought this dodgy "Khrynia" charm from a magus-y girl who wants to remodel Ghor Castle. I'm sure the Duke'll love that! She left in search of a historical town.

Bye Khrynia! See you in about 40 hours! (No seriously, it’ll really be a long, long time.)

Music: Echoes of the Past (Undelwalt Theme)

Oh right, her. We last saw her in Chapter 35, posted nearly eight months ago. I don’t blame anyone for forgetting about her. Fair warning, there’s a lot more talking with a lot of party members you probably won’t remember.

I don’t blame you for forgetting, this is more the game’s fault for having a few dozen recruitable party members with only a handful of content for each of them.

This's supposed to be the Imperial City! Shouldn't the people here be less materialistic, or some junk?

...You need a real job.
Oh my God Emperor... Like, how can you not get it by now? You give me money, and I take it—that's how it works! This isn't Remnant science!
Sounds hot. I'll buy it.

Totally over you, Undelwalt! Toodles!
Completed quest: Undelwalt’s Witch
I bought this dodgy "Khrynia" ring from some magus-y girl with personal problems. She left Undelwalt to visit a border town.

Now that we’re finally in Undelwalt… we’re going to turn around and go find Khrynia. You might have made it this far, but she gets increasingly difficult to find each time.

This opens up the final Path dungeon that we can get at right now. But we’re not going to visit it yet.

We’ve only got a little business right here.

Obtained Bandanna of Remembrance!

Okay we’re done here.

Music: Gateway to the West (Balterossa Theme)

Can you spot where Khrynia is hiding?

Of course not, it was a trick question.

Heh, as if!

I'm stylish enough as-is.
Ha ha, you just keep thinking that. Actually, don't—buy something!
I'm up for that!
Like, thank you~

Buh-bye, Balterossa!
Completed quest: Balterossa’s Witch
I bought this dodgy "Khrynia" armband from a magus-y girl who I'm starting to think has swindled me out of way too much cash.

She left to cross the Great Sand Sea.

I think that the person who snags this ends up being Khrynia herself, actually! SPOILER ALERT: Khrynia joins our party. We’re not done here yet, though.

Yeah, here you go!

The thread decided that Jorgen is an Aristocrat, which is this specific combination:

This bandanna… I feel like just tying it on would give me the feeling I could take on the world. Yes… This must have given me courage.
Why… these boots are the same as the ones I’m wearing now. Just completely worn through… I must have made some incredible journeys in them!
Yes… I traveled many battlefields with this shield on my arm. Got me out of many a scrape! Every notch and dent brings back more memories of my battles…
These three things… I can have them?

I’m scion of the royal family. – Not of here, but of a land far away… After my father’s death, the kingdom fell into disarray. After a drawn-out battle, my younger brother claimed the throne, using a magus’s spell to wipe my memory and banish me here.
So, that’s who I am… Oh, I really should give you something… Ah, yes, take this.
Obtained Stacked Attack! You’ve learned a new formation!

It’s not a very exciting formation. And yes the reward is the same no matter what Jorgen becomes.

Thanks to your help, I’ve been able to remember how I’ve lived… how I’ve come to where I am today. But the past is not everything… From now on, I must find how to live in my present. That said, I believe it’s well past time to get started. Thank you, Rush. Someday, may we meet again.
Completed quest: Amnesia
Jorgen regained his memory. He says he’s gonna treasure it from now on.

You can recruit Jorgen in the Balterossa Union of the Golden Chalice. Good god, what a rip-off he is at that obscene price! He’s not even remotely worth it.


An amnesiac desert wanderer. His scarred face hints at a rough past. Is what he remembers real?

Class: Aristocrat
Initial BR: BR 69
HP: (919)
Str / Int: (69 / 44)
Union Name: Jorgen’s Division

Current Arts
Future Arts

The only notable factor for choosing this one is that he learns Wards – only five characters under BR 80 can learn them. But like all of the Jorgens available here, by the time you can get him, it’s so freaking late in the game that there’s little point in choosing any of them – you’ve been gathering and strengthening a solid party all game long by now.

It’ll take a good 20 BR before he can learn Wards. But right now his stats are unimpressive, and his learned arts are also unimpressive. I’ve benched better people than him (like Gabriel).

Tags: Combat, Healer, Wards

Jorgen hangs out here in the café. Who cares. Khrynia crossed the Great Sand Sea, so let’s go…

Music: The Crumbling Fortress (Ghor Theme)

…to Ghor.

He told me himself!
Like I’d believe that! He’s a nice fella, but a paranoid old man. I mean, think about it. If that were true, wouldn’t Athlum be after him as well?
What a crazy old coot!

We recuited Sibal a couple updates ago. Talking to him is needed to advance Maddox’s dialogue back in...

Music: The Seat of Vulcan (Royotia Theme)

You can get these extra chats usually at any time, which can lead to some odd continuity references, but this one only makes sense in a very narrow window. You need to recruit Sibal after the fight at Koenigsdorf, and the plot then directs you to Darken Forest, after which Duke Qubine appears cured and well. So for this to make sense, you have to go to Ghor to trigger this, then go to Royotia in that narrow window. This would have fit a lot better if Sibal could be recruited after the Six Bases appeared on the map.

Err… yeah, but he got better a while ago.
Hrn… That Conqueror… it must be his doing. In the end, we weren’t able to catch him after all…
Well, I tried catching him and that didn’t work out so well, I’ll tell you… wait a minute…
Hm? What’s that look for?
Oh, yes… forgive me. I suppose I have some explaining to do… In truth, I was given a special mission by Duke Qubine – to gather information on the Conqueror. Sadly, I was unable to find much of use… But, I am quite an actor, hm? I had you and Sibal all thinking I was some delusional old man, didn’t I?
Uh, yeah. Good job, there. Thanks for wasting all our time with that pointless plan.
Ho ho ho ho ho! Come now, don’t be angry. It was a cover story… Nothing personal, I assure you.

… Rush. It’s terrible to think of, but the Conqueror still lives. If left to do as he pleases, the world will once again be thrown into confusion. I want to stop that from happening at any cost. …Consider it the final request of an old man who’s spent the better part of his life fighting. And, that’s how things are. I hope to continue to have your help into the future. I’m counting on you!

Parameter bonus! You have become chummy with Maddox, thus awakening his true powers!

That’s worth +3% Strength and +5% Intellect. There’s still more to do in town, though!

Uh, okayyyy…
Ugh, I have absolutely no idea how Torgal can stand to live around such idiots.
I have no idea how Torgal stands to live around such idiots without killing himself...or you.

Allan is as charming as ever.

Can you see Khrynia in this screenshot?

Woah, it’s you!
You like that? Here's a shop that's smart enough to hire someone both beautiful and talented. Yup, I've got a real job! P.S.: Working totally sucks!

You aren't very punny.
And you aren't very helpful! Come onnn... I got a real job and something!
Groovy, man.
Your contribution is, like, totally apprecamated.
Reward: Crimson Ore x3

Apprecameted is the game’s text, it’s not my typo.

So farewell, Royotia, goodbye 9-to-5! This ain't my way to make a living!
Completed quest: Royotia’s Witch
That magus-y girl finally got a real job! I couldn't help but buy ore off her. But then she quit to go someplace with a fairy-tale feel. Women, who can understand 'em?

Well, Dave is pretty cool, I guess.
Father became Marquis when he was the age I am now. He was able to unite and lead the Royotian people. Even after Mother died, he never faltered. I cannot help but look to him with pride, not only as a son, but as a citizen of Royotia.

You see anyone else here?
That reminds me... The smallest of your Four Generals was saying... "My, Allan, even though you're sovani too, you act so differently!"
I think it’s kinda true, yeah.
What the hell is that supposed to mean!? Trying to insult me, is that it? That qsiti's getting too big for its nonexistent britches, don't you think?
Next time you see that little thing, you'd better tell him to watch his abnormally long tongue if he wishes to keep it!
No. It's not worth getting this worked up over a tiny thing like this. Just...forget about this, boy.

Yeah, let’s forget about it and go to Melphina.

Music: Old Traditions, New Methods

Looking back, I should have realized what they were doing was illegal and dangerous. One day, the Remnant being used in the experiment began emitting a light and then there was an explosion. I drifted in and out of consciousness for a few days.
That sounds terrible.
Luckily, I recovered soon after. But my arms... To this day, I can barely move them. With my handicap, I couldn't continue my job. No one found me necessary anymore. Everyone started drifting away from me.

What’s that about?
Don’t you know? Loki is a ruthless bandit. No one had seen him around lately, though. Until now.
You know everything!

I think you’ve done a good job.
However, meeting you has given me a second purpose.
What’s that?
Endless wars rage on in our world. From now on, I must think of helping not only Melphina, but the entire world. Even if frailty of body leads me to give up knighthood, I will never discard the values I have lived by. I will continue to serve the world in whatever capacity I can. To that end, I would be honored if you allow me to continue to accompany your troupe.
No problem!

Parameter bonus! You have become chummy with Roberto, thus awakening his true powers!

Intellect +5%, which is frankly terrible. He only learns Invocations and his INT is very low compared to his STR.

So, where’s Khrynia today?

Augh... Like, why is this place so snotting far from, like, everything!? Do you know how long it took to get here from Royotia? Believe me, it was, really long.

That rod would be my doom.
Ugh, you are sooo missing out! The "K" in Khrynia is for "quality," ya know!
I dig a good rod.

Buh-bye, Melphina.
Completed quest: ’s Witch
That magus-y girl was in Melphina, bummed since she wasn't the only magus-y type around. Then I bought something from her. Am I an enabler?

We’re almost done. Just one city she hasn’t been at. The rod, Verge of Victory is a quarterstaff which Sheryl will probably request if I put her in the active party, but Paris might want it also, so I’ll see.

Music: Free and Easy

Phew, I didn't know what to do, I don't even know how to start to thank him. I was prayin' to every god I could think of!

Departing Man: Hey, pardner - izzit true what they say, that the varmint what was s'posed to destroy the village was beaten? I heard that square peg of a sovani what lived here came in with his pals an' saved the village. Pretty amazin', ain't it? I was on the road outta town when I heard the rumor, so I came back t' check it out.

Hey, have ya heard? Some terrible big beast showed up here, an' that sovani, Wyngale, beat the tar out of it! All this time I figgered he was just some crazy kook, who'd have thunk he'd end up all o' our saviors?

Staring Child: When I grow up, I wanna be just like him!

Err… after we beat the Fallen, you talked about someone called “him”. Who did you mean?
Who do I mean? Who indeed? Could be anyone. Could be someone you know very well... Heheheheh..
Not helpful.

Uhhh… sure.
...Heh, psych. I tried heading over there an my knees started shaking like they were gonna give out... Thought I was gonna die just looking at the thing. Seriously, Wyngale is this town's hero.

Bartender: I saw you and Wyngale fight that giant monster. Thanks.

Ohh! Heya, sport! Yanno, when I heard some legendary monster'd been reborn or whatever, I was all ready to close up shop. Damn shame too, after coming all this way and all... So you can imagine my relief to find that you guys took care of all the trouble! Talk about good news! I guess I like this town more than I thought.

Not to toot my own horn, but in the world of mercenaries, I'm known as the King.
If you say so.
Sure, I figured downgrading from war contracts to little jobs like this might get me ragged on or something, but an employer who doesn't know me from Adam?
…Who’s Adam? Another famous mercenary?
...Whatever. Just looking at you I can tell you're just a little puppy, still suckling at his mama's teat, eh? How 'bout it then, why don't you test your hand? Gotta warn you, though — just a bout or two of sparring ain't gonna bless you with my luck in battle. Hahahahaha!

...You could at least pretend to look interested.

Khrynia is easier to find this time, but she’s still out of the normal line of sight.

In the meantime, I guess I should try to earn my own cash...

You gotta be kidding me...
Nooo... You know you want it!
I'll take it!
Obtained Amber Orb! Rush can now use Hexes!
To quote His Highness himself: Bye bye bye!

What should I do now?
Beats me.
Are you rich? You are, aren't you? Like, I can totally help you out then, handsome!

Completed quest: Baaluk’s Witch

Found that magus-y girl in Baaluk, sick of living in the boonies. Her name's Khrynia...I can't believe I didn't figure that one out!

Anyway, she left to become a mercenary.

And that, finally, completes the long, long Khrynia quest chain. Our final reward is the ability for Rush to learn Hexes. Unfortunately, it’s basically too late for Rush to do very much with them on a clean save. Thus, this orb is mostly only useful on a New Game Plus run.

We can now also recruit Khrynia… somewhere. It’s not in Baaluk. She didn’t say where to find her, so there’s one last hunt.

The Brimuslabus may be gone, but there's still a future for this town... it's one we're all wiling to work together to make.
Younger Lord Candidate: I can't tell you how many nights I spent with my brother, trying to figure out how to save the town... And that's when I realized just how much he cares about Baaluk, and what he'd sacrifice for it... From now on, we're gonna think of how we can help out the village - together.
Elder Lord Candidate: I figure I was acting like a kid before. Wyngale saved the town and gave us a second chance... I'm gonna cooperate with my little bro from now on.

Woah, wasn’t that like a thousand years ago?
You don't believe me? Heheheh...
I didn’t say that…
The bastard was...unpleasant, to say the least. I infuriated him because of my awesome strength and the fact that he couldn't break my spirit. So when he ran out of use for me, he forced me to bind the Brimuslabus and act as the Fallen's seal. What a pitiful man he was. Heh heh heh...
Wait, so is the “he” you want revenge on the Imperator?
Heh heh heh...
Nah, can’t be. That was a thousand years ago, he’s long dead by now.

Music: The Heaven’s Majesty (Elysion Theme)

And once I was old enough, we promised to make our vow in front of the holy chalice-the vow between a maiden and a knight.
Something went wrong, though…
But…okay. So, yeah, I know I'm not the classiest guy around. And maybe I've made a few mistakes, acted out a couple times-for good reasons, I might add!
Either way, to err is qsiti, to forgive divine, right? Well, guess that saying's just pretty talk, 'cause I couldn't get accepted as a knight. I kept trying, but her illness just kept getting worse. She died before we could make our vow.
That sucks. Sorry about that.
She left this world, disappointed in me, all because of that stupid tradition. So I smashed the holy chalice!

I know I must sound weird to you, since they fired me from the Academy.
A little.

Okay, here’s where you have to go.

And while her asking price is pretty cheap at this point in the game, we did have to already fork over 91k G just to get to being allowed to hire her.

I’m sure you’re wondering about the math on all the G you need to spend in the course of this quest chain. Khrynia costs you 91,000 G BEFORE you can get the ability to recruit her. In total, it costs you 131,000 G.

But let’s ignore the recruitment cost, since everyone costs money to recruit. The Lotion components you buy from her in Athlum are actually 10 G cheaper than buying them at a store. You get soaked for 440 G for the Herb components, though, and for 3820 G for the Lotion components in Nagapur. The Charm of Gliding from Ghor is actually 2860 G cheaper than you can get elsewhere – either for purchase or the fee for creating it yourself. The Prismic Ring also is 8350 G cheaper than it would cost to make yourself. The Roseraphim Ring is 10,870 G cheaper than you can create yourself. Crimson Ore you can harvest for free (in Darken Forest or on Mt. Vackel), so that’s 12,000 G straight down the tubes. The staff can only otherwise be customized from a quarterstaff, and that costs 118,420 G and requires a component that only drops from a story-boss (Anima’s Skin from Irina in Darken Forest).

So in total, it actually costs you less to get those items through Khrynia than it would to get them yourself. It’s not as bad a bargain as it appears on first glance.


A self-absorbed and frivolous mage who became a mercenary to finance her excessive expenses.

Class: Legendary Thief
Initial BR: BR 64
HP: (693)
Str / Int: (49 / 53)
Union Name: Khrynia and Relatives

Current Arts
Future Arts

Kyrynia is like, the second optional unique leader you meet after Baulson, and she’s not recruitable until the game is nearly over. Still, at least she starts out with some good stuff learned.

Like Wyngale, her starting health is pretty low for this late, but an item she requests can boost it. Her stats aren’t close to Wyngale’s either, but unlike other late-game leaders, they are pretty balanced with respect to each other, - close enough together to let her be a fighter or caster equally well. She even knows the highest level Power Grip – Katana art.

Khrynia knows all the Explosive arts, and is also the only Unique Leader who starts out with Shards learned, AND she knows a lot of them, too – all except the highest tier Shard art, in fact. She can even heal using the Moonlight Shard art for 1000 per unit at the lowest rank, which is way better than even high-level herbs, so losing Gabriel to the bench at least has that as a compensation.

She also has a unique Dual Art if placed in a union with Irina, either as leader (Pick Irina because Irina gets Omnistrike as well). But to get that requires something special, so I’ll have to do that soon.

Tags: Versatile, Items, Mystic, Combat, Unique Arts, Arcana, Shards, Healer

That’s all for now.

Yes, Khrynia is going to be the last member of our final party. There are some other possible people we could recruit, but they'll all take a long time to get, so much that they aren't suitable for much else but fighting bonus bosses.

If we don’t have enough money to get Khrynia's stuff:

Oh really? 'Coz that's definitely not enough money. Ugh, being broke is sooo last week. (Athlum)
What? It's, like, so cheap, how can you not have that much? What are you, like, a total scrub or something? (Celapaleis)
Seriously? You seriously don't have that much money? What were you, raised by Jhana? (Elysion)
Um, excuse you? That's not enough G. This is why I try to avoid people without money. (Nagapur)
Dude. Can you, like, stop being poor? Because it's seriously cramping my style. (Ghor)
Augh! Why are you so poor? Go make some money and come back! (Undelwalt)
What? Sorry, Charlie. I don't do discounts. (Balterossa)
So, like, I appreciate the sentiment... But if wishes were fishes, you'd still be broke. (Royotia)
Ga~wuh, how can you not have, like, a couple thousand G? Living free costs money, duh! (Melphina)
You totally don't have enough! You're poor? Talk to the hand, boy. (Baaluk)

Next Time: Tell her… I died.