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Part 36: Episode 33: New Years and New Students

I can hardly believe that it’s already my second year at St. Pigeonation’s. Well, no time to dawdle, I better get in there to get a strong start to the new year!

My first day was really busy, as I met my fellow classmates and some of the staff. Most of them seemed nice enough, though I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my introduction to the doctor.

Still, I was interested in medicine, so I decided I would join the infirmary staff. I mean, none of the things that the students say about Dr. Iwamine could possibly be true, right?

When electives came around, I thought about how I hadn’t done any exercise over break, and I felt pretty bad about it. I decided to make up for that by joining the gym class.

Goon leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

Later, when I had to show up for infirmary duty, I got yelled at by the doctor for trying to tidy up his desk a little. Geez, what’s so important about his desk that I can’t even touch it?

Later on, our class decided to take a short hiking trip, and I enjoyed the scenery with Mr. Nanaki. Well, when he wasn’t sleeping, that is.

I sat out for a lot of gym class last time, but today’s exercises were supposed to be less species-specific, so I was excited for the class.

I quickly got over my excitement.

Coo! (It is rehydration time! Okosan wants to go swimming!)

Goon leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

The next couple weeks just flew by, and soon it was time for the annual sports festival. I didn’t have time to check out any of the races though, since I had to report for first aid duty, but I still had fun with Yuuya and the doctor.

Soon after the festival, the the first midterm exam was already upon us. I hadn’t been studying much, so I was worried, but apparently I did really well!

After that, I spent some time down at the infirmary and talked to Dr. Iwamine a little. I think he’s starting to warm up to me, but it’s hard to tell.

I thought it would be good to keep up with the gym class. A hunter-gatherer should always make sure her body is in top condition!

Ryouta… you’re still in high school and you still can’t do a chinup?
D-Don’t look at me like that! You’re making me feel like a failure…

Goon leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

Soon after, it was time for Tanabata, but as I reached the bamboo tree in the park, I realized that I had nothing to wish for. As I thought about it, though, I remembered a really silly wish I had made when I was young, and so I thought that repeating that wish would be better than nothing.
I wish for the mad love of a fallen angel!
Afterwards, Mr. Nanaki showed up and asked me if I wanted him to walk home with me. I had other things to do before I could head back home though, so I politely told him “no”.

I was starting to feel really good with the exercise that gym class was giving me, and I heard we were headed to the pools today! That’ll be a nice way to cool down, now that it’s getting close to summer.

You can’t swim, Ryouta?
I-I’m doing my best! I’m going to learn before I graduate…!

Goon leveled up!
Vitality increased by 5!

I was walking through the halls after math class.

Finals are coming up and the glum depression is already setting in, but at least we won’t have to swelter in the classroom all afternoon.
…Why is a school this famous even stingier with its air conditioning than a public school, anyway?
While I was thinking about this, Ryouta came up to me.


Okay! I heard they’ve expanded the menu, and I wanted to try it sometime. They have massacred ramen now!
Is that like half-dead fried rice?
Probably! And Oko--
The sound of glass breaking is heard.
The music stops.

What!? What’s going on!?

I turn around to see a short dove standing behind me, his chest stained a deep red.

I have no idea.

Th-the blood! You’re bleeding!
! My chest… You are…!
Ryouta, I don’t think he understands Japanese! We have to get him to the infirmary!
Oh… don’t worry. Look closely, he isn’t hurt at all.
What? But the blood…
He’s the Luzon from the class next to ours. Their plumage just looks like that.
What, really!?
Correct. I am Higure Anghel, the Fallen Servant of God, stained with the Blood of Sin.

Anghel’s voice actor, Takahiro Sakurai, has voiced the likes of Mega Man X, Leon Kuwata from Dangan Ronpa, and Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.
This impressively upholstered bird is Higure Anghel. He’s in the class next to ours, so he must be another sophomore.
That’s an odd name… I wonder if he came from overseas, like Sakuya? His Japanese is kind of strange, too.

Sleeping Servant of the Heavens!

Umm, he is talking to me, right?

Time is slipping by. Judgment draws ever nearer! You must find The Truth by the Light of the Red Moo--

You are hurt, aren’t you!?
Do not touch me!
Farewell, Edel Blau of the Blue Sky. Fate decrees that we shall meet again!

He’s gone. What was that all about?

I think you’ve picked up a weird one, Goon.
Hmm… Let’s go eat lunch!

I tried to ignore the scene that I just witnessed and continue on with my day.