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Part 44: Episode 40: Fast Talking for a Fantail

Another year has come for me at St. Pigeonation’s, which means another year of opportunities!

In between classes and syllabuses, I was able to meet some of my fellow classmates and some of the staff. I think I walked in on a bit of a sibling rivalry as well, though I’ll do my best to stay out of situations like that from now on.

As much as I was wary of the doctor, I decided that I would join the infirmary staff, since I was interested in medicine. I heard Yuuya was on staff there as well, so if nothing else, at least now I have someone I can feel comfortable talking to there. That doctor gives me the creeps!

When it came time to choose our electives, I decided to take the music class, so that I could work on my birdsong. It had been a while since I last sang, so I was a little pitchy, but it was a lot of fun!

My first day on infirmary duty, Yuuya gave me specific instructions to never mess with Dr. Iwamine’s desk. Even though his desk was an absolute mess…
I’m a little curious, but he did say not to go near the desk. Better to leave it alone.
The doctor might show up and turn me into Goon salami.
And so I finished my duties like a good girl and headed home.

About a week after that, our class went on a field trip, where we hiked up a nearby hill. Given the way he holds himself, I was worried that Sakuya might be having trouble with all this exercise, so I decided to see how he was when we took our break at the summit.

In a temper, as usual.

It’s a hike, Sakuya! You have to walk.
For what purpose? As exercise? Foolishness! Exercise is for peasants.
No, for fun! You’re supposed to enjoy the change of scenery.
Look over here! Don’t we have a nice view?

Sakuya looks like he still has something to say, but he reluctantly comes over to me.
I think maybe he’s acting angrier than he really is. Sheesh! What a kid.
In the end, it seemed like he calmed down. I didn’t hear a peep out of him at all on the way back to school!

Music class was pretty interesting today, as we learned about influential human composers. Sakuya seemed very excited about the lesson today.

Before I knew it, it was already time for St. Pigeonation’s to host its annual sports festival. While I thought about joining one of the races, I had to help out at the first aid tent where Dr. Iwamine, Yuuya and I took care of injured birdies.

The first midterm exam came so soon after the festival that I wasn’t sure I had prepared enough for it. Thankfully, it looks like I did really well on this first test, so I didn’t have too much to worry about.

Later on, I bumped into Yuuya and some other birdies getting excited in the school halls. Yuuya told me that Brian Pigeon, a famous blogger, got another Pulitzer recently! He must be an amazing writer.

Soon after, on a particularly good day, I decided to check out the school store to see if there was anything worth buying.
I don’t really need anything, but I think I’ll go to the store.
I’ve never really looked around there before.

Though, these nest-building materials… look like what you’d find in a human store’s trash.

My, how mature of you, mon amie. Planning to settle down already?

I didn’t think anyone would be here, so I was startled to hear a voice behind me.

N-no, that’s not it! I’m still a high school student…!

…They do!?
That seems a little hasty.

That aside, what are you here to buy, Yuuya?
Your love, of course.
My l……!?
Yuuya, that’s… We’re not…
I’m not good enough? Oh well, I’ll have to try again later.

Wait, “try again later”?
Is this how he talks to every girl he meets…?

I don’t know how he treats other women at this school, but I will not stand for this sort of objectification!

I think that’s a little rude, Yuuya!
What is?
That sort of… loose talk. Like I’m a game, or something.
You know, that’s the first time a girl’s ever said that to me.
I’m surprised.

After that, he left the store. I was finished there as well, so I headed back to class.

While I enjoyed music class, I was a little worried about the student performances today.

Coo, coo ♪ coo cooo, coo coo ♪

H-his voice is beautiful!
Who would’ve thought that Okosan would have such a wonderful singing voice?

Goon leveled up!
Charisma increased by 5!