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by 1234567890num

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Original Thread: Let's Eat Sea-Salt Ice Cream in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days



What is this game?
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

Why is it called that?
Since this game takes place over 358 days before KH 2.

What is this game about?
This game is about Roxas, Axel, and Xion. And it kinda features the rest of the organization, I guess.

I thought that one is a movie?
Well, KH 1.5 released the cutscenes in this game and made it into a movie. I'm going to play the original game so there would be actual gameplay.

This is my first Kingdom Hearts game. Will I understand anything?
Hell no! Kingdom Hearts is notorious for its confusing plots. That said, since even the ones who played all games still doesn't understand the plot, you're more than welcome to join the confusion.
But if you want to be more informed, here's some LPs made by others.
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I know about all the games! Can I post spoilers?
I'll allow any spoilers about the Kingdom Hearts franchise without black bars except for KH3. Please use spoiler tags for that one.


This is because of 3 reasons:
1. KH plots are confusing even though you might know everything, so it's not like spoiling would make that much of a difference.
2. It's hard to talk about KH without spoiling other games, especially this one since it takes place before, after, and during other games.
3. There's a movie version, so people who don't actually play this game can know the plot already.

I'll even allow gameplay spoilers. In fact, let's just get some spoilers for this game over with (DO NOT READ FURTHER IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SPOILED!):

Xion is a replica made by Vexen. She dies and is forgotten by the end of the game.
Roxas leaves the organization, fights Riku and is defeated, then put into Data Twilight Town.
Vexen, Lexaeus, Larxene, Marluxia, Zexion all die in Castle Oblivion, thus won't be there for most of this game.
Roxas won't actually get to dual-wield until the final fight against Riku.
Xion is the boss with multiple phases.
Neverland combat is shit.
Fuck Leechgrave, Ruler of the Sky, and Dustflier.

This is my first Kingdom Hearts game but I for some reason can't read the other LPs! What is going on? What is Organization XIII?
Essentially, there's a creature called Heartless. When someone's heart becomes a Heartless, their body becomes Nobodies (ignore how the naming doesn't really make sense). The Nobodies have no hearts (because their heart becomes the Heartless), thus they can't feel anything. They want to get hearts, so they try to summon Kingdom Hearts in hopes of getting them.
The protagonist of the previous games, Sora, became a Heartless. He eventually was turned back, but he still created a Nobody. His nobody is our protagonist in this game: Roxas.
There's a LOT more to the plot but that's the (very) basic premise you need to know for this game.

Are you going to do the challenges?
I'm going to TRY doing the challenges, but no guarantees that I'll have enough patience to finish them all. I will be doing all the missions completely, though.

Are you going to post videos?
I'm going to post videos for the cinematic cutscenes in the game (there aren't many in this game). I'll also post videos for some boss fights. The videos are kinda low in quality and might be prone to emulator shenanigans, though. And the resolution will be low because it's for the DS.

Table of Contents:

Rank: -
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Opening
Day 7: Number XIV
Day 8: The Icing on the Cake
Day 9: Heartless
Day 10: Incomplete
Day 11: Keyblade
Day 12: A Closed World
Day 13: Deeds to Be Done
Day 14: Friends
Day 15-17: Missions
Day 22: Left Behind
Day 23: Silent Companion
Day 24: Silence Broken
Day 25: Two Keys

Rank: Novice
Day 26: Terminated
Day 27-49: The Dark Margin
Day 50: Familiar Sound
Day 51: Missing
Day 52-54: Solitude
Day 71: Reunion
Day 72: Change
Day 73: The Promise
Day 74: Trio
Day 75-79: Inseparable (continued)
Day 94: Hearts
Day 95: Nobodies
Day 96: Xion's Keyblade
Day 97-100: Transfer (continued)

Rank: Rookie
Day 117: Secrets
Day 118: Lazy Day
Challenges A
Day 119-122: Work to Do (continued)
Day 149: Unlike Minds
Day 150: Fear
Day 151: Distress
Day 152: The Wrong Buttons
Day 153-156: Disjointed Days (continued)
Day 171: Love

Rank: Agent
Day 172: Sound of the Surf
Day 173: Lies
Challenges B
Day 174-176: Action, Reaction
Day 193: Memories
Day 194 - 197: Like It Should Be (continued)
Day 224: Anomaly

Rank: Expert
Day 225-227: Quietude
Day 255: Why the Sun Sets Red The Longest Day
Day 256: News
Challenges C
Day 257-258: Hollow
Day 276: Disorder
Day 277-280: Searching

Rank: Master
Day 296: Confessions
Day 297: Contact
Day 298: Fracture
Day 299: Sora
Challenges D
Day 300: Shutdown
Day 301-304: Vacant Place (continued)
Day 321: Waning Power
Day 322: The Program
Day 323-326: Fleeting
Day 352: Sunset
Day 353: Resolve
Day 354: Truth
Day 355: Unsaid, Unheard
Day 356: Place to Belong
Day 357: Tears
Day 358: Believe

Rank: Legend
Extra 1: Finishing Up Story Mode
Extra 2: Mission Mode
Extra 3: Finishing up Mission Mode
Challenges E
Challenges F
Extra 4: Looking at Gear Panels
Challenges G
Challenges H
Extra 5: Finishing up Challenge Mode
Extra 6: Limit Breaks
Extra 7: Odds and Ends

Secret Reports
Before Chain of Memories
Chain of Memories
After Chain of Memories
Xion Losing her Keyblade
Peaceful Days
A Sham
Sleeping Xion
Missing Xion
The Final Missions
Leaving the Organization

Weapons Exhibitions
The Rest
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